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2022 Holiday Gift Guide

It’s officially the holiday season and our hearts are bursting with excitement. We *passionately* wave hello to garland-adorned entryways, trees dressed in twinkling lights, and the warming sense of hope that fills the atmosphere during this time of year. ‘Tis the season we adore, picturing smiling faces unwrapping golden delights that will carry immense amounts of sentiment for […]

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Unique Wedding Bands for Your Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

This year, we have seen a major pivot in the realm of fashion. While micro-trends boom in and out of glory, most are reverting to chic and long-lasting pieces to construct what has been coined as a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Put plainly, forever investment pieces are so in and anything that will only get a few […]

Fall Nailspo to Match Your Unique Engagement Ring

The seasons are changing, and nothing indicates the arrival of a new quarter quite like a fresh polish change! If we know anything, it is that chic-ly executed bold moves are all the rage this fall. That includes wardrobe, nails, and yes, jewels! If you are sporting a fabulous unique engagement ring on your finger, […]

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Ta Ta Tarnish! 3 Tips for Starting a Fine Jewelry Collection

Nothing, we repeat, nothing is more frustrating than having a favorite piece of your daily gold jewelry turn rusty or even worse: turn you green. While green may be this season’s “it” color, we certainly don’t love it when it comes to our skin color (sorry, Hulk). Sadly, fast fashion has severely impacted the jewelry industry, and […]

Choosing a Colored Gemstone for Your Unique Engagement Ring!

So, you’ve decided you want to go a different route than a traditional diamond for your unique engagement ring. Maybe you’re craving something ultra-unique, you want to represent you or your partner’s birthstone or maybe you just really love color and were meant to wear the rainbow! Whatever the case may be, gemstones exist in a wide variety and there is one to […]

New Year, New Jewelry: 2022 Trend Report

We know, we can’t believe it either. It’s 2022! A new year is like a fresh chapter in the book of our lives, and as we all know, you can’t have a great tale to tell without adding in the sparkly jewelry! Here in the land of SKFJ, Sofia and the team have big plans to break the mold and […]

Make Your Holidays One of a Kind: Gift Guide

Gather ’round, Treasure Society… It’s officially time for another magical, bejeweled holiday! Here in the glistening land of SKFJ, Sofia and her glitter gals have been working hard to prepare all the sparkly surprises for you this holiday season in hopes of making your gift-giving as easy as possible (for yourself included!). Grab some yummy hot cocoa, a […]

How To: Dancing Diamonds

Mix and match or wear just one… Our Dancing Diamonds are the perfect way to add a pinch of Holiday sparkle all. year. round. Fun diamond shapes have been laser drilled (literally – through the diamond!) and fitted with a tiny loop to slide casually along a necklace or bracelet chain or even hang from […]

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5 Easy Jewelry Habits to Start in 2021

We’ve spent the last couple of weeks reveling in the conclusion of 2020 and looking forward to a new year full of light, love, and (hopefully) dining in at a restaurant. Through the ups and downs of the year, we found 2020 to be full of lessons with a few that we intend to take with us into […]


So he found your dream ring (ok – maybe with your help!) and seeing that sparkly rock on your finger brings your joy level up to a 10, not only because it’s stunning but because it signifies an official engagement to the love of your life! You have scouted out your perfect location, checked the dress off the list and […]