5 Easy Jewelry Habits to Start in 2021

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We’ve spent the last couple of weeks reveling in the conclusion of 2020 and looking forward to a new year full of light, love, and (hopefully) dining in at a restaurant. Through the ups and downs of the year, we found 2020 to be full of lessons with a few that we intend to take with us into the new year:

  • Don’t take time with your loved ones for granted.
  • Live in the present because you can’t predict the future.
  • Make sure you are always stocked on toilet paper. (ugh, those early quarantine days )

And while the year was great for learning lessons that will hopefully help this year shine brighter than the last, we’d like to share a few jewelry tidbits that will not only make your year shine brighter but keep your everyday jewelry shining, too. Here are five easy jewelry habits to start in 2021 to keep your jewels lasting through this year and beyond!


It’s no secret we’ve all spent a lot of time at home as of late… but that doesn’t mean your jewelry should be worn at all times. We highly recommend not wearing your fine jewelry around the house when you are likely to participate in activities that could potentially risk the health of your jewelry. You’re just asking to snag your diamond necklace while folding laundry or misshape your ring when grabbing the hose to water the plants. Our solution: place one or two jewelry dishes (uhem, like these hand-crafted ones) in places that are easily accessible to you upon entering your humble abode. This will allow you to create the habit of removing your jewels and securing them until you wear again!


This is important because dirt, chemicals, hand-sanitizer (hello, 2020), and any other undesirable substances can build up over time and eventually damage your jewelry. Cleaning your jewelry at least once a week keeps your rings and/or jewelry in good health and shining bright.

We recommend keeping your cleaner in your bathroom cabinet where it’s accessible and easy for you to integrate into your weekly routine. You only need a minute or two – literally. And not to worry: if you don’t have a cleaner or don’t see results from your current one – ours works magic!


We put an exclamation point at the end of this habit because we mean it – and we’re speaking from experience. On occasion couples will come into the shop, engagement ring in hand because somehow the ring magically bent from a perfect circle into an oval shape. Womp. And when we ask, “do you sleep in your ring?” the answer is almost always a hesitant “…yes.” The ring can be fixed (in most cases) but this situation can also be avoided completely by taking your ring off before going to sleep. When we are deep in our slumber, dreaming of diamonds (oh, is that just us?), we’re not aware that our jewels might be wrapped around a pillow or a thread, and then can be yanked in the opposite direction if tossing and turning. And with gold being a malleable material, this makes it easier for our jewelry to bend or warp out of the intentional shape. This doesn’t just go for unique engagement rings but also for earrings, necklaces and bracelets, too – all of which can snag and break from force.



Alright, we’re done scolding you now. On to the fun part: new jewelry! The days of eating out at your local restaurant, sipping Pinot at your favorite downtown wine bar, or catching a movie with your lover are still on hold. So why not put a little of that saved cash to good use and start a bling fund!

Making large purchases, even when they will last a lifetime and beyond, is a commitment that should never be taken lightly or made too impulsively. The best way to plan for your splurges is to save, save, and save. Each month, put a small amount of cash away so when you’ve saved enough for that dream piece, you aren’t dipping into your regular funds and can rock your new bling without buyer’s remorse.


With the year we’ve all had, we couldn’t possibly be prone to bad luck in the new year – but accidents happen! This is why we always recommend insuring your jewelry, or at least the pieces of significant value. We work with Jewelers Mutual, a jewelry-only insurance provider that protects your jewelry from anything and everything.

We’re going into 2021 with a fresh perspective – even fresher jewelry- and have lots of fun plans in store. Make sure to follow along with us on Instagram or sign up for our newsletter on the homepage to get notified of helpful blog posts, new arrivals, events (virtual and not) and so much more. Wishing you a happy 2021, Treasure Society!