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Discover information about diamonds and gems from different diamond cuts, how diamonds are created, to the history of colored gems and their meanings.

Dishing on Lab Made Diamonds: Our Top 3 Reasons to Treasure One!

SKFJ Glitter Gals here with a very important message for our jewel loving bunch… the votes are in and lab is not drab! While we can’t argue with the allure of one of nature’s sparkliest miracles…a natural diamond, we also feel the need to communicate the benefits of  lab grown diamond rings. Over the past years, we’ve been thrilled […]

Choosing a Colored Gemstone for Your Unique Engagement Ring!

So, you’ve decided you want to go a different route than a traditional diamond for your unique engagement ring. Maybe you’re craving something ultra-unique, you want to represent you or your partner’s birthstone or maybe you just really love color and were meant to wear the rainbow! Whatever the case may be, gemstones exist in a wide variety and there is one to […]

october birthstone opal ring stack

October Birthstone: The Opal

It is officially Libra season friends, which brings us to perhaps one of our favorite gemstones out there…the dreamy and magical opal. This special October birthstone is absolutely mesmerizing and was once believed to have held lightning that fell from the sky during thunderstorms! Opals are well known for their “play-of-color,” the appearance of their […]

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Lab Grown Diamonds 101

In the last year or so you’ve most likely heard the term ‘lab grown diamonds’ and wondered, can it be true? What does that mean? Are they real diamonds? Where is this so-called “lab”…? Don’t worry, we’ve had the same questions too! We’re here to help dispel the rumors and clarify exactly who these new kids […]

Ruby stacking ring july birthstone

July Birthstone: The Ruby

Cancer season is upon us! Pink, red and gorgeous all over, July is for celebrating the ruby. This vibrant July birthstone symbolizes passion, prosperity and protection and is one of the luckiest wedding presents you can receive! The earliest records of this mysterious glowing stone date back to 200 B.C. and were highly regarded in Chinese […]


May Birthstone: Emerald

We have a lot to be thankful for in the beautiful month of May–Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and one of the most vibrant gemstones, the May birthstone Emerald! This stone is so special for its unique saturation of color, variety of meanings and history. Emeralds date back as early as 330 BC in Egypt, but are estimated […]


Understanding the 4Cs of Diamonds

We get it, diamonds are hard. Ring shopping can be daunting and overwhelming at first, what with all the terminology, numbers and tricky names. The 4Cs of diamonds are generally never taught or discussed openly, to men or women. We’re just supposed to hit a certain age and magically understand diamond speak! Picking out a […]

Diamonds: A Whimsical History

April happens to be one of our favorite months as it brings springtime, fresh air, lots of flowers… and it also happens to be the month of the Diamond, not that we are biased or anything. In celebration of April and the whimsical history of the diamond, we are touching on what beliefs, myths and folklores have […]

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

Romantic, subtle, and full of character, the Rose cut is an antique-style gem cut that is making a revival in modern jewelry, and is a favorite diamond cut found in many of my designs. The Rose cut, first developed during the late 16th century, is fashioned with a flat base (no pavilion) and a dome […]

The Pear Cut: She’s Making a Comeback

Pear shaped gems are a new-found favorite cut achieving popularity with many of our brides.  We find ourselves equally charmed by the pear shape for a number of reasons. We love the fact that pear shaped engagement rings appear to lengthen the finger, and due to their proportions and weight distribution, they often provide a greater amount […]