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July Birthstone: The Ruby

Cancer season is upon us! Pink, red and gorgeous all over, July is for celebrating the ruby. This vibrant July birthstone symbolizes passion, prosperity and protection and is one of the luckiest wedding presents you can receive!

The earliest records of this mysterious glowing stone date back to 200 B.C. and were highly regarded in Chinese and Hindu culture. To protect themselves in battle, ancient warriors would adorn their uniforms in rubies in hopes of sparing their life. They would also bury rubies underneath building foundations to secure good fortune and prosperity.

Have a loved one with a July birthday or want to treat yourself? Shop our favorite variations of the July birthstone, the ruby!

Ruby stacking ring

July Birthstone Jewelry


vintage ruby ring


Vintage perfection fit for a princess! Crafted in the late 1880s, this sweet Victorian ring features a pretty in pink ruby and four delicious Old Mine Cut diamonds. Sweet hand-carved details complete the design with cascading steps down the band. Low profile and petite for everyday wear!

ruby flower necklace


Inspired by Victorian floral motifs, this sideways flower necklace featuring the sparkling July birthstone is the sweetest gift for a birthday or anniversary. Bright pinkish/red brilliant cut ruby petals are juxtaposed next to tiny emerald leaf accents. We love this necklace layered with friends or worn solo for a pop of juicy color!

ruby flower ring


Did we mention that the adorable Sideways Flower Necklace has a partner in crime, the Sideways Flower Ring?! Wear these ruby beauties as a matching set or mix them into your daily ensemble. This July birthstone ring is the sweetest bday present for you SO!

july birthstone ruby ring


Perhaps the best ruby stacking band in existence? This 14K gold band features 8 divine rubies and one black diamond for an element of surprise. Stack this cutie with every ring you own or wear solo for a pop of color.


The Chunky Gold Rings You Didn’t Know You Needed

As summer sizzles on you can catch us Angelinos living by the pool, dripping in both water and gold. Gear up for the chunky gold rings you didn’t know you needed!

Chunky Gold Rings

We LOVE a good wide, reliable band. Be it 6-15mm, no discrimination here! Chunky gold rings are the perfect statement rings that truly go with every ensemble (especially those barely there outfits for summer!) Sexy, unexpected and chic, glisten in the sun with some of our faves. Pro-tip: Not sure on size? Inquire with our stylists about our silver try-on kit. Wider bands tend to fit a little differently, so we’ll help guide the way.

Chunky gold band with pave diamonds


We love this graduated string of pave diamonds nestled into a thick 15mm 14K gold band. Pair with red bikini and giant straw sun hat for good measure.

Chunky gold ring with pave diamond strip


Chunky and substantial, this 10mm wide band is the perfect everyday accessory. Want to skip tradition and combine the engagement ring and wedding band in one? Go for it, there are no rules!

Chunky gold cracked band

CRACKED BAND – 15MM, $7,150

Channel your inner Steven Tyler and rock out with our thick as thieves Cracked Band. Black rhodium accents the glittering diamonds and cracked details on these chunky gold rings.

Cracked band with diamonds

CRACKED BAND – 7MM, $3,630

Literally dripping in diamonds, the 7mm Cracked Band will have you drooling. Wear on your pointer or middle finger for a fun flash of sparkle, or sub out for your travel wedding band.



Be the shiniest sand dollar in the sea with the Round Shield Galaxy Pave ring. These juicy chunky gold rings glitter with a sprinkle of white diamonds set in 14K gold. Low profile and flat, ideal for everyday wear even in the hottest of temps!

Want to see all of our chunky gold rings from our Torn Paper collection? Click here to keep on shopping!


It’s June, which means we are celebrating PRIDE! This month’s love story features some of our favorite clients, Amber Tisue and Frankie Cail. They came to us a while back for two custom rings, designed to be as unique as each of them, and we are so happy to have played a small part in this beautiful couple’s love story.

Names: Amber Tisue and Frankie Cail

Current Location: Los Angeles, CA.

Meeting Location: Santa Monica, CA.

Wedding Date + Location: TBD

love story

How did you meet?

We met at one of Amber’s music nights at a little restaurant called Santino’s. She was playing her guitar and singing for about an hour. I immediately fell in love with her, it was a feeling unlike I’ve ever had in my whole life. Something inside of me said, “at some point you will be with this woman.”

The proposal – please tell us the stories!

Well, there are two proposal stories, as we both wanted to ask each other, but Frankie popped the question first!

Frankie: We had originally planned to take a vacation to Tulum, however, two nights before we were to go, Amber had been watching the live cams which showed the terrible seaweed epidemic that took hold of Tulum. We both decided that this was not the time of year for us to go, and instead planned a last-minute trip up to Sedona.  I had visited Sofia about a month in advance and had the ring packed away tightly in my suitcase knowing full well that this was the trip I wanted to propose. Our drive to Sedona started off in all the right ways, with a side trip to a deer sanctuary about 45 minutes from the cabin we were staying in. We were so giddy to spend an hour with incredibly gentle animals and by the time we got to our beautiful cabin we were so excited to have had the chance to get away with each other. I was extremely nervous the whole day and night as I was anxiously waiting for the right moment to present itself for me to propose. The next day we woke up and decided to visit all of the energy vortex’s around Sedona. By the end of the day, we decided to take our final hike up Cathedral Rock. The hike up to the first Saddle was a bit challenging, in that we did not prepare ourselves with the right kind of shoes, thus, Amber decided to go barefoot and climbed all the way up and I followed. The whole day I was without the ring as I was too nervous it would have been discovered by Amber in our shared backpack, but on the final hike I brought it with me and as we built Cairns on the top of the first saddle together, Amber barefoot, no one around, I saw the moment and asked Amber to follow me to a small edge off to the side of the rock. We sat down, and I read a hand-written note that I had written the night before to Amber. And after we were both crying, I reached into the backpack pulled out the ring and asked her to marry me. It was sheer magic! We got engaged on May 23, 2018.

Amber: My proposal came 4 months after Frankie proposed to me. It was Labor Day weekend and I had planned to take Frankie to Santa Barbara, at least that’s what I was telling her where we were going. We got in the car on Saturday morning and headed towards Malibu and decided to stop at the Malibu grocery store to stock up on some snacks and some champagne. The entire time Frankie was questioning why we were buying things so early, as we had another 2 hours in the car. I told her ask no questions and after that I think she realized we weren’t going to Santa Barbara. We got back in the car and drove up the 23 onto the animal sanctuary/ property in which I played a music festival 5 years ago that we really fell in love at. I had contacted Debbie, the owner of the property, to stay in her bunkhouse with Frankie so that I could propose, and she granted me my wish, even though she doesn’t really allow anyone on the property anymore. As we drove up to the gate, Frankie knew, and it was incredible to see her sheer surprise. We were greeted by Debbie and we were given free reign over the property. All of the memories of the Drawing on the Moon festival flooded back in for us. I decided to take her out onto the farthest hill overlooking the whole valley at what was an incredible sunset. We sat down on the bench and I gifted her a book of love notes that were to be opened on special occasions and I brought our speaker to play her a song I had written and sung. I asked her to marry me on top of that same hill we fell in love.

love story

love story

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

Frankie: I love how passionate she is. Whether it’s about our love or about her hobbies (making music, ceramics) when she’s into something she goes all in. It’s a remarkable quality that I truly admire about her.

love story

What made you choose your rings?

Frankie: I had an idea of a ring for Amber for about 2 years before I got it made with Sofia. I went in with the image and idea that I found online and Sofia and I sat together a few times discussing how to make the ring unique and one of a kind and the result with the little black diamond around the halo to match the salt and pepper diamond in the middle is exquisite.

As it turns out, when Amber began the process of designing Frankie’s ring, we let her know that the diamond Frankie chose was part of a pair. When Amber saw the matching diamond, she knew that was the stone she wanted to use for Frankie’s piece..!

love story

Do you have any notable stories that have stood out over the years – hilarious, sentimental, anything!

Frankie: After Amber and I first met at Santino’s it wasn’t until a year and a half later that we ran into each other at one of our favorite DJ’s set at Sound Nightclub in Hollywood that we re-connected. We both got home around 6am and I decided to Facebook message her that I would love to take her out for a drink. She made me wait two weeks later to have our first date at The Other Room in Venice. Our first date lasted 7 hours and I never wanted it to end. Till this day we are forever our favorite DJ- Lee Burridge’s number 6 couple that has told him that we fell in love at his show. It’s truly so meaningful to us that this whole night happened because of him!

love story

What are you most excited about for your wedding? Are you going on a honeymoon?

Frankie: I’m most excited about the intimacy of our wedding and getting to spend quality time together and with the ones we love. Absolutely honeymoon! We’re thinking Thailand and Japan.

Do you have any advice for planning a wedding?

Make the wedding about you and what you two want.

We loved playing a part in this beautiful couple’s love story by creating a pair of custom rings as unique as them.

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Vacation Jewelry: How To Pack Your Travel Jewels

Summer is fast approaching and surely you have a vacation booked, whether jumping on a jet to Turks and Caicos or hopping in the car for a family road trip two hours south. Between getting a petsitter and making sure work is wrapped up before you leave, relieve some chaos with our quick guide on what and how to pack your travel jewelry to maximize style and minimize the stress.

1. Leave your most prized pieces at home.

The point of a vacation is to get away from your everyday routine– which means you’re probably busy trying new things or removing yourself completely to relax, both keeping you from being as careful as you normally are with your precious jewels. A rule of thumb: do not bring any jewelry that you are afraid of losing. Leave the family heirloom brooch and diamond studs you’re planning to pass down one day.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your favorite jewelry, as a vacation is a great excuse to accessorize more than usual and play with your outfits. Instead, stick to packing pieces that are wearable daily, such as one or two necklaces, a few pair of studs, and simple stackable bands – but don’t forget those statement pieces that spice up your looks as well. Here are some great options:

Daisy Gem Necklace

Daisy Gem Necklace – $1,350

Crescent Moon Stud Earrings

Crescent Moon Stud Earrings – $690

Infinity Disc Charm Bracelet

Infinity Disc Charm Bracelet – $370

2. Consider a wedding/engagement ring alternative.

You love your wedding set and of course, you want to bring your beloved engagement ring and wedding band along. But with constant new experiences you’re immersed in while traveling, it’s easy to not give them the proper care that you normally would. Don’t subject your rings to the horrors of being left on the bathroom sink in a restaurant restroom or flashing in the Caribbean sunlight, showing people that you might have a nice jewelry collection back in your hotel room. Swap your special rock for something simple and easy-to-wear, like these travel band alternatives:

Torn Paper Gold Wedding Band With Pave Diamond Patch – 3mm – $1,350

Petite Wavy band II With Diamonds – $2,280

Classic One Diamond Wire Band – $360

Engraved Ivy Infinity Band – $600

Knife Edge Band With Diamonds – $2,280

3. Protect your jewelry!

Avoid sleeping, swimming, working out and high-intensity activity while wearing your gems, especially on vacay.

Always utilize the hotel room safe if possible, not only for jewels but important documents, keys, etc. Keep your jewels safe from harm with a travel case when traveling with your jewelry. There are now a plethora of jewelry travel cases available, made specifically for this use that caters to the needs of each piece so it is stored in the safest way possible. Check out Cuyana’s minimal and adorable travel cases, or go the custom route and monogram your initials on Mark & Graham’s version.

Need a quick fix? Here are some DIY options for safe keeping:

  • Loop your necklaces through straws to keep them from tangling,
  • Use buttons as earring stud holders
  • Sealable snack cups are great for keeping different pieces separate from each other.
  • Poke holes in cardboard to use for your earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Pro-tip: Never check your jewelry when flying! Keep it in your personal carry-on bag. Everyone knows someone (or it’s happened to you!) that has had their luggage delayed or lost for good. Keep it with you to avoid any extra complications when traveling with your jewels. Same goes for those epic overseas proposals: keep the ring in a baggie, pouch or box on your person! It is the safest place for it to be. 

With these tips and tricks you should be good to take off to your first destination of the summer. Make sure to tag us in your adventures on Instagram if you don’t already follow us! xo

May Birthstone: Emerald

We have a lot to be thankful for in the beautiful month of May–Mother’s Day, Memorial Day, and one of the most vibrant gemstones, the May birthstone Emerald! This stone is so special for its unique saturation of color, variety of meanings and history. Emeralds date back as early as 330 BC in Egypt, but are estimated to be 2.97 BILLION years old. Can you imagine discovering such a bright and vibrant stone in the desert?! Cleopatra was an avid emerald lover, so much so that she claimed ownership over all emerald mines during her reign.

The Kennedy Marquise Ring $3,030

Early on, the Egyptians believed these stones to hold the power of protection and buried their monarchs with them. Throughout history, emeralds were also believed to cure stomach problems, control epilepsy and stop bleeding. They were also thought to bring the wearer peace and serenity. (Making it the perfect gift for a new mom!)

Art Deco Vintage Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring from Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels

The Estella Art Deco Ring $11,660

Meaning literally “green” in Greek, the May birthstone can come in a variation of hues, with the most rare being deep green-blue saturation and the most common being a lighter, vibrant green. As a form of the mineral beryl, they typically have inclusions that are able to be seen without a microscope, but this by no means takes away from their beauty and charm. We adore the galactic-like wonder these beauties can possess!

Emerald Simple Solitaire $4,730

While diamonds are typically used for traditional engagement rings, emeralds can make for the perfect alternative engagement ring for the alternative bride! They just need slightly more TLC as they are a softer mineral than diamond. (Emerald’s hardness on the Mohs scale is 7.5-8 while diamond is a 10.) We recommend cleaning with a trusted jewelry cleaner and avoiding steam or ultrasonic cleaners.

Thank you May for celebrating this gemstone with us! Although we highly suggest wearing your beautiful emeralds all year long! 😉