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One of the most rewarding feelings here at SKFJ is the moment you or your significant other declares  “this is THE ring.” So whether you’re putting together a wishlist to suggest to a special someone or choosing the perfectly suited engagement ring for your honey, we are here to help!

Here are our top 10 tips for honing in on YOUR dream engagement ring.


An engagement ring or wedding band is a meaningful and personal symbol to cherish for a lifetime and it should reflect who you are! Are you a minimalist who appreciates natural, understated beauty? A vintage romantic with a love for flair or a touch of drama? Or do you appreciate modern, geometric shapes and clean, smooth textures? Once you’ve defined your style, it will act as a guideline as you enter the world of engagement rings. Need some help pinpointing your style? Take our easy Engagement Ring Style Quiz here!


When choosing an engagement ring, think about if and how you’d like to pair with a wedding band. Do you prefer an evenly stacked set? Do you mind if the band doesn’t sit flush against the engagement ring? Or would you even consider wearing your engagement and wedding band on different hands? (We don’t have rules here!) All these factors play into choosing your wedding band, whether you’re into something on the more simple side like our Classic Three Diamond Wire Band or a more intricate nesting band that fits around your ring, like our Pear Shape Tiara Ring.


Open up your jewel box at home and take some notes! Do you wear primarily yellow gold? Deciding you want to try rose gold for your engagement might not be the best idea if the ring doesn’t pair well with all your other favorites. Take into account what you wear on the daily, and go with your gut on the metal that initially makes the most sense to you.


If you have a profession where you work with your hands (medical professional, artist, etc) choosing a ring with a low profile and bezel might fit in best, rather than something very high set with prongs. If you know you are hard on your jewelry but you love delicate vintage pieces that possibly require extra care, consider choosing a newly made ring that has a vintage feel. Choosing a ring that fits into your life best will most likely give you the most longevity and most happiness along the way!



Are you a mega-sparkle diamond diva or an understated, alternative gem type of gal?

“The type, quality and size center stone contributes the most to both cost and style of your ring.”

If you truly enjoy sparkle, a round brilliant, Old Mine or Old Euro, or even a Brilliant Pear cut are all great options for maximum shine. If you are more interested in having something with a modest brilliance, a rose cut, rustic diamond or even an alternative gem like sapphire or emerald are great options… A note for the guys: If you are considering a colored stone, be sure that she not only loves the color, but that she is comfortable wearing it EVERY day.


“The main thought to keep in mind when working around a tight budget is to PRIORITIZE. There are many ways to create or select a beautiful ring by choosing the elements of a style in smart way.”

Make a list of characteristics you want in your diamond, with the top being the non-negotiable trait. If you know you MUST have a 2 carat diamond because anything smaller just looks “tiny” on your long fingers, then consider a beautiful champagne shade instead of completely colorless diamond, or perhaps think about a halo design in the same color as your center stone to create a larger look. Both of these changes will typically give you a larger impact for your money. Consult with a trusted diamond or jewelry professional to help guide you in making the smartest choices to get the best value for your investment.


An engagement or wedding band is perhaps the most sentimental object someone can have. Do you or your partner have a family heirloom that could be passed on or re-purposed in some way? Sometimes a dated style can possess a beautiful diamond that could be re-set in a new design, giving it a new life and creating a beautiful way to remember those in our lives. As much as we love designing something from scratch, we love re-designs as well! You can find more info on that process here.


Ethical and environmentally sound gem and metal sourcing are big considerations for many people. Always check whether your favorite jewelry store provides conflict-free diamonds and works with suppliers who abide by the Kimberley Process. If natural diamonds are not your preference, consider a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds are the perfect natural diamond alternative because they have all of the same properties as a natural diamond without the additional strain on the environment. We are proud to partner with Diamond Foundry, a leader in the field of lab grown diamonds. You can view our selection of lab grown diamond rings here, or start your own custom process here.


Sometimes that dream ring is really that- a distant dream. Whatever your situation may be, remember you’re marrying the person- not the ring!  There will always be room for upgrades as time and your life together evolves. Your ring can always be redesigned and additional bands to come can create a wedding stack that reflects meaningful milestones in your life.


Everyone loves a great proposal story that starts with “a gumball ring.” Designing or picking an engagement ring together can be a romantic process that ensures everyone is happy with the outcome. And that way you’ll abide by the most important rule:  have fun with it!

October Birthstone: The Opal

It is officially Libra season friends, which brings us to perhaps one of our favorite gemstones out there…the dreamy and magical opal. This special October birthstone is absolutely mesmerizing and was once believed to have held lightning that fell from the sky during thunderstorms! Opals are well known for their “play-of-color,” the appearance of their magical rainbow hues shifting and flashing. The October birthstone has also been revered as a symbol of protection, purity, hope and truth. Opals hail mostly from Australia, Ethiopia, Mexico and Brazil and are a little more delicate/softer than other gems, so proper care is vital! Have a special Libra in your life (or want to treat yourself)?! Shop our favorite opal jewelry pieces below!

October Birthstone Opals


Dreamy Victorian Opal Ring, $1,950

We’re almost at a loss of words to describe this magical vintage opal ring. This dreamy antique piece dates back to the Victorian era circa 1890 and has been captivating wearers for well over 100 years. Delicate engraving and a thin and comfortable band make this opal ring adorable and easy to wear. This October birthstone ring would make the sweetest birthday or anniversary gift!

one-of-a-kind boulder opal birthstone earrings

Boulder Opal and Diamond Hoop Earrings $1,820

What’s better than one opal you ask? Why two of course! These eclectic Boulder Opal earrings have the most vibrant flecks of blue, green and orange, making them the perfect earrings to go with any outfit! Hanging from a petite 14k yellow gold diamond hoop, these October birthstone charms are removable for a more simplified look.

october birthstone opal ring with diamonds

I Deco Dare You, $6,490

Positively radiating happiness, this one of a kind opal ring would be the perfect October birthstone gift for the vintage lover. An oval opal is set East/West in a 18K matte yellow gold mounting with Baguette and Round Brilliant diamonds. The swirling swatches of green, blue and yellow hues are reminiscent of a beautiful French impressionist painting. We wouldn’t be able to take our eyes off this stunning opal ring!

october birthstone opal ring stack

The Ariel Stack, $3,221.50

For the ultimate October birthstone gift, consider this epic opal and diamond ring stack! We adore mixing and matching shapes and textures to create a chic, one-of-a-kind look. The stones and bands of 14K gold are stacked to beach-y luxe perfection. These lightweight stacking rings are great for spicing up a relaxed outfit or adding a punch of color to an evening ensemble.