Favorite Unique Engagement Rings

billie unique engagement ring


Billie Jean is not my lover. But Billie is. Please allow us to introduce our latest obsession-er-we mean Bridal Collection… the Billie, who’s so good she doesn’t even need a last name. If you look up “show stopper” in the dictionary, you may find a photo of this design. She’s modern, sophisticated, glitzy, and looks good […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Two Stone Pear Ring

Three-Stone, who? Indeed you’ve heard of a three-stone ring (especially if you saw our Claudette Three Stone Ring blog post), but what about a two-stone? It might not be three, but does that mean we should neglect them?… Well, we have news: they are no longer ancient history. Two stone rings have a huge past, […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Claudette Three Stone Ring

Why settle for one when you can have three? We’re talking about diamonds, of course! And more specifically: three stone diamond rings. Here are some reasons you should give these triple-the-sparkle, historically-sound rings a second (or third) thought. If you’re looking for classy sparkle and you think a solitaire might be a bit too simple, […]