Favorite Unique Engagement Rings

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Evangeline

She is beauty, she is grace! Are you a vintage lover looking for a special and unique engagement ring with the perfect combination of romance, drama, and edge? Look no further, Miss Evangeline has arrived to dazzle! Relish in the timeless beauty of Evangeline. Inspired by a favorite vintage engagement ring from our curated collection, her royal […]

billie unique engagement ring


Billie Jean is not my lover. But Billie is. Please allow us to introduce our latest obsession-er-we mean Bridal Collection… the Billie, who’s so good she doesn’t even need a last name. If you look up “show stopper” in the dictionary, you may find a photo of this design. She’s modern, sophisticated, glitzy, and looks good […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Two Stone Pear Ring

Three-Stone, who? Indeed you’ve heard of a three-stone ring (especially if you saw our Claudette Three Stone Ring blog post), but what about a two-stone? It might not be three, but does that mean we should neglect them?… Well, we have news: they are no longer ancient history. Two stone rings have a huge past, […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Claudette Three Stone Ring

Why settle for one when you can have three? We’re talking about diamonds, of course! And more specifically: three stone diamond rings. Here are some reasons you should give these triple-the-sparkle, historically-sound rings a second (or third) thought. If you’re looking for classy sparkle and you think a solitaire might be a bit too simple, […]