Favorite Unique Engagement Rings

Discover our favorite Unique Engagement Rings, all hand picked and designed by Sofia Kaman. There are plenty to choose from!


Hard to believe we are already in the second week of February! If you’re an avid SKFJ follower, you know that we are highlighting one of our couples each week this month. We dive deep on their Love Story, and what led them to us at SKFJ. This week, we dropped our newest collection of […]


Sophia here (Social Media + Marketing Manager), not to be confused with the Sofia. I’m pleased to share the sweet story of Erica + Caleb, our newest SKFJ Love Story. We first met Caleb when he reached out to start on Erica’s ring, and are thrilled to see the couple engaged with one of our most recognized and signature […]

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Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Sloane

It’s true, we can’t deny the lure of a classic solitaire engagement ring, but what if we said there was an option with a touch more je ne sais quoi for our style mavens out there? Sass, glamour, and a sui generis disposition collide in one of our favorite unique engagement rings, Miss Sloane. Crafted for the fashion connoisseur who […]

Fall Nailspo to Match Your Unique Engagement Ring

The seasons are changing, and nothing indicates the arrival of a new quarter quite like a fresh polish change! If we know anything, it is that chic-ly executed bold moves are all the rage this fall. That includes wardrobe, nails, and yes, jewels! If you are sporting a fabulous unique engagement ring on your finger, […]

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What Your Dream Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

Marilyn put it best when she sang the ever-so-famous words… Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. Whether or not you are currently in the market for a sparkly left-hand ring or already have one placed on your finger, we glam gals can agree that the gazillion accumulated hours spent daydreaming about that sparkling token […]

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Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Annika

Timeless. Chic. Contemporary.  What do Blake Lively, J-Lo, and Hailey Bieber all have in common? A breathtaking solitaire style unique engagement ring, of course. Timeless and classic, the single diamond solitaire is a coveted choice for the chic and sophisticated bride. Something about having all eyes drawn toward a dazzling center stone has stolen the hearts of […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Evangeline

She is beauty, she is grace! Are you a vintage lover looking for a special and unique engagement ring with the perfect combination of romance, drama, and edge? Look no further, Miss Evangeline has arrived to dazzle! Relish in the timeless beauty of Evangeline. Inspired by a favorite vintage engagement ring from our curated collection, her royal […]

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Billie Jean is not my lover. But Billie is. Please allow us to introduce our latest obsession-er-we mean Bridal Collection… the Billie, who’s so good she doesn’t even need a last name. If you look up “show stopper” in the dictionary, you may find a photo of this design. She’s modern, sophisticated, glitzy, and looks good […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Two Stone Pear Ring

Three-Stone, who? Indeed you’ve heard of a three-stone ring (especially if you saw our Claudette Three Stone Ring blog post), but what about a two-stone? It might not be three, but does that mean we should neglect them?… Well, we have news: they are no longer ancient history. Two stone rings have a huge past, […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Claudette Three Stone Ring

Why settle for one when you can have three? We’re talking about diamonds, of course! And more specifically: three stone diamond rings. Here are some reasons you should give these triple-the-sparkle, historically-sound rings a second (or third) thought. If you’re looking for classy sparkle and you think a solitaire might be a bit too simple, […]