Favorite Unique Engagement Rings

Discover our favorite Unique Engagement Rings, all hand picked and designed by Sofia Kaman. There are plenty to choose from!


Sophia here (Social Media + Marketing Manager), not to be confused with¬†the Sofia. I’m pleased to share the sweet story of Erica + Caleb,¬†our newest SKFJ Love Story. We first met Caleb when he reached out to start on Erica’s ring,¬†and are thrilled to see the couple engaged with one of our most¬†recognized and signature […]

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Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Sloane

It’s true, we can’t deny the lure of a classic solitaire engagement ring, but what if we said there was an option with a touch more¬†je ne sais quoi for our style mavens out there? Sass, glamour, and a¬†sui generis disposition collide in one of our favorite¬†unique engagement rings, Miss Sloane.¬†Crafted¬†for the fashion connoisseur who […]

Fall Nailspo to Match Your Unique Engagement Ring

The seasons are changing, and nothing indicates the arrival of a new quarter quite like a fresh polish change! If we know anything, it is that chic-ly executed bold moves are all the rage this fall. That includes wardrobe, nails, and yes, jewels! If you are sporting a fabulous unique engagement ring on your finger, […]

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What Your Dream Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

Marilyn put it best when she sang the ever-so-famous words‚Ķ Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. Whether or not you are currently in the market for a sparkly left-hand ring or already have one placed on your finger, we glam gals can agree that the gazillion accumulated hours spent daydreaming about that sparkling token […]

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Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Annika

Timeless.¬†Chic. Contemporary.¬† What do Blake Lively, J-Lo, and Hailey Bieber all have in common? A breathtaking solitaire style unique engagement ring, of course. Timeless and classic, the single diamond solitaire is a coveted choice for the¬†chic and sophisticated bride. Something about having all eyes drawn toward a dazzling center stone has stolen the hearts of […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Evangeline

She is beauty, she is grace! Are you a vintage lover looking for a special and unique engagement ring¬†with the perfect combination of romance, drama, and edge? Look no further, Miss Evangeline has arrived to dazzle! Relish in¬†the timeless beauty of Evangeline. Inspired by a favorite vintage engagement ring from our curated collection, her royal […]

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Billie Jean is not my lover. But Billie is. Please allow us to introduce our latest obsession-er-we mean Bridal Collection… the Billie, who’s so good she doesn’t even need a last name.¬†If you look up ‚Äúshow stopper‚ÄĚ in the dictionary, you may find a photo of this design. She‚Äôs modern, sophisticated, glitzy, and looks good […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Two Stone Pear Ring

Three-Stone, who? Indeed you’ve heard of a three-stone ring (especially if you saw our Claudette Three Stone Ring blog post), but what about a two-stone? It might not be three, but does that mean we should neglect them?… Well, we have news: they are no longer ancient history. Two stone rings have a huge past, […]

Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Claudette Three Stone Ring

Why settle for one when you can have three? We‚Äôre talking about diamonds, of course! And more specifically: three stone diamond rings. Here are some reasons you should give these triple-the-sparkle, historically-sound rings a second (or third) thought. If you‚Äôre looking for classy sparkle and you think a solitaire might be a bit too simple, […]