Editorial Collaborations

We love to collaborate with creative individuals and are always excited to see what and how you may be inspired by our one of a kind pieces. With the nature of fine jewelry we require careful consideration before loaning our pieces. In order to move forward, please fill out our stylist inquiry form below with the basic details of your project. We try to work with brands and individuals whose style aligns with our aesthetic. If your project is not a perfect fit, we are still happy to loan select pieces with a small restocking fee.

For more information, see our FAQs below the form.


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What information do I need to provide in order to pull jewelry for a styled shoot or editorial?

We require you to fill out our Collaborations Inquiry Form. Once we approve the request we will need a credit card on file as well as a legal form of ID. Before we ship the jewelry we will place an Authorization Hold on your credit card, in order to insure that in the unlikely case something were to happen, the cost of pieces would be covered.

What is a credit card Authorization hold? Is it a charge?

An authorization hold is just that, a hold in the amount of borrowed merchandise, placed on your credit card on file. We do not process the charge on your card unless something is returned in poor condition or is lost.

I love so many pieces, which pieces are available?

Fill out the Collaborations Inquiry Form and one of our store stylists will email you back with a list of pieces that are available to for your shoot. Not all pieces are available due to either the one of a kind nature or the delicacy and age of the piece (in the case of antique and vintage jewelry.)

I’m a stylist and I want to pull your pieces for a shoot, but it might not be “on brand.” Can I still pull?

Yes, we try to work with as many creatives as possible and love that our pieces help fulfill your creative vision. If we decide a shoot is not in line with our aesthetic or image, we can still loan pieces out with a small 10% restocking fee.

I live in another state. Do you ship pieces for shoots?

Good News! Yes, we can ship to you almost anywhere in the US. The individual requesting the pieces is required to pay for insured shipping to and from the shoot. For return shipping, we will email you the correct labels along with specific instructions on how those pieces should be packed. We ship FedEx Two-Day, with direct signature required. No Exceptions.

Can I use my own Shipment Method?

We require that our FedEx account is used.

What happens in the worst-case scenario, something breaks or gets lost?

If something breaks, gets lost, gets eaten by a wildebeest or even the lochness, the person who's card and ID we have on file is 100% responsible for the full retail cost of the jewelry on loan. This includes if pieces were improperly packed on return, and gem stones get scratched, chipped, etc. In the case of repairable damages, we will assess a repair fee and that amount will be charged to the card.

What if something is already broken when we receive it?

Take a picture and document it, and please contact us immediately. We are not unreasonable and of course understand accidents happen.

Our shoot ran long and missed the cut off for FedEx, what will happen to late returns?

Communicate. If you know your shoot is running long, please email us. We will do our best to accommodate your unique situation. If we receive the pieces late, without notification we will assess a 10% restocking fee.

All of our jewelry is unique and handmade, and when it isn't in our showroom, we are not able to meet our clients' needs. Please be courteous and let us know when things aren’t running according to plan.

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