Make Your Holidays One of a Kind: Gift Guide

Gather ’round, Treasure Society… It’s officially time for another magical, bejeweled holiday! Here in the glistening land of SKFJ, Sofia and her glitter gals have been working hard to prepare all the sparkly surprises for you this holiday season in hopes of making your gift-giving as easy as possible (for yourself included!). Grab some yummy hot cocoa, a warm cozy blanket and read on.

‘Twas the day of a brainstorming session for our holiday campaign concept, when Sofia and the SKFJ marketing girlies were tossing around ideas. Because our fresh holiday jewels are focused around truly unique pieces this year (hello vintage treasures and drilled, one-of-a-kind diamonds!) we found the theme of One of a Kind Gifting to be fitting. However, in true SKFJ fashion, we felt the theme needed a pinch more fairy dust to make it come to life. After an evening of wine, laughter, and drawing inspiration from the holiday classic It’s a Wonderful Life, this year’s holiday campaign would be titled “It’s a One of a Kind Life,” as the gift of unique & decadent jewels should reflect the equally unique lives and experiences of the wearer. We took it and ran – and landed on a few dazzling vintage-inspired looks, thus constructing what would become our dreamiest holiday campaign yet. With help from the best team of Santa’s sparkly helpers, we were able to truly capture the utter magic and charm of this year’s gift-able treasures, and we hope you love them as much as we do.

We won’t keep you waiting any longer! Below are five gift ideas for the one-of-a-kind people in your life.


What says “you’re special” more than an elegant 50-100 year old treasure? Well, if you ask us: nothing does! Lucky for you, we acquired a ton of new vintage baubles for all of your holiday gifting needs. Shop our curated vintage collection to give the gift of times past and make the sweetest statement this holiday season!


The holiday season means it’s time for gingerbread cookies, cozy knit sweaters, and a world full of twinkly lights. It’s our job to ensure that even amongst the brightest holiday lights, you still shine even brighter! If your loved one is obsessed with all things sparkly like we are, our new collection of customizable drilled Dancing Diamonds is for you.

Simple, chic, and timeless. Style your dazzling dewdrop on a necklace, bracelet, or ear thread. Whatever you choose, your lucky recipient is sure to shine bright! You can find our How To: Dancing Diamonds here.


Love is in the air this holiday season! What better time to pop the question than amongst family, friends, and holiday cheer? We are excited to announce that we have expanded our collection of available unique engagement rings just in time for the season of love. If you have your partner’s dream ring pinpointed, you can find our selection of unique engagement rings here or head over here to take our quick engagement ring quiz to discover your style.


Alas, if indecisiveness has gotten the best of you and none of the new sparkly treasures will suffice, you can always purchase a flight to Los Angeles for you and your loved one. Why, you ask? Well, of course, there are the palm trees and beaches, but even better than all of that is… Chichi. Pop by our Santa Monica showroom not only to shop, but to take a holiday photo with our team mascot, Miss Chichi the French Bulldog. If that isn’t the greatest gift of all, we honestly don’t know what is!


If you are still in a pickle and totally in need of a larger variety to choose from, we’ve got your back! The SKFJ glitter gals curated a list of 50 of our fav pieces for those who need the help of a little browsing action to accomplish a holiday miracle. Click here to shop away!