Unique Wedding Bands for Your Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

This year, we have seen a major pivot in the realm of fashion. While micro-trends boom in and out of glory, most are reverting to chic and long-lasting pieces to construct what has been coined as a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Put plainly, forever investment pieces are so in and anything that will only get a few wears is so out. When it comes to jewelry this can refer to many things, such as the materials your pieces are made of (learn about different golden materials here), or the actual silhouette of the pieces that you are purchasing.

Building the perfect set of stacking rings to compliment your unique engagement ring can be tricky, as you want to ensure that your special sparkler is always the star of the show, and that you are choosing pieces that will maintain their charm for years to come. Much like fashion, there are plenty of micro-jewelry trends (do jelly bracelets ring a bell?), however, if you are meticulous about your picks, you will find yourself with capsule pieces that will withstand the test of time!

gold wedding band, unique engagement ring


Classic and timeless, plain gold wedding bands are a timeless staple in any jewelry wardrobe. Paired with a unique engagement ring, they create a standout look that is perfect for any bride looking to add a touch of edge to their stack. You can’t go wrong with the straight cut of a classic cigar band, but if you are in search of something a bit more artful, variations like our Torn Paper Bands provide a bit of flair with their irregular edges.

wedding bands with diamonds, unique wedding bands, unique engagement ring


When it comes to the art of stacking rings, we can’t say no to a touch of sparkle. Wedding bands with diamonds are a classic choice, but for a capsule piece, we are all about slightly larger diamond bands due to their versatility. Pair a larger diamond band with your engagement ring for a super sparkly look or wear it alone for an equally glittery appearance on simpler days. Pieces like these will never go out of style and will surely serve as forever go-to’s in your jewel box.

unique wedding bands, unique engagement ring


If you adore the look of stacked wedding rings, it may be time to experiment with what we refer to as nesting bands to perfectly embrace every curve of your stone. Stacking rings is a true art-form, and if you don’t mind a little bit of extra pizazz, these unique wedding bands can amplify the overall experience of your set. When it comes to capsule pieces, the name of the game is keeping it classic. With this in mind, we think the subtle curve and minimal appearance of our Melt Bands provide the perfect middle ground between a playful and sophisticated look that will carry you through each and every season.

salt and pepper diamond, salt and pepper diamond ring, unique engagement rings


P.S. if you didn’t already know it, fall is in full swing and what many people don’t realize is that a wedding band doesn’t always need to err on the side of traditional. If you are a serious style maven who perhaps has already completed their ring finger wedding set and wants to keep stacking up the bling (ahem, push present), we think you could use a salt and pepper diamond piece in your jewelry repertoire. Don’t be afraid to wear this on your middle or pointer finger alongside your wedding stack for a chic and moody look that will turn heads for the rest of time.