New Year, New Jewelry: 2022 Trend Report

We know, we can’t believe it either. It’s 2022! A new year is like a fresh chapter in the book of our lives, and as we all know, you can’t have a great tale to tell without adding in the sparkly jewelry! Here in the land of SKFJ, Sofia and the team have big plans to break the mold and fill 2022 with exciting new pieces. After all, every leading lady needs a fabulous signature look! That being said, here are five of what we anticipate to be the biggest jewel trends this upcoming year.


True Treasure Society members know that SKFJ is no stranger to east-west settings, and from what we’re seeing (and you’re loving!), they will continue to bloom in popularity. We love how a subtle alteration in orientation can offer nuance to what would alternatively be considered a conventional piece. Plus, say hello to maximum finger coverage! This setting style is simply divine for oblong shapes such as marquises, emerald cuts, pears, or even everyone’s latest favorite: ovals. We have a feeling that this year’s modern brides will be looking to up the ante with this classic solitaire horizontal treatment and thus showing off a wildly original aesthetic that we are absolutely here for.


While we adore the look that a dainty band gives us, thicker bands are slowly taking the jewel world by storm, and we mean that in more ways than one. Last year we saw a resurgence of wide gold bands in the fashion jewelry realm, as well as here in our own showroom while watching some trendsetting brides choose a wider band for their wedding rings. We have a feeling that this upcoming year, engagement rings will be following suit…


If the last few years in fashion have taught us anything, it’s that we are not afraid to take a trip down memory lane. With the revival of the 70s, 80s, 90s, and now Y2K fashion, color. is. everywhere. Luckily for us, this rings true for all of your dazzling jewels as well. Sapphires, rubies, and colored diamonds, oh my! Whether it’s an engagement ring or fashion piece color is most definitely the next big thing.

Fun fact: did you know that diamonds naturally occur in ALL colors? Yes… It’s true. While we have all become accustomed to striving for the iciest, whitest diamond, as the years pass, we are finding more and more diamond lovers and brides alike gravitating toward unique colors. Um hello, champagne and salt and pepper diamonds! Uniqueness is all the latest rage, and the best part about diamonds of all hues is: whether the color be brown, yellow, grey, or any other color of the rainbow, it is nearly impossible to find two that are exactly alike. You’ll always feel confident showing your jewels off knowing that your sparkly beauty is one of a kind!


Minimalism. Who’s she? Well, when it comes to jewels, she is most definitely out. This year is all about dousing yourself in decadent jewels for every occasion. “How can this be done?” you may ask. Well, we have a few ideas. First, don’t be afraid to stack it up! Stacks can be a great way to express yourself and the best part about them is that there are no rules. Play around with different band shapes, colored stones, textures, and even some negative space! You are the artist and your stack is your masterpiece.

Of course, when we say more is more, that includes gemstones as well. This year, brides to be will be dreaming of multi-stone pieces with two, three, or even five sparkling stones. Again: hiiii maximum finger coverage!


In 2021, Oval was the name of the game, but for our style maven clientele, 2022 will be the year of shapes. Hexagons, marquises, pears, the list of shapes goes on and on! Even experienced jewelers often find themselves discovering new and innovative shapes within the diamond pipeline as diamond cutting is truly an art within itself. The quest for the unicorn is on!


Classic styles are considered classic for a reason, and while we will never deny the beauty of a round or oval solitaire, nothing makes us giddier than working with fellow fashionistas and the jewel-obsessed to create OOAK unique engagement rings. If you are a modern bride looking to spice things up, we recommend combining a few of the above trends… Imagine how amazing an east-west pear would look set on a thicker band! Cultivating your jewelry collection is personal by design, and we believe filling it with unique treasures is a joy to be spread across a lifetime!

You can find tons of styles reflecting our 2022 trends in our New Year Essentials or if you’ve been dreaming of a particular design idea and are ready to move to the next phase of your jewel journey, click here to schedule a virtual or in-person appointment with our team to discuss your next steps. We look forward to making 2022 a year filled with the most magical creations yet!