So he found your dream ring (ok – maybe with your help!) and seeing that sparkly rock on your finger brings your joy level up to a 10, not only because it’s stunning but because it signifies an official engagement to the love of your life! You have scouted out your perfect location, checked the dress off the list and your caterer is to-die-for… But wait. You realize that your guy hasn’t put a thought into his wedding band yet.

The process of men trying on bands is an enjoyable and often a bit humorous experience for us stylists here at SKFJ. It’s common for many men to come into the showroom never having put on a piece of jewelry on in their life, and the moment a ring hits their finger it’s often the same look you see on a dog’s face when you put a sweater on them for the first time: THIS FEELS WEIRD. But after a few moments (and a few “I feel like I’ll never be able to wear this” mumbles) he typically warms up to it and says, “Ok, I like this one.” And there you have it, the ring has been chosen. This process can often take less than 20 minutes, the polar opposite to women.

Needless to say, men can tend to be a bit more decisive when it comes to fashion-related decisions but regardless, we all need options! So whether you and your guy are just about to start browsing for his band or you’re looking for an anniversary upgrade for his current ring, here are some men we know all too well and what they’ll often opt for.


Your guy loves nature – and now he can wear it for the rest of his life! Take his love for the great outdoors literally with our Woven Branches Wedding Band. Three sinuous twig branches are woven in an asymmetric pattern, symbolizing unity and strength. This ring not only lets his love for the outdoors shine but is also a unique, non-traditional wedding band that he will cherish forever!


Baby, you’re so classic. He’s timeless, sophisticated and as cool as can be – and his band should reflect that! An even texture, masculine squared edge, and substantial weight make our Smooth Classic Wedding Band ring a timeless wedding band for your man.


Sensitive, charming and passionate are a few words you might use to describe your artist lover, and he needs a ring to reflect those qualities! Our Faceted Wedding Band features a hammered surface that adds a handcrafted touch to a traditional wedding band, making it perfect for someone that has a love and appreciation for the arts (and you!)


You’ve found your Romeo! Surprise flowers and candlelit date nights are plentiful in your life because your man loves… LOVE – and we have just the ring for him. Our Torn Paper Edge Wedding Band is organic and understated but the real romance is in the engraving. Add a custom message on the inside or the outside of the ring – a date, a sweet saying, or anything special and meaningful to you and your lover.


When he’s in between blazing a trail to a hidden waterfall and building your nephew a treehouse, he’s your fiance. Natural, masculine and organic in character, this wedding band series breaks the mold of traditional men’s wedding bands! Our 7mm Raw Textured Wedding Band features an imperfect, time-worn surface that adds just a bit of rustic charm to a traditional wedding band and only wears better with age – just like him!

These bands are all available in 14K solid yellow, white, or rose gold, and in your choice of our signature matte finish or in a shiny finish.

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