Artists We Love: Roxanne Morrison

Roxanne Morrison – a multidisciplinary artist and creative. She is a sculptor, producer, actor, doula, Astrologer, and our latest Artist We Love. That might just be an understatement – we’re obsessed. One day whilst perusing Instagram, Sofia was stopped mid-scroll as her eyes locked in on a stunning silhouette of a woman’s body formed of clay. […]

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Unique Wedding Bands for Your Capsule Jewelry Wardrobe

This year, we have seen a major pivot in the realm of fashion. While micro-trends boom in and out of glory, most are reverting to chic and long-lasting pieces to construct what has been coined as a ‘capsule wardrobe’. Put plainly, forever investment pieces are so in and anything that will only get a few […]

Fall Nailspo to Match Your Unique Engagement Ring

The seasons are changing, and nothing indicates the arrival of a new quarter quite like a fresh polish change! If we know anything, it is that chic-ly executed bold moves are all the rage this fall. That includes wardrobe, nails, and yes, jewels! If you are sporting a fabulous unique engagement ring on your finger, […]

Artists We Love: Jacky Marshall

Once upon a time, Sofia stumbled upon a fabulous fashion illustration of a sweet-faced girl with bold swipes of blue eyeshadow, created by a talented fashion designer turned illustrator… and it was love! Enter: the accomplished Jacky Marshall, also known as JackyBlue. After years of  following (and a few art purchases) Sofia knew she wanted to collaborate with Jacky […]

Artists We Love: Minh Singer

Once upon a time, Sofia Kaman was browsing Instagram in search of some beautiful ceramics that would make lovely additions to our showroom and office… And it was on that digital journey that she came across Minh Singer and her undeniably magical and quickly captivating ceramics. From that moment on, it was love. If you have […]

Los Angeles-Based BIPOC-Owned Businesses We Heart

We believe in working together for a greater good, and as a small businesses in Los Angeles, supporting other small businesses is something that we are not only committed to but honored to do! Showing support and solidarity for BIPOC peers, friends, family and colleagues can come in many forms, but one tangible way to express […]


One sunny Sunday in Santa Monica, a cheery couple by the names of Sarah and Bryan walked into the showroom to do some engagement ring browsing. They had not done much shopping but Sarah knew she wanted a 1-1.5ct round or oval solitaire and was curious what options we had for her. As she slid on a few rings that […]

INSPIRING WOMAN: Elizabeth Messina

We are so happy to introduce this week’s Inspiring Woman, Elizabeth Messina. Photographer, artist and author, Elizabeth is not only a master of capturing the moment, she’s a true pioneer who has carved out a distinctive niche in the world of wedding photography and risen to the top! Read on to find out what keeps Elizabeth motivated […]

INSPIRING WOMAN: Mary Beth LaRue Aporta

This week we were lucky enough to get a word with the radiant Mary Beth LaRue Aporta, a life-coaching, yoga-teaching, mother and founder of Rock Your Bliss, a movement encouraging self-love, authenticity and community. Read about Mary Beth, how she got to where she is today, how she deals with creative blocks and her thoughts on […]

INSPIRING WOMAN: Monica Stephenson

We are so excited to launch a month of Inspiring Women! Each week in October we’ll be sharing the stories of dedicated women who make the world a better place, whether it be through giving back or adding creative value to the world around them, or both! We’re happy to start our series with Monica Stephenson, founder and president […]