What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

Romantic, subtle, and full of character, the Rose cut is an antique-style gem cut that is making a revival in modern jewelry, and is a favorite diamond cut found in many of my designs. The Rose cut, first developed during the late 16th century, is fashioned with a flat base (no pavilion) and a dome covered with triangular shaped facets. 

Antique Rose cut diamonds were designed to sparkle in candle-lit rooms, scintillating with diamond’s unique fire, like no other gem. I love using Rose cut diamonds today for much the same reason- the understated beauty of the diamond shines through without the high-wattage sparkle of a “full” or brilliant cut diamond. This is due to the physical shape of the Rose cut. Being flat on the bottom, when light enters the top of the stone, there are less opportunities (less depth and facets) for light to bounce around and return to your eye. Much of the light passes through the stone, hence the reduced brilliance. However, the reduced carat weight for the same diameter can be considered a “pro” to this cut. The Rose cut is a perfect choice for someone wanting a a diamond with a larger surface area for a (generally speaking) lower cost than a brilliant cut of the same diameter. 

While modern Rose cuts can often be calibrated, there are countless organic shapes available. These unique, freeform shapes appeal to someone who is drawn toward natural designs with a vintage inspiration, making them the perfect choice for many our designs!

To see what these gems look like in action, check out out my top picks of engagement rings with Rose cut diamonds below.

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