Lab Grown Diamonds 101

In the last year or so you’ve most likely heard the term ‘lab grown diamonds’ and wondered, can it be true? What does that mean? Are they real diamonds? Where is this so-called “lab”…? Don’t worry, we’ve had the same questions too! We’re here to help dispel the rumors and clarify exactly who these new kids on the block are! (And believe us, they’re SPARKLY!)

lab grown diamonds sofiakaman

Q: What is a lab grown diamond?

Lab grown diamonds are created aboveground, in a laboratory and possess all of the same properties as a natural diamond without the additional strain on the environment. Just like natural diamonds, no two lab grown diamonds are alike and each have their own one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growing patterns.

Q: Where is the lab?

At Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels, we are proud to partner with Diamond Foundry, a leader in the field of lab grown diamonds. The diamonds are created aboveground in a lab in the Pacific West, United States of America. 

Q: How are the lab grown diamonds made?

The diamond material is cultivated in Diamond Foundry’s lab with highly developed technology. It begins with a thin slice of diamond that contains the atomic blueprint for a new diamond to form. Carbon is added in a plasma reactor that reaches 10,000 F°. Atom by atom, the diamond lattice forms, and the process by which diamonds form in nature is re-created. A unique, one-of-a-kind diamond is born and individually planned for excellent cut.

Q: Where are the diamonds cut?

All of the lab grown diamonds from Diamond Foundry are cut at the facility in a controlled environment.

Q: How do I know it is from a lab and not natural?

Each Diamond Foundry lab grown diamond is inscribed with an identification number that can be seen with magnification. A certificate and guarantee of origin is also supplied.

Q: Are they all perfect diamonds? Can they be made to a certain size?

Just like natural diamonds, no two lab-grown diamonds are alike and each have their own one-of-a-kind inclusions and unique growing patterns, so they cannot be “made to order.” They all have varying color, clarity and size. Large diamonds are rare, whether mined or made. Finding or creating diamonds larger than 1 carat is difficult and takes a lot of investment, but that being said you can find lab grown diamonds anywhere from 0.85ct-4ct. 

Q: Are they less expensive than natural diamonds?

Lab grown diamonds are currently lower priced than natural diamonds. Depending on stone specs, they can be significantly less than natural stones. As technology and the market develops this is subject to change, but only time will tell!

Q: Interested in a lab grown diamond engagement ring?

Shop our current lab grown diamond engagement ring options, or make and appointment to talk about a custom piece with us or let us help you place a lab grown diamond in an existing design. We would LOVE to create your dream engagement ring!