Dishing on Lab Made Diamonds: Our Top 3 Reasons to Treasure One!

unique engagement ring, lab made diamondsSKFJ Glitter Gals here with a very important message for our jewel loving bunch… the votes are in and lab is not drab! While we can’t argue with the allure of one of nature’s sparkliest miracles…a natural diamond, we also feel the need to communicate the benefits of  lab grown diamond rings. Over the past years, we’ve been thrilled to create a myriad of lifelong treasures with sustainability in mind using lab made diamonds. As their popularity continues to rise, so do the questions that come with the territory. Lack of proper education has lead to a some skepticism surrounding them. With the release of our newest engagement ring drop of lab grown diamond engagement rings, we figured it was the perfect time to share what we believe are the Top 3 Reasons these glimmering diamond alternatives are taking the jewelry world by storm!

unique engagement ring, lab made diamonds


In our modern age of electric cars and advanced solar energy, the world continues to push an eco-conscious state of mind and many industries (jewelry included) have had to step back and reassess their ways. It’s no secret that the diamond mining industry has been associated with unethical practices, and many conscientious brides-to-be are in search of more sustainable options. Not only do lab made diamonds avoid the damages to the earth incurred with mining, but one of our lab grown suppliers, Diamond Foundry, has discovered an additional way to help the environment. They have developed proprietary plasma reactors that source their carbon from nasty greenhouse gases (like methane) crystallizing it into diamonds! So, if you are after an ecological choice with the same sparkle and benefits of a natural diamond, lab made diamonds may just be the perfect option.

unique engagement ring, lab made diamonds


Say it with us now – lab grown diamonds are chemically, physically, and optically identical to natural diamonds. The durability and sparkle that makes diamonds the coveted choice for unique engagement rings remains the same whether the diamond is earth made or lab grown. Available in all shapes, sizes, and cuts, they offer the same benefits as natural diamonds in nearly every avenue. It is imperative to note the distinction between lab made diamonds and diamond simulants, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite. Lab made diamonds are 100% pure carbon crystal while simulants do not harbor the same chemical and physical properties as natural diamonds. When natural diamonds are formed in the earth’s mantle, it is through extremely high pressure and temperature. This occurrence causes the element carbon to rearrange on an atomic level, and thus take on the solid form of a diamond. Lab made diamonds have the exact same composition as natural diamonds, except that simply, they are diamonds created in a lab.  They walk like a diamond, talk like a diamond, shine like a diamond; one could even say that they are carbon-copies (pun intended)!  And, just like natural diamonds, once they have been created, cut, and shaped, lab diamonds are sent to an independent gem lab to be certified by an expert.

unique engagement ring, lab made diamonds


Put simply, lab made diamonds offer all of the delicious sparkle that we know and love at a fraction of the price. If you are after a large carat size and/or a whiter stone for your unique engagement ring, those 2 factors make the largest contribution to both the visual impact and to the cost of the ring.  Generally speaking, lab diamond engagement rings are usually 30-40% less expensive than natural diamonds, allowing your budget to perhaps reach those larger sizes and more colorless stones. Feel fabulous rocking your chunky sparkler knowing that you have made a conscious choice. Head to our Instagram or Lab Grown section to see how these beauties shine, and maybe pick one of your own to treasure forever!