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Discover information about diamonds and gems from different diamond cuts, how diamonds are created, to the history of colored gems and their meanings.

Diamond + Design of the Week – 2

This week’s Diamond + Design features a stunning 4.01ct Old European cut diamond. It has a touch of warmth- which we love! We’re imagining this beauty in our vintage-inspired Scalloped Buttercup Solitaire with accents of old cuts as well.

Diamond + Design of the Week – 1

Join us for a fun new series! Each Friday we’ll feature a hand-picked, one-of-a-kind antique diamond and one of our favorite designs to highlight it! Let us inspire you to see the beauty of antique diamonds all the possibilities you have when designing a custom piece from our collection. We’re going to start our series […]

What’s the difference: Old Mine Cut vs. Old European Cut

People often ask me, “How did Old Mine Cut get its name and is it the same as an Old European cut?” While they hold equal esteem in my heart, the answer is no, they are not the same. The older, cushion shape cut, known as the Old Mine Cut was seen from the early […]

Diamonds, why are you so amazing?

I recently enrolled in GIA’s gemology program. For many years I’ve been yearning to know more about the fascinating world of gems and diamonds, and these courses are absolutely amazing for anyone bitten by the gem bug! When I couldn’t stop the urge to spout off random gem facts to friends, family and anyone who […]