July Birthstone: The Ruby

Cancer season is upon us! Pink, red and gorgeous all over, July is for celebrating the ruby. This vibrant July birthstone symbolizes passion, prosperity and protection and is one of the luckiest wedding presents you can receive!

The earliest records of this mysterious glowing stone date back to 200 B.C. and were highly regarded in Chinese and Hindu culture. To protect themselves in battle, ancient warriors would adorn their uniforms in rubies in hopes of sparing their life. They would also bury rubies underneath building foundations to secure good fortune and prosperity.

Have a loved one with a July birthday or want to treat yourself? Shop our favorite variations of the July birthstone, the ruby!

Ruby stacking ring

July Birthstone Jewelry


vintage ruby ring


Vintage perfection fit for a princess! Crafted in the late 1880s, this sweet Victorian ring features a pretty in pink ruby and four delicious Old Mine Cut diamonds. Sweet hand-carved details complete the design with cascading steps down the band. Low profile and petite for everyday wear!

ruby flower necklace


Inspired by Victorian floral motifs, this sideways flower necklace featuring the sparkling July birthstone is the sweetest gift for a birthday or anniversary. Bright pinkish/red brilliant cut ruby petals are juxtaposed next to tiny emerald leaf accents. We love this necklace layered with friends or worn solo for a pop of juicy color!

ruby flower ring


Did we mention that the adorable Sideways Flower Necklace has a partner in crime, the Sideways Flower Ring?! Wear these ruby beauties as a matching set or mix them into your daily ensemble. This July birthstone ring is the sweetest bday present for your SO!

july birthstone ruby ring


Perhaps the best ruby stacking band in existence? This 14K gold band features 8 divine rubies and one black diamond for an element of surprise. Stack this cutie with every ring you own or wear solo for a pop of color.