What Your Dream Unique Engagement Ring Says About You

Marilyn put it best when she sang the ever-so-famous words… Diamonds are indeed a girl’s best friend. Whether or not you are currently in the market for a sparkly left-hand ring or already have one placed on your finger, we glam gals can agree that the gazillion accumulated hours spent daydreaming about that sparkling token of love practically commenced in the womb. Likely, this vision has shifted drastically as the years have gone by and trends have gone in and out of glory. However, the truth is that your personal style speaks volumes and can dictate what style of unique engagement ring may be right for you. Feeling lost? Not to worry, we’re here to play matchmaker for you and your destined dazzler.

emerald cut unique engagement ring


You are a polished woman who prides herself in having a taste for the finer things in life. Champagne towers will be the primary decor at your wedding… And the dress? A minimal, slinky silk gown, of course. Your favorite movies include 13 Going on 30 and The Devil Wears Prada because, duh… Fashion and NYC. Glimmering city lights are your main source of inspiration and if you’re not already living it, you dream of a cut-throat, fast-paced life as a glamorous sophisticate. Clean and contemporary, the long, sharp facets and clean lines of an emerald cut diamond ring make the perfect companion for any chic and refined soul.

antique diamond three stone engagement ring


Queue the white horses! You are a special light filled with wonder and magic. Frolicking in a garden in the English countryside is your vision of bliss and you thrive on sentimental flourishes. Bridgerton? You binged that in one weekend. Despite living in a world full of doubt, you maintain belief in the magic of love at first sight and will settle for nothing less than a fairytale ending. The mystery of vintage jewelry captivates you and you look forward to curating your own collection of heirlooms to pass down. If this sounds like you, an antique diamond 3 stone engagement ring is your destiny. Romantic and elegant with the perfect dash of vintage flair, three stone rings are truly enchanting. Plus, the finger coverage is hard to ignore. As we always say… Who wants just one diamond when you could have three?

oval solitaire engagement ring


Hello, fashionista! You are a gal who is ALWAYS up to date with the latest Instagram trends. Pinterest is your best friend and you commend yourself for your “it” girl status. A style maven at heart, you spend your weekends hunting the coolest threads and your wardrobe is never outdated. You like to keep up with the Kardashians and couldn’t help but revel in excitement when you saw Kourt’s newest engagement ring. If this sounds like you, we think you’re betrothed to a large oval solitaire. We know that you are not afraid of too much sparkle or a dash of drama. Dress it up with sparkly nesting band stackers and you’ll find yourself with a unique engagement ring that, dare we say, is almost as fabulous as you.

salt and pepper engagement ring


Trends are cool, but you pride yourself in going against the norm. You are not afraid to take risks – in life and in design choices, especially. When it comes to entertainment you aren’t completely entranced by reality TV or rom coms. Rather, you appreciate black and white films for their simplicity and charm. Your dream wedding errs on the side of non-traditional and you envision yourself rocking a short gown to make a statement. If this sounds like you, a Salt and Pepper nontraditional engagement ring is your destiny. Their distinctive features deliver just the right amount of edge and their neutral color pallet makes them fun to style. Looking to up the cool factor? Experiment with rose-cut or hexagon shapes and pair with a couple of inverted side stones for a look that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Choosing an engagement ring is a big decision. We know, a lifetime of hopes and dreams are riding on this momentous occasion and we want to ensure you feel confident in your decision. Our best advice? Align your personality with one of these classic silhouettes and your treasured bauble will never be passé. If you are still feeling like you want more assurance, take our Engagement Ring Style Quiz for an extra boost of confidence before your in-person engagement ring appointments. Most importantly, take your time and listen to your heart – it’ll never let you down!