Hard to believe we are already in the second week of February! If you’re an avid SKFJ follower, you know that we are highlighting one of our couples each week this month. We dive deep on their Love Story, and what led them to us at SKFJ. This week, we dropped our newest collection of Engagement Rings – ranging from honey-hued diamonds, to electric Emeralds and Sapphires. It only seemed fitting that we introduce Scarlett and Ethan this week too, for she has an absolutely gorgeous Australian Opal Melina engagement ring, that matches the burst of color you see throughout their special day.

Settle in for another good one… Introducing Scarlett + Ethan ❤️

We hope you enjoy! If you’re reading this and feel as though your story should be highlighted – give us a shoutout at the bottom of the post!

Scarlett Waldman & Ethan Krant

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Meeting Date + Location: September 9th, 2014 in Boston, MA

Wedding date + location: 10/07/2023 – Ethereal Gardens – Escondido, CA

Okay so, how did you two meet?

Freshmen year of Emerson College in the Little Building dorm. The 8th day of school. Ethan had seen me at the floor meeting & thought I was beautiful but I hadn’t seen him yet. Then, Ethan & our mutual friend Kevin, went to play basketball but they couldn’t find a basketball let alone a court, so they came back and Ethan followed Kevin into my open room. After that we all went to the park, smoked weed, and spent all of our time together from that moment forward. 

Alright give us the deets…. Tell us about the proposal!

We custom designed my engagement ring and picked it up together at Sofia Kaman in Santa Monica, so I didn’t care about the engagement being a surprise. He also knows that I’m not into PDA… but he did manage to surprise me by yelling for my help the next morning after making us coffee. I ran into the kitchen wondering what was wrong & he was down on his knee. It was very cute!

What made you choose your ring?

No other ring or combination of rings would’ve been as perfect for me as my Sofia Kaman stack. I scoured the entire internet and saw that you had this one very special opal. After designing the engagement ring with Sofia, I played with stacking some of your wedding bands. I loved how the second ring fit around my opal to fill the negative space. I chose the Claudette Asscher cut diamond stacking band and I love how sparkly it is! My opal mixed with all of the different diamonds shine so wonderfully in the sun! I’m obsessed!

When did you know that your significant other was the one?

I think I knew right away but it’s been reinforced several times throughout our relationship, and especially by how he treats me every single day.

What are your favorite things about one another?

I love how thoughtful he is and how we can be our truest, fullest selves around each other. Also I love his silliness.

Do you have any notable stories that stood out over the years – funny, sentimental, anything!

🤔 Freshmen year of college, we would wholesomely sing in the park together and we both mentioned it in our vows.

What is your favorite go-to date night idea?:

I love going somewhere with a cool atmosphere and tasty cocktails – Kindred San Diego is one of our go-to spots for dinner.

Alright – it’s the morning of your wedding. What’s going through your head?

I couldn’t sleep once I checked my phone at 4am because I was too excited and too much was going through my head! Lol. Once my girls were in the room getting ready with me, and we were doing hair & makeup I was just looking forward to the day. The nerves faded away.

What was your favorite  part of your wedding day?

The ceremony was very special and hearing my brother’s words as officiant as well as Ethan’s vows. I also loved the reception and partying with my friends/family, as well as getting to express to the guests one on one my gratitude for their support and love.

Do you have any advice for couples planning a wedding?

 Do what you want- it’s your day! It’s great boundary setting practice.

Did you two go on a honeymoon?

We’re on a mini moon for a few days in Yucca Valley right now at The Rum Runner airbnb. It’s beautiful out here in the desert and our dog Bert is loving exploring it! We’re hoping to plan a trip to Thailand sometime in 2024.

If you could add any piece to your SKFJ collection… what would be next?

I would go for the Out of Her Shell charm necklace because it’s dainty and cute! It matches my Pisces mermaid aura nicely.

Alright – so what’s next for the two of you!!

We’re transitioning from California to Pennsylvania & looking forward to this next chapter in our lives! Ethan is doing luxury real estate with Sotheby’s Auction House & I’m working to become a licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. We are still on cloud 9 from our amazing wedding a couple of months ago!