Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Two Stone Pear Ring

Three-Stone, who?

Indeed you’ve heard of a three-stone ring (especially if you saw our Claudette Three Stone Ring blog post), but what about a two-stone? It might not be three, but does that mean we should neglect them?… Well, we have news: they are no longer ancient history. Two stone rings have a huge past, but they are very much in-the-now with a very bright future.

A Lesson in History

The one of the first iconic two-stone rings originated in 1776 when a young 26-year-old Napoleon presented his partner Josephine with a two-stone ring. It had one diamond and one sapphire. These unique engagement rings are thought to represent the union of two souls intertwined. Fast forward to current times when Emily Ratajkowski made her engagement known with an eye-popping two-stone ring featuring a princess cut and a pear diamond that everyone was gushing over. And we can’t forget Jackie-O and her emerald and diamond two-stone ring from Mr. Kennedy!

Napoleon and Josephine Toi et Moi Ring

Now that we have your attention…

If we’ve piqued your interest for something more unique and offbeat, a two-stone ring might be the ring for you. These engagement rings provide hefty finger coverage and the best part is you don’t have to settle for just one shape. If you can’t decide between that gorgeous pear but you also love the look of a round, not to fret. Can’t decide between a gemstone and a diamond? Don’t even stress – just combine them! A diamond and a green emerald, blue sapphire, red ruby, or any other precious gemstone and you have a winning combination. Pair any two stones you like and what do you have? A unique engagement ring that is 100% you.

The two stone ring style is known in French as a “Toi et Moi” ring, or “You and Me” as we would understand it. Okay, okay… we’re hopeless romantics at heart! And if you aren’t drooling over the idea of a two-stone ring yet… drum roll, please! Meet the Toi et Moi Ring, our latest and greatest. We have been ridiculously excited to release this ring, as it happens to be an absolute favorite to date. It’s a bit different than our “usual,” but needless to say: we are obsessed.

We hope you enjoyed learning a bit about two-stone rings and maybe even have you considering one for yourself! If this is the case, you can always book a virtual or in-person appointment at our sunny Santa Monica showroom!