Favorite Unique Engagement Ring: Sloane

unique engagement ring, pear shape diamond ring

It’s true, we can’t deny the lure of a classic solitaire engagement ring, but what if we said there was an option with a touch more je ne sais quoi for our style mavens out there?

Sass, glamour, and a sui generis disposition collide in one of our favorite unique engagement rings, Miss Sloane. Crafted for the fashion connoisseur who wants the look and feel of minimalist engagement rings with a bit of charisma, Sloane stands out as the alluring choice that will warrant a serious double take from any looker. Featuring a completely non-traditional band that wraps around in a snake-y fashion, Sloane’s slight opening provides the ring with adjustable power. A sparkling hidden halo delicately surrounds the underside of the stone for the perfect finishing touch, boasting a sweet surprise for the wearer’s eyes.

unique engagement ring, pear shape diamond ring

There is simply no denying that pear shaped engagement rings are experiencing a major comeback in the jewel sphere. Quite frankly, they are becoming one of the top choices for many of the about-to-be brides that waltz into our showroom. Their timeless asymmetry provides the illusion of a larger size in comparison to some of the other diamond shapes, so one could say that they are a better value with a sizable surface area. Set east-west, this unique pear shape diamond ring provides just the right amount of finger coverage all while elevating the look of the classic pear silhouette.

Whether worn as an engagement ring or a fabulous right hand ring, the Sloane is made for the woman that isn’t afraid of a little (or a lot) of extra attention and SPARKLE! Although we are truly in love with her as a pear shape ring, there may or may not be different versions of Sloane on the way… Be sure to keep an eye on our New Arrivals  for more updates!