Artists We Love: Minh Singer

Once upon a time, Sofia Kaman was browsing Instagram in search of some beautiful ceramics that would make lovely additions to our showroom and office… And it was on that digital journey that she came across Minh Singer and her undeniably magical and quickly captivating ceramics. From that moment on, it was love.

If you have not already seen our nearly internet-breaking Instagram post featuring her bowls or popped into our showroom to see the whimsical dishes splayed throughout our jewelry cases, please meet Minh, a Brooklyn-based artist we love (adore!) and are excited to announce is our first feature in a new mini blog series called Artists We Love.

Keep reading on for Minh’s journey, where her inspiration comes from, her advice to young creatives, and more.

Minh, we literally get giddy when a box arrives with what we know to be a new shipment of your magical ceramics – please tell us how this all started. 

It means the world to me when I hear that the ceramics bring so much delight! My intention when making them is to evoke a beautiful state of wonder.

When I started taking ceramics classes in 2013 as a hobby, I realized working with ceramics would take a long time to master. I was horrible at throwing on the wheel and decided hand-building is the way I want to go. I remember saying to myself when starting out, it will not be perfect, but I will make it as beautiful as I possibly can. It was kind of a form of self-acceptance for me as I can be quite a perfectionist. I was trying to say that being a human is so wonderful, but not without imperfections. I tried to embody that in my work – showing off a shiny, colorful, crystal-like side inside a “rough around the edges” side. We all naturally have a shiny side and rough side. Both sides are beautiful. I started seeing people respond positively to my work and decided that I will commit to doing it instead of losing interest in things like I have in the past.  Once I committed, I just started seeing things unfolding favorably for my ceramics career and it’s been a very fun ride that has changed my life and let me live on my own terms. I was able to become a full-time ceramics artist nearly 3 years ago.

Small Prism Pedestal Bowl

You seem to be so in tune with your art and its relation to the world! What does your creative process look like? Do you typically start with a vision or just let your hands and heart take over?  Do you ever feel creatively “stuck” and if so, how do you overcome that?

I feel creatively “stuck” all the time. I try to overcome it by taking walks, going to museums, and definitely going out to nature. There are always moments of bliss when I engage in any of these activities. And those are the feelings I try to capture in my work. Sometimes even catching up with a friend is inspirational since I have a collaborative spirit and love to problem solve with others. I believe it’s important to have downtime and gather input from the world. Then I’ll show up to the studio and see what kind of output happens after synthesizing the feelings, shapes, textures, and colors that caught my attention. After having a general idea, my hands take over and it may or may not match the original vision. I have to trust the process, stay open, and try not to get in my own way with being a perfectionist. Instead of trying to be perfect or match the vision exactly, I try to aim for a feeling of resonance.

We have had so much fun using your dishes for our photoshoots and even in our jewelry displays – did you ever intend for your dishes to be used in jewelry/for this purpose?

I love that my work pairs with jewelry so well! They are inspired by precious stones after all so that makes sense they naturally became functional as jewelry dishes. In the beginning of developing these dishes, I didn’t make them to be anything specific, but just as beautiful objects. I liked the idea of a simple and organic shape creating a surface for intricate glazing. I definitely am obsessed with gemstones – mainly opals. I was attracted to their iridescence, luminosity and many colors. Coming from a painting background, I wanted to see if I could mix and layer glazes and glass to see if I could come close to matching them. My Iceland collection is the result of trying to replicate the quality of opals.

3 Piece Iceland Shell Nesting Set

We know what our favorite pieces are ; ) what are yours? Do you find that your favorite pieces are also fan-favorites or is it usually the opposite?

There’s always favorite pieces here and there that I have a hard time letting go of, but they are all different styles, colors and sizes. I do know that I really enjoy making the Mini dishes the most. I can make pinch pots all day long. I go into a trance when I make those.

What advice would you give to a young artist that is trying to find their style or aesthetic?

I loved it in the beginning during the first few years before it became a career for me. I enjoyed discovering, playing, and trying out new ideas without being concerned if they were something people wanted to buy. Honestly, some of my favorite work is my early work. Things were weird! And that’s how I found my aesthetic early on. I think with any creative discipline, try to keep a playful spirit and make things that you feel you want yourself or missing in the world.  Do not get bogged down by perfectionism. Mistakes, connecting other disciplines, and unconventional ways of making can show you a lot. Failure is part of the process, but there’s always something to learn from it.

You seem to be continually growing and we love watching! Where do you see your brand going next? Besides to LA to do a pop-up with us, that is! ; )

I definitely want to do a pop-up in LA with you soon! We were supposed to last April, but the pandemic happened. I’m not sure where my brand is going next honestly. I’ve been becoming more conscious and slowing down this past year.  I want to grow my brand in a way that’s less transactional and more relational, being aligned and collaborating with my favorite stockists, the environment, and the social issues I believe in.



We are honored to feature such a talented and kind artist such as Minh. You can follow Minh on Instagram here or browse her magical shop only here.