Artists We Love: Roxanne Morrison

Roxanne Morrison – a multidisciplinary artist and creative. She is a sculptor, producer, actor, doula, Astrologer, and our latest Artist We Love. That might just be an understatement – we’re obsessed.

One day whilst perusing Instagram, Sofia was stopped mid-scroll as her eyes locked in on a stunning silhouette of a woman’s body formed of clay. The figure was not just that: it emoted a feeling of life, strength, and beauty. We needed this art in our space! After reaching out to Roxanne to commission pieces for our showroom, we asked her if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions so we and you could know even more. Please read on to learn about Roxanne and stay tuned through the end for an exciting announcement…

artists we love: roxanne morrison

Our unique paths lead us to our present. Tell us, what does Roxanne Morrison’s early journey look like?  How did your journey lead you to art?

I have been drawing, painting and sketching for as long as I can remember! I come from a family of artists, my grandfather was a well known artist in Hawaii in the 70’s. I have also been an actor for most of my life- so art and the creative process has been ever-present. In highschool I started drawing the female form and figure almost compulsively, I would draw naked ladies in my books, tables, basically anytime I had a pen and surface I would tag it with a nude form, which has never really stopped, haha. In  2019, I picked up a block of clay for my first time and naturally, I sculpted a figure. It hit me like a ton of bricks, this is my medium! Sculpting the female form was basically just a 3D version of my drawings and paintings I have done for so long.

artists we love: roxanne morrison

Sofia found your work on Instagram and instantly fell in love. Please, give us the 411 on the creative process of your pieces! What media do you use for your sculptures? Do you typically start with a vision or just let your hands guide you?

I primarily work in ceramic clay, various glazes and now bronze. All the pieces take about 3 months to make because the drying and firing process is quite extensive.

The forms and figures are all nestled in my subconscious and the clay, that’s where the dance occurs and the piece is revealed. I never have a plan before I sit down and work. The more I allow the figure to move and fold the way it wants, the better. So in essence it’s a meditative practice that has very little to do with my intellectual mind.

artists we love: roxanne morrison

You mentioned you’re an actor, doula and Astrologer. Do any of these play into your work? How so?

They all speak to each other! There is a strong theme of birthing throughout all of my practices and ventures. Whether it’s with a character I am developing, a sculpture, a birth chart or an actual laboring person, there is an unfolding and curiosity to all of them. I am also very interested in the concept of pain and pleasure being inextricably linked within the human experience.

artists we love: roxanne morrison

You seem to do it all. How do you spend your free time? How do you “relax”?

Lucky for me, sculpting is incredibly relaxing! I also take down-time, rest and relaxation very seriously. I sleep a lot, I eat long leisurely lunches when I can and I get into nature as much as possible. I firmly believe that it’s part of my responsibility as an artist and astrologer to fill my cup and have a lot of quiet time to ground myself spiritually.

I am also a big believer in saying no if it jeopardizes my integrity. I’m not necessarily someone who says yes to every job, or who even pushes to get jobs, I probably should do more of that if I’m being honest. But ultimately, free time is hugely important to my creative process so I avoid decisions that may lead to burn out.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Roxanne as much as we enjoy her iconic art. If you need more Roxanne in your life, you can find her site here and Instagram here.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be introducing her beautiful artwork into our Santa Monica showroom in the form of a little soiree on May 11th, combined with a celebration of Mother’s Day and women everywhere! Find all the information and RSVP here.

Grab your mama, girlfriends, daughters and we’ll see you then! xoxo