INSPIRING WOMAN: Mary Beth LaRue Aporta

This week we were lucky enough to get a word with the radiant Mary Beth LaRue Aporta, a life-coaching, yoga-teaching, mother and founder of Rock Your Bliss, a movement encouraging self-love, authenticity and community. Read about Mary Beth, how she got to where she is today, how she deals with creative blocks and her thoughts on being a foster mama.

Mary Beth, you are a yoga teacher, life coach, wife, mama and co-founder of a blissful company Rock Your Bliss. How did this lovely journey begin?

MB: I moved to Washington DC after college to work for a magazine. I was at a desk all day long and found myself becoming pretty depressed. I found a yoga class down the street and immediately fell in love with how it felt to be back in my body and breathing deeply. I signed up for a yoga teacher training and after another year at my desk job started teaching and freelance writing, leaving the desk behind. I moved to Los Angeles a couple of years later where I immersed myself in a lot of new teachers and practices and met my BFF Jacki Carr, who I started Rock Your Bliss with, and my husband Matt Aporta, not long after that. He proposed with a ring designed by YOU. 🙂

How important is creativity to you? Do you ever find yourself creatively stuck, and how do you find your way out?

MB: Absolutely important. I’m pretty aware of the things that suck my energy – emails, too much time on social media, overthinking etc – and try to spend an afternoon in the park or coffee shop with just my notebook every week. My yoga mat is also a place where I explore creativity as well as reading and writing.

You remind us about the importance of self-love. What are some of your favorite ways to appreciate and to love yourself?

MB: Time outside in nature, writing, bubble baths, getting a facial and my brows down at Browdown Studio, wearing anything other than yoga clothes to just be out and about (too many years in them I guess!), meditation.

What does it really mean to you to “rock your bliss”?

MB: Living an authentic and vulnerable life that was meant for you. When I was younger I often found myself living someone else’s “shoulds” or values and if I would’ve stayed on that path my life would’ve looked very different. The life I’m living is so where I’m supposed to be.

What has being a new and foster mom taught you about life?

MB: Ahhhhh.. everything. Our little guy came to us at six days old and is now 9.5 months old and we still don’t have any idea if he will be with us forever. But honestly none of us know what is coming tomorrow or in the next hour and the best thing we can do is live boldly, vulnerably and give 100 percent of ourselves in the face of uncertainty. I am so grateful for the gift of unconditional love no matter what conditions are present. We are capable of so much more than we might think or believe.

Thank you for sharing, Mary Beth!

Staying true to your personality, self, and style is the approach we believe in when it comes to designing wedding jewelry as well. Working with Mary Beth and Matt on a ring that reflected her individuality and style was a dream! We hope you enjoyed learning about the good she is doing and are as inspired by her bliss-crafting as we are. Below you will find where to keep up with Mary Beth and her adventures to come!


Instagram: @marybethlarue