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Local Love: Coffee Shops Edition

Lunetta Dining Room - HalalRun


Our favorite (not so secret) spots around town…There’s a need for caffeine. And then there’s vibes. We at SKFJ seek out both when we stop for a cup! For the latte lovers to the matcha connoisseurs to the espresso martini sippers alike, we’re here to share our top spots on LA’s Westside, where we call home. First up on the list, Lunetta All Day!

With Fall in full swing, we’re chasing those golden nights as long as we can. It may be up the street from SKFJ HQ, but we’d make the trip for it even if it wasn’t *so* convenient.

1. LUNETTA ALL DAY in Santa Monica

Known for their breakfast-all-day as much as their cocktails and fine dining in the evenings, it’s the epitome of California-cool dining. Craft beers, cocktails and  a rotating seasonal menu keep us coming back for more. With  their 3 patios (one is covered!), we we can always be outside – rain or shine.

We chose to shoot our most recent campaign, A Modern Icon, at Lunetta for the launch of our newest style, Bardot. Take a look at a few of our favorite shots in their Santa Monica cafe.



2. MENOTTI’S in Culver City & Venice

Happy National Coffee Day! - Pardee Properties

With two locations on the westside *and* a mobile coffee van, you’re never far from a truly Californian coffee shop. Did you know their Venice location was one of LA’s first speakeasy’s in the 1920’s? Pretty cool, if you ask us!


A Mar Vista Micro Coffee Roaster Company at Alana's Coffee Roasters — Folk LA

Just up the way in the heart of Mar Vista, this is a neighborhood favorite. Bring your pup, work from their back patio or catch one of their live music nights! If you catch them during roasting, there is nothing quite like the scent of freshly roasted beans.

4. THE BOY & THE BEAR in Venice

The Boy and & The Bear | CYTIES

Originally founded in Redondo Beach, TB & TB have a number of locations West of the 405. This location happens to sit right on the border of Venice, Mar Vista, and Culver City… so it’s easy access for all. With plenty of seating, it’s a remote workers paradise. Their single-origin Colombian coffee is pretty nice draw, too.

5. CHIT CHAT LA in Sawtelle

CHITCHAT has all the bases covered – espresso, matcha and tea! No matter what you’re in the mood for, you’re guaranteed to find something you like. Truly a great spot to catch up and chitchat, they have fun seasonal latte options too! In the heart of Sawtelle, they are surrounded by our favorite plant nurseries, cute shops and some of the best ramen in town.

There’s no shortage of good coffee here in LA, the city seems to run off of it just as much as we do! We’ll be back soon with another edition of our Local Love spotlight! Have an idea or know of a local business you want to highlight? Let us know in the comments!

Signing off for now,

The SKFJ Team


Sophia here (Social Media + Marketing Manager), not to be confused with the Sofia. I’m pleased to share the sweet story of Erica + Caleb, our newest SKFJ Love Story. We first met Caleb when he reached out to start on Erica’s ring, and are thrilled to see the couple engaged with one of our most recognized and signature styles, the Sloane. Read on for Erica and Caleb’s love story!

Current Location: San Diego, CA

Wedding date + location: Elopement in Laguna Beach on 6/23/2023 & plan to do a wedding for family and friends Fall 2024.

Caleb is in the military and due to deployment circumstances, it made sense to elope vs. waiting. But honestly, it was actually really nice having a private ceremony and reading our own vows without an audience. We’re both relatively private people and it felt so raw and genuine doing it that way.


Meeting Date + Location: La Jolla, CA… Meeting date is a toss up, maybe around October 2020?

How did you meet?

We were neighbors in La Jolla when I first moved to San Diego. I thought he was a “player” and mainly ignored him for a few months. Caleb lived in a little beach house at the Wind and Sea cove and would give my new dog (puppy then) treats in the front yard to pull me over lol. He asked for my number once and I told him “I’m good, no thanks”. But after a few more attempts, I caved. Our first official date was him giving me a ride to the SD airport – he was trying to plan a dinner but I was traveling a lot for work at the time. He was relentless… clearly it worked out though.

Tell us about the proposal! 

Caleb was coming back from a deployment, so we decided to do a staycation in Joshua Tree for a few days.  No real plans, just hanging out in the desert. He had been wanting to take a dirt bike out to the National park trails (not my favorite but, I oblige). I had suspected he was going to ask me to marry him while we were out there… very patiently waiting (lol). He took out a Copenhagen dip can, and there was the ring 💍 🙂. He thought I would suspect a proper ring box in his pocket lol.

When did you  know that your significant other was the one?

Honestly, our relationship was tough in the beginning. By the time our first date rolled around, I had already accepted a job in Austin, TX and planned to move two months following. So we had to decide quickly how serious we were about one another. Funny though, it didn’t seem stressful at the time. I knew I wanted to give this thing a shot without hesitation. We ended up doing 9 months of long distance, weekend flights, planning around our work schedules.

There was a huge time, emotional, and financial investment into making the relationship work but I think at that point, we knew this was a “grand love” that doesn’t come around often, if ever and our relationship wasn’t going to fail because of state lines.

What are your favorite things about one another?

Caleb’s Answer: Erica is extremely independent, intelligent & driven to move the ball forward in life. Yet, she encompasses a lot of feminine energy.

Erica’s Answer: Some background here: Caleb is in the Navy and grew up pretty unique. His parents were missionaries in East Africa so he spent the first 18 years or so of his life living off the grid in villages, around wild animals and harsh climates. Even his teammates say that bravery has always been his thing. Wether its picking up a new hobby or things where most people would feel hesitant, he just gets after it. A rare quality these days.

What made you choose this ring?

I actually found Sloane (the ring) on Pinterest years ago and decided that was what I was going to have one day. It is unique, yet timeless and classic. I’ve always had an eye for things of that nature.

Do you have any notable stories that stood out over the years – funny, sentimental, anything!

You’d have to hear us tell it for it to be funny maybe.. but our first dinner date (post my Uber ride to the airport), we had planned on doing dinner one Saturday night and I hadn’t herd from Caleb all day. Turns out he was waiting for me to text him. So 4pm rolls around and he texts me asking if I still wanted to hangout & mentioned he was in Pacific Beach at a bar celebrating his friend’s birthday and wanted to know if I wanted to meet him there to hangout. I was like uh no.. I don’t want to go to PB and drink with your buddies.. lol so I offered to rescheduled. But remember, I was moving to Texas at the time so there was little free time on my end. He immediately texts back “No, no! I’ll be there in an hour to pick you up”. I remember thinking “this is a bad idea, he’s a bad idea, I knew this was going to be another San Diego dating causality” lol. I’m pretty sure he made the dinner reservation in the Uber on the way to pick me up. But.. that dinner date ended up being the best 1st/2nd date I’ve ever had, we even closed down the restaurant.

What’s you’re favorite go-to date night?

We do “date days”. Which typically involves taking our Husky, Nash down to the dog beach in Coronado, getting some sun & salt water time in, followed by maybe some margaritas at the Coronado Del Hotel. Highly recommend 🙂

What was your favorite part of your wedding?

Our elopement was super private and special but we’re really looking forward to celebrating and saying our vows in front of family and friends.

For those still in the beginning stages… Do you have any advice for planning a wedding?!

My biggest piece of advice, currently planning a wedding is don’t stress the small things. We’ve decided on a small (60-ish people), tasteful wedding in Palm Springs. Our main priority was 1) having a beautiful venue and 2) simplicity. We’re not doing a lot of the “extra” stuff you would normally see at weddings (bridesmaids, groomsmen, photo booths, elaborate flowers, ect). It seemed like a lot of stress and added cost. It’s probably the only time in our lives we’ll have all of our people together in one place and wanted to focus on that vs. all the normal wedding accessories.

Did you honeymoon? And if not (yet) where are you hoping to go?

We’re planning on spending a few weeks in Africa next year. I’d love to see where Caleb grew up, do some safari & island exploring.

If you could add any piece to your SKFJ collection, what would it be? 😉 

I love love love the Robertson rectangle paperclip earrings. Much like my ring, I feel like they’re simple, unique, yet timeless and an everyday wear. I’m also in the market for some good earrings so maybe it’ll be a future purchase 🙂

Alright – so what’s next for the two of you!!

Well, by the time Caleb sees this posted, he’ll know. But we went to see a few rescue puppies last weekend and there was one I fell in love with. He’s 2 month old German Shepard, retriever mix and Caleb said he “trusted me” with the decision. Soo.. now we have a puppy. Caleb has been in the desert training for work and the pup will be here when he gets home.

A Showroom Refresh

We never need an excuse to freshen up a space, and neither does Sofia! This year started with a spark when she envisioned creating a special nook for sitting comfortably with clients in a space that feels luxe and chic, all the while keeping with the airy open feel that is our showroom and HQ… And so the mission  Showroom Refresh began! Keep reading as Sofia shares her process and curated resources, and watch the transformation from gallery white walls to cozy cubby with all the feels…

Sofia : “I love designing. Period. Whether it’s a ring or a room, I relish in the details, the textures and the emotions evoked by a balanced and artful design. Designing spaces has become more and more fun for me over the years – all starting with my home kitchen, then bathroom, then showroom, office, and then reimagining the showroom a second time!

I start with the feelings I want to inspire. For our new space it was calm, warm, inviting, collaborative. Then I refer to the elements of our brand- our unique DNA – what makes a Sofia Kaman piece of jewelry should also be a part of the look and feel of our space. I wanted to infuse the space with textures and materials that are luxe, chic, and understated. There is always an irregular organic or natural element and a nod to old world charm. Finally a dash of whimsy and an artful hand make an appearance.

Our modern showroom was the perfect blank canvas to add the flair. Practically speaking, I started with the color of the walls.

(The truth is, the entire reno was sparkled by a table…but more about that later!)

There are so many incredible mineral paints available now which offer texture, dimension and a painterly effect. I landed on JH Wall paint– color NAINOA 502. It is the perfect shade of beige with the lightest touch of a blush undertone. It creates a warm effect without slanting too western. I also needed the color to compliment and not contrast too dramatically with the true highlight wall of the space, that is our fabulous golden “drip” wall designed by Calico Wallpaper. I selected their SATORI collection back when we opened. Satori features a striking metallic line that is inspired by Kintsugi—the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. The art of Kintsugi shares commonalities with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which finds value in the flawed or imperfect. According to this thinking, an object’s marks of wear are seen to enhance its value. I instantly fell in love because it because it mimics the shapes and the inspiration of our torn paper collection.  They were wonderful to work with and can customize their wallpapers, which are essentially murals, to suit any drip pattern your like! 

Next up, where to put a cozy area, with a wide open floor plan? This was a challenge. Our space is also very symmetric, so creating a cozy offset area was tricky to do while maintaining balance and not making it look lopsided. An alcove seemed the right mix of dramatic effect and creating balance between the cases on the opposite side. The feeling when inside is not only intimate but reminiscent of an old world niche. Check. Check.

Then, the furnishings. We love love love the way our cases were originally built, but had outgrown the dark brown curvaceous legs. Luckily, I met a fabulous upholsterer to help our jewelry case dreams come true! Meet Juan, owner of Joseph’s Upholstery in LA. Juan and his team artfully rebuilt the case legs from a Queen Anne style to a modern Parson’s leg, instantly updated and modernizing the vibe of the whole space. Add a luxe clay colored leather upholstery and voilá, the perfect cases were reimagined. Juan also custom built our couch in the alcove and reupholstered our stools in a matching ivory boucle to tie together the colors throughout the space. We are in heaven sitting on these lush fabrics!

Now, let’s get to the pièce de resistance, the vintage marble table at the center of the alcove…For me there is always a magic piece that fuels the passion to pursue a project. In the case of our showroom, it was THIS table. One evening while scouring the internet for whatever variety of things one scrolls for in the wee hours, I found myself on South Loop Loft  looking at vintage furniture. When I spotted our table, everything fell into place. It was perfect- pink marble from Portugal from the 70s. And I thought…I love pink, I’m Portuguese and I’m from the 70s! It was meant to be! I called the shop the next day and after speaking with Jon, I was sure it was the perfect table worth shipping across country. When it arrived, the table was better than I hoped for and we built the alcove with precise measurements to fit around it.

Last but never the least, accessory time! I always find this phase an exercise in self-restraint. Once completing a new space, it’s a challenge to balance the desire to fill it with all the beautiful things and at the same time just pull in a careful assortment of objects to let each special feature shine. Perhaps the most exciting new addition to our showroom has been featuring a collection of sculptures by the magical Roxanne Morrison, displayed within our original Deco case. It’s as if the case was just waiting for them all this time! Each one of a kind art piece is available for purchase, though we’re so enjoying having them enrich the space, we’ll have a hard time letting them go! Read more about the lovely Roxanne, her story, inspirations and process in our Artists We Love series.

Finally, here’s a list of some of my favorite finishing touches selected to complete our new showroom. I hope this inspires you to find your own special treasures and create a space where your own blend of comfort and beauty reigns!

With love,

sofia  ~xo

Exterior floral installation by the talented Liz @rawfinery

Vintage olive pot @oliveateliers

Modern chairs @designwithinreach

Curvy wooden chest @cb2

Photography @BernardWolf

Marble table @southlooploft

Custom Upholstery @joseph_upholstery_shop

Golden drip wall paper @calicowallpaper


Artists We Love: Roxanne Morrison

Roxanne Morrison – a multidisciplinary artist and creative. She is a sculptor, producer, actor, doula, Astrologer, and our latest Artist We Love. That might just be an understatement – we’re obsessed.

One day whilst perusing Instagram, Sofia was stopped mid-scroll as her eyes locked in on a stunning silhouette of a woman’s body formed of clay. The figure was not just that: it emoted a feeling of life, strength, and beauty. We needed this art in our space! After reaching out to Roxanne to commission pieces for our showroom, we asked her if she wouldn’t mind answering a few questions so we and you could know even more. Please read on to learn about Roxanne and stay tuned through the end for an exciting announcement…

artists we love: roxanne morrison

Our unique paths lead us to our present. Tell us, what does Roxanne Morrison’s early journey look like?  How did your journey lead you to art?

I have been drawing, painting and sketching for as long as I can remember! I come from a family of artists, my grandfather was a well known artist in Hawaii in the 70’s. I have also been an actor for most of my life- so art and the creative process has been ever-present. In highschool I started drawing the female form and figure almost compulsively, I would draw naked ladies in my books, tables, basically anytime I had a pen and surface I would tag it with a nude form, which has never really stopped, haha. In  2019, I picked up a block of clay for my first time and naturally, I sculpted a figure. It hit me like a ton of bricks, this is my medium! Sculpting the female form was basically just a 3D version of my drawings and paintings I have done for so long.

artists we love: roxanne morrison

Sofia found your work on Instagram and instantly fell in love. Please, give us the 411 on the creative process of your pieces! What media do you use for your sculptures? Do you typically start with a vision or just let your hands guide you?

I primarily work in ceramic clay, various glazes and now bronze. All the pieces take about 3 months to make because the drying and firing process is quite extensive.

The forms and figures are all nestled in my subconscious and the clay, that’s where the dance occurs and the piece is revealed. I never have a plan before I sit down and work. The more I allow the figure to move and fold the way it wants, the better. So in essence it’s a meditative practice that has very little to do with my intellectual mind.

artists we love: roxanne morrison

You mentioned you’re an actor, doula and Astrologer. Do any of these play into your work? How so?

They all speak to each other! There is a strong theme of birthing throughout all of my practices and ventures. Whether it’s with a character I am developing, a sculpture, a birth chart or an actual laboring person, there is an unfolding and curiosity to all of them. I am also very interested in the concept of pain and pleasure being inextricably linked within the human experience.

artists we love: roxanne morrison

You seem to do it all. How do you spend your free time? How do you “relax”?

Lucky for me, sculpting is incredibly relaxing! I also take down-time, rest and relaxation very seriously. I sleep a lot, I eat long leisurely lunches when I can and I get into nature as much as possible. I firmly believe that it’s part of my responsibility as an artist and astrologer to fill my cup and have a lot of quiet time to ground myself spiritually.

I am also a big believer in saying no if it jeopardizes my integrity. I’m not necessarily someone who says yes to every job, or who even pushes to get jobs, I probably should do more of that if I’m being honest. But ultimately, free time is hugely important to my creative process so I avoid decisions that may lead to burn out.

We hope you enjoyed reading about Roxanne as much as we enjoy her iconic art. If you need more Roxanne in your life, you can find her site here and Instagram here.

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ll be introducing her beautiful artwork into our Santa Monica showroom in the form of a little soiree on May 11th, combined with a celebration of Mother’s Day and women everywhere! Find all the information and RSVP here.

Grab your mama, girlfriends, daughters and we’ll see you then! xoxo


We met Miss Brooke at our pop-up in NYC and immediately fell in love with her kind heart and how easy she was to be around! After learning that she and her honey, Michael, are long-distance (as he’s in London) and that she was there solo to finalize her dream ring, we were more than happy to assist. We then got to meet Brooke (and family!) again in our LA showroom when she came to pick up her finished and stunning ring, an Eleanore, just before reuniting with Michael. While we didn’t get the chance to meet him, after hearing wonderful things (and reading his perfectly dry-humor responses) we know they’re going to live a beautiful and full life together, wherever they are in the world! Read on for Brooke and Michaels’s love story!

Names: Brooke + Michael

Wedding Date & Location: May 20th, 2023 at The Old Marylebone Town Hall (Ceremony) & The Alfred Tennyson (Reception) in London


Back to the start of all of this – how did you lovebirds meet?

Brooke: I wanted to move out of NYC and I love London. My lease was up and Covid had just started, so I was working remotely and decided to put my stuff in storage and work NYC hours from London! I got online to hopefully meet people since I didn’t really know anyone there and met Mike 3 months after I arrived.

Also, he does not remember this, but a year before I moved, we matched randomly when he was in NYC for work and I had gotten out of a relationship and made myself get online for a bit. I thought he was so handsome and then realized the next day that he was gone and lived in England! When we matched again in London it made me laugh – I was like here is that guy again!!

Michael: Brooke stalked me internationally, there are no such thing as coincidences. But I’m happy she did.

Your first date – give us the details.

Brooke: He asked me out on a Sunday afternoon at a pub in Shepherd’s Bush. As soon as I saw him I knew I was in trouble haha. No, but he has the best personality and was so fun and easy to be with that the date flew by. Before we knew it we had to leave as he had to get back up to Cambridge. We planned for another date the following weekend.

Michael: Classy – I arranged to meet Brooke at the highly prestigious Eagle pub off of Goldhawk Road in West London. You’ve probably heard of the place, the beer is warm and the food middling at best. But meeting Brooke more than made up for it, she couldn’t take her eyes off of me, which if I’m honest was a little much. We had a really fun afternoon and a little snog at the end. Nice.

When did you first say “I love you”? Who said it first?!

Brooke: I honestly have no idea who said it first and cannot remember when or where. Maybe Mike does? LOL

Michael: Brooke definitely said it first. Actually, I’m not sure either. As you can tell, we are both towering romantics, but it has been said since…many times. Like, lots!


How or when did you know that your significant other was the one?

Brooke: I think I knew shortly after hanging out that I definitely wanted to spend more time together and knew he was someone that I could see myself with. Not that I think you ever know what will happen in life, but I think you know when you want someone to be a permanent part of it and don’t want to lose the person. Maybe that’s knowing he’s the one!

Michael: When you know, you know….you know? Especially when spending time apart, it gets harder and harder to do that. She’s now stuck with me.

The proposal – please tell us the story!

Brooke: I don’t think we really had a proposal haha. We had been talking about it for a while as I had to go back to NYC and he stayed in England, and I think we had pretty much decided we wanted to get married before I left. I don’t think either of us is the traditional type with certain things, and just knew that’s what we wanted to do! It probably didn’t help that Sofia lives in a state that neither of us are in! My brother and sister-in-law live in LA and we were going to be there for the holidays, so had decided to just pick up the ring when we got there and have a romantic dinner.

Michael: It was over a phone call and went something along the lines of: We need to spend more time together huh? We should probably live in the same country too, might be nice? Probably best that we should get married then, right? Yes. Who said romance is dead? We have a very unique romance that’s just for us.


What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

Brooke: My favorite thing about Mike (besides how handsome he is ;-)) is that I just love being with him. He makes me laugh all of the time and luckily, I think we are very similar with so many things such as humor, travel, food, music, what we like to do on the weekends – walking around and grabbing coffee or just staying home on a Friday night making pizza and having beers….even home décor. Which, that will probably make him chuckle.

Michael: Her laugh, Brooke’s laugh never fails to make me laugh as well. And yes, I am aware of how corny that sounds. Also Brooke’s acceptance of my English/Australian brand of humor, which pretty much involves me annoying her at every available opportunity.

Do you have any notable stories that have stood out over the years – hilarious, sentimental, anything!

Brooke: The fact that we have managed to make the long distance work for the time we have needed to and really have never had a day go by where we haven’t made the effort to text or call each other. It’s not easy and you miss the person so much. But, it’s nice to know that we did it, made it to where we are and we’ll be together soon!

Michael: I think I’ll save my answer until after the first honeymoon, which we are spending with Brooke’s entire family and my mother in Italy. The romance just keeps on rollin!

What’s your go-to date night idea?

Brooke: Pizza, beers, and any unromantic crime or gangster movie!

Michael: Every night is date night 😉


Let’s talk jewels – how did you choose this ring?! Who took the reigns on designing or choosing your ring? Give us all the deets.

Brooke: Considering Mike does design for a living, I should have probably let him take the reins, but I am picky haha. I had started looking online when we were talking about getting married and found Sofia’s website. I love anything vintage and art deco, so really loved her rings! I had sent Mike a few options and we thought we had decided on what we both liked best. I happened to get back on and just looked a bit more and saw the Eleanore ring. We agreed it was exactly my style! With Mike being in England it was a bit harder for him, but I was able to meet with Sofia and the team when they came to NYC and chose the specifications and diamond I wanted for the setting.

Michael: It’s an absolutely stunning ring, Sofia and her team did a really amazing job for Brooke and I. I’m a big fan of everything art-deco and love the deep-set diamond, looks stunning on Brooke’s hand. Now I’m just gripped with the fear of her losing it, something I need to deal with before the wedding.

How is wedding planning experience? What’s been different about wedding planning than you imagined? 

Brooke: Easy and breezy and mostly stress free! We wanted something small and just fun. The courthouse and party at a pub pretty much sums up the both of us. I think Mike might have more stress than me since he is the designer and doing the invites and a little more of the planning since it’s in London. He also thinks of more of the details than I do, which is fine by me. He’s good at that! I just wing everything and think it will work out and Mike is definitely more detail-oriented.

Michael: It’s absolutely NOT stress free. However, I’m sure the day itself will be, we have a great set of family and friends to share it with. Lots of Brooke’s family and friends will be flying in from the US and I have people flying in from Australia to be there too. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

What are you most excited about for your wedding?

Brooke: Finally living in the same country, buying a house and just being able to start our life together!

Michael: Being in the same county…finally. Everything else will take of itself.

Will there be a there a honeymoon involved? 

Brooke: Yes, probably at the end of the year in Australia. Mike lived there for 17 years, so it’s his other home. Italy is not our honeymoon 🙂

Michael: As mentioned the immediate honeymoon will be a group affair on the Amalfi Coast with our families in toe, which just screams romance doesn’t it? But we will be making an escape to Australia for Christmas (without our mothers)…we might not come back 😉

Finally…if you could add any piece to your SKFJ collection, which one would it be?!

Definitely the Collet with 1.50ct Pear Diamond on Ball Chain… Hint hint.

Do you have an SK Love Story to share!? Submit it here for your chance to be featured next.