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How to Build your Wedding Stack

Recently Bride’s Magazine asked us how to craft the “Ultimate Ring Stack”, and did we have some tips!

Keep reading the full interview to see what Sofia recommends for building not just the perfect wedding stack, but any ring stack!

How many rings should be in a stack?

At least 3, but the more the merrier. We say build a well curated stack until you run out of room. Then pick another stacking style to work on!

Can you mix metals? What about stones?

Yes, and yes. My number one take-away is that there should be one “focal point” or theme to a stack. If a bride chooses yellow gold to be the common thread, then she can definitely mix all textures of yellow gold, along with different stone colors.  Rather, if she likes a mixed metal style, I would stick with one color stone, something neutral like a white or champagne diamonds to pull the look together.

How should a bride go about layering different ring styles?

Again, my advice would be to pick a common theme. Maybe a bride is drawn to different textures or would like a mix or modern and vintage. If she likes textural pieces, I would stick with one color metal and then play with different silhouettes. Part of the fun in creating a bridal stack comes when we see each personal coming up with a different way to express her individuality.

Are there certain silhouettes of rings that brides should look for when building a stack?

You can play with different shapes when creating a stack, but in general my tip would be to stay with a similar profile in all the rings. By profile, I’m referring to the thickness “chunkiness” between the fingers. When you start to vary this dimension the stack tends to look out of balance. Some pieces will protrude farther past others and the set will not look cohesive.

Should you opt for a different engagement ring design if you know you want a stacked set of bands to go with it?

Great question! There are basically three ways to go about this.

1) If you like a big, bling-y look, you can have a raised mounting that sits up above the shank (band) of your ring. This style ring will show off the sparkle, and allow you to have a flush, layered stack.

2) Then there are low mountings that are set partially into the shank. Overall, this gives a lower profile to the ring, and a more subdued look. In order to achieve a flush stack, this will require the additional bands to frame this central area by following the contour of the low setting.

3) Finally, you can go with a low mounting and pair it with bands that do not conform to the shape of the mounting creating a more eclectic, “collected” look. This will result in negative space where the bands don’t touch, which can sometimes look good, when that negative space adds a design element. You just need to be careful with this long term. As the rings will be rubbing against each other over time, they can begin to wear one another down, especially if the metals are mixed and have different hardnesses.

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

Romantic, subtle, and full of character, the Rose cut is an antique-style gem cut that is making a revival in modern jewelry, and is a favorite diamond cut found in many of my designs. The Rose cut, first developed during the late 16th century, is fashioned with a flat base (no pavilion) and a dome covered with triangular shaped facets. 

Antique Rose cut diamonds were designed to sparkle in candle-lit rooms, scintillating with diamond’s unique fire, like no other gem. I love using Rose cut diamonds today for much the same reason- the understated beauty of the diamond shines through without the high-wattage sparkle of a “full” or brilliant cut diamond. This is due to the physical shape of the Rose cut. Being flat on the bottom, when light enters the top of the stone, there are less opportunities (less depth and facets) for light to bounce around and return to your eye. Much of the light passes through the stone, hence the reduced brilliance. However, the reduced carat weight for the same diameter can be considered a “pro” to this cut. The Rose cut is a perfect choice for someone wanting a a diamond with a larger surface area for a (generally speaking) lower cost than a brilliant cut of the same diameter. 

While modern Rose cuts can often be calibrated, there are countless organic shapes available. These unique, freeform shapes appeal to someone who is drawn toward natural designs with a vintage inspiration, making them the perfect choice for many our designs!

To see what these gems look like in action, check out out my top picks of engagement rings with Rose cut diamonds below.

Click here to see our entire SK collection of Rose cut diamond engagement rings.  Enjoy!

Can We Speak in Flowers

Why Flowers?

“We plant, we nurture, we grow and we give, different flowers for different moments in time, but all for the same purpose: to say that which cannot be said, and to say it with beauty and with grace.”  ~ Vanessa Diffenbaugh

In so many cultures through time, flowers have been central to the human experience.  From east to west, ancient societies to modern, whether we celebrate, love, mourn or pray, we do it with flowers in our hands.

What is the Language of Flowers?

The Language of Flowers is a form of secret communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Meaning has been given to flowers for thousands of years, and some form floral language has been practiced in traditional cultures throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Victorians embraced all things romantic, and the Language of Flowers was no exception. Gifts of blooms, plants, and specific floral arrangements were used to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.

Flower symbolism could be seen widely in jewelry, which by nature is designed to celebrate all the important moments in life. Victorian jewelers crafted roses, violets and forget-me-nots for courtship jewels. Orange blossoms proliferate in wedding rings. And wreaths of cypress are ever-present in mourning jewelry.

Flowers and their secret meanings are central to the inspiration behind this collection.

 There are five main flowers: the pansy, daisy, rose, dahlia and lily of the valley that we’ve created in gem-set designs,  hinting their unique messages in the form of pendants, earring charms and rings. We then evolved these simple shapes to more elaborate floral cluster designs. We call these gemmy bouquets, Giardinettis, after the original Giardinetti pieces made in the 17th century. Meaning “little gardens” these tokens were not meant to be secretive, but rather a more obvious and friendly expression towards one who is cherished- a mini garden that never fades.

Also dusted throughout the collection are several one of a kind pieces, incorporating original antique components with our signature designs, creating one-of-a-kind pieces filled with history and sentiment.

Our latest additions to the Language of Flowers collection incorporate old world enamel craftsmanship, reimagined in some of our everyday classics, like stackable bands and signet rings for the modern woman with a vintage persuasion at her heart.

Our styled photoshoot was inspired by visions of an Odalisque, a dreamer, a lover.

Florals focused around the rose, perhaps the most classic symbol of love. A lush set designed by Amy Nicole in shades of amber, dusty rose and white created the perfect warmth and richness this vision deserved.

Gowns by Gossamer, one of our favorite spots for ethereal garments in Los Angeles, added the rich details and feminine silhouettes. Soft, natural looking make up and hair provided by our fave stylist Jenny Bowker. The dreamy Katiusha Feofanova was the perfect muse for this romantic campaign. And no shoot is complete without the craft and vision of our very own S. Elle Quintana behind the lens.

photography: Stephanie Elle Quintana @selle_studios

floral : Amy Balsters @amynicolefloral

gowns: Gossamer @shopgossamer

model : Katiusha @katiusha_feofanova

hair & make up : Jenny Bowker @sistergolden

poem : @nayyirah.waheed

Our Favorite Pieces for an Endless Summer

When summer wanes we search for ways to extend the feeling of carefree, unscheduled time and long warm nights. We look to these cool classics to get us through these final dog days and transition into the crispness of fall. Bold and classic, delicately balancing the texture of boho patterns and smooth expanses of pure gold. Shield shapes with a sleek and comfortable fit. Statement making on their own, forever a part of your favorite layered mix. A truly endless summer essential.

The theme of this capsule collection is invulnerability. Everyday we are affronted with countless little experiences that can challenge our patience, our sanity, our best intentions. The idea was to play upon this notion of creating a barrier to the negative forces that surround us and to create a beautiful token to represent this message.

The inspiration: a shield, wielded for protection, whether physical or spiritual. Smooth and solid our modern interpretation plays off this motif and wraps around the finger like a second skin of golden armor. Bohemian patterns of diamonds punctuate velvety matte backgrounds, meant to emulate a burst of light force radiating and projecting positive energy to the world.

Sofia Kaman Shield Rings Shield rings designed to become a treasured and timeless part of your jewelry wardrobe, outlasting trends and seasons.

We love the idea of a classic gold statement piece, one that stands the test of time, and becomes a part of your signature style. Like a talisman too, it goes with you always, clearing a path of golden light on your journey, wherever you should roam.

5 Activities Your Engagement Ring Should Avoid This Summer (And Every Season)

Summer is here and hopefully you’re getting ready to spend some quality time outdoors, adventuring, or doing more of your favorite leisurely activities. We know you love wearing your engagement ring, but we also know how many ring repairs we see after a busy season, so we put together a list of the top 5 activities your engagement ring should NOT participate in this summer (or truthfully, any season). We know some of you will still wear your bling anywhere and everywhere, but keep these suggestions in mind in order to keep your jewels safe and sparkly over a lifetime.

1) SWIMMING: The luxurious St Tropez look of jewels layered effortlessly over your beach apparel is no doubt fantastic. However, we do not recommend your glorious engagement ring visit the beach or pool. If swimming in the ocean, remember the cold water can shrink your fingers just enough to make your rings loose, and slippery enough to say ‘au revoir’, into the deep blue. Often pools and jacuzzis have harsh chemicals that are corrosive and can discolor some metals over repeated soakings. Not to mention you’ll probably be applying sunscreen, which like lotion, is notorious for slipping into and under settings, and dulling your diamonds’ luster like nobody’s business.

2) PLAYING SPORTS: Whether on a court or a gym, your engagement ring is better off skipping your work out. Gripping a tennis racket or a weight can cause damage to delicate settings. Especially in the case of an eternity band (with stones set all the way around), if your ring is bent ‘out of round’ you essentially open up or compress delicate settings which can cause stones to fall out. Even a seemingly innocuous Downward Dog during your favorite yoga class can cause you to put your full weight and force on your ring and can cause damage.

3) PRIMPING: After a long day of sun worshipping, lotions and moisturizers are great for the skin, but clog tiny openings and diminish the brilliance of diamonds when they land on your ring. Perfumes, hairsprays and make-up can also layer and gunk up your fine jewels and reduce sparkle. Take your rings off first, then use these items to your heart’s content, and put your rings back on when you’re done .

4) PREPPING FOR YOUR FOURTH OF JULY FETE: We know that a clean house is a basic requirement to hosting any event, but if you want your jewelry to hold its ground next to the fireworks, we advise against cleaning while wearing  your fine jewelry. Not only do you run the risk of banging up and mis-shaping your ring on hard surfaces like stone countertops, bathtubs and sinks, but harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach can cause permanent damage to certain gems and their settings, such as Grandma’s antique seed pearl ring.

5) COOKING: Master Chef and Pinterest may have you inspired to try some amazing new recipes, but cooking while wearing jewelry presents endless opportunities for getting food into those tiny hard to reach spots around, under and on top of your diamond. Think cookie dough, meatballs, piecrust or anything else you need to dip your fingers into. These foods can leave a film, not to mention germs, on your ring and really affect its luster.

And finally, two more tips if you’re open to the notion of taking your rings off… and you should be open to that notion 😉

  1. Always designate a safe spot (or two) around your house for leaving your jewels. I personally remove ALL my jewelry the minute I set foot in the house. That way I don’t have to think about being so cautious throughout all the activities in my nightly routine. I know that my jewels are ALWAYS in one of two spots and I don’t have to waste time looking for them when I’m rushing out the door later.
  2. If you do get your jewelry gooped up and dulled down, most any gold, platinum and diamond piece can be cleaned like this: Get a soft bristle toothbrush and designate it for your jewels only. Dip your pieces in warm (almost hot) water with a touch of mild soap like Ivory, or even a dish cleaning soap, and let them soak. Scrub under and around your settings if you can. And, whenever possible, visit us! We’ll always be happy to clean your engagement ring while you shop!

Mother’s Day Shopping Event at Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels

Love is in bloom! Mamas grab your minis and come celebrate Mother’s Day with us, a day early!

Join us and our favorite floral designer Amy Nicole on Saturday, May 13th from 2 to 6pm at our Abbot Kinney boutique, in Venice, CA.

Amy will have a DIY flower stand and will guide you in making a beautiful mini bouquet for Mom, free with any jewelry purchase!

Shop our mini flower jewels and enjoy petite treats while sipping on some bubbly at this special Mother’s Day event. We look forward to seeing you!

The Pear Cut: She’s Making a Comeback

Pear shaped gems are a new-found favorite cut achieving popularity with many of our brides.  We find ourselves equally charmed by the pear shape for a number of reasons. We love the fact that pear shaped engagement rings appear to lengthen the finger, and due to their proportions and weight distribution, they often provide a greater amount of surface coverage as compared to their actual weight. But, perhaps their romantic history is what makes them the preferred alternative shape diamond choice for a vintage-inspired bride.

The pear cut emerged as an early symbol of the heart shape, explaining why it has long been found in betrothal and wedding rings. The pear shaped “heart” is sometimes seen in jewelry in twos, symbolizing the love between a couple. Sometimes the hearts are different gems, or gems in opposing directions, or both. One of our favorite examples of this is the ring Napoleon gave Josephine, with two pear shapes, one sapphire, one diamond. This particular type of ring, with two opposing stones is also referred to as a “moi et toi” or “me and you” design. In Georgian times, we often see the pear shaped heart shown crowned, further signifying loyalty between lovers.
Pear Shaped Ring Napoleon and Josephine’s Engagement Ring

Pear Shaped Ring Georgian Double Crowned Hearts Ring


However you incorporate your pear shape stone: as a single heart, hearts united or crowned, we love the continued use of this shape in our contemporary engagement ring designs, as a nod to its romantic past and an appreciation of its timeless beauty!
Pear Shaped Ring Sofia Kaman Crowned Heart Engagement Ring


Sofia Kaman Pear Shaped Engagement Ring


Inspiring Woman: Kim Wisely

We’re happy to launch our Inspiring Women series with Kim Wiseley, founder and editor in chief at our favorite Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine, Flutter. Kim tells us how she started her print magazine, shares details on planning her own wedding last year, and spills on what inspires her most about weddings, work and life! Be inspired, very inspired!

Kim Wiseley

We look forward to each and every issue of Flutter, like waiting for a treasure trove of inspirational gems- from the imagery, to the ‘Flutter Papers’ to the recipes. Tell us, how did it all get started?

KW: To have a print magazine was always a distant dream. As a child I would collect all the really cool promotional pieces and magazines that would come in the mail. I also love any coffee table book I can get my hands on. Hence the hybrid you see today in Flutter.

The idea of the magazine started in the Spring of 2013 in Santa Barbara, California. At the time I was a photographer and lifestyle blogger. I saw firsthand the rise of highly visual digital media and the fall of advertisement-cluttered print.

Why did this matter? Beautiful print imagery is a driving factor in what inspired me from a very young age to take up photography and a field in the creative arts. From the imagery to the paper quality, texture, and color, a fine print piece elicits a sense of luxury…a distinguished sophistication.

With the disappearance of the tangible beauty and captivating editorial content, I set out to break the mold; designing a “refashioned magazine” in a first-of-its-kind fine art periodical dedicated to wedding and entertaining…the art of celebrating chic.

Debuting in the Fall of 2013, a talented group of friends in the industry and I brought 108-pages of editorial content to life with stunning imagery, fresh inspiration, and trendsetting style. Thus, Flutter Magazine was born with Inspiration To Make Your Heart Skip A Beat. 🙂

It’s really important to note that Santa Barbara was and continues to be Flutter’s muse. If you’re not familiar with it, the coastal city is one of the wedding meccas of the world! It’s also a city that thrives on a community of independent artists that feed off of each others creativity. I am forever indebted to its coastal chicness, timeless beauty, alfresco charm, florally abundant, whimsical, wine-centric self.

Kim and Tyson’s Wedding, Sunstone Vineyards and Winery

You got married recently. Being  an influencer and expert in your industry, we can only imagine this put you in a stressful spot! Any tips on staying sane throughout the process for anyone planning a wedding?

KW: I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask this question. 🙂 With my job title and knowing the affair would be published, my sanity was long gone out the door. Completely lost…consumed in orchestrating every last detail down to the day after. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t, but I absolutely fell victim to stressing over having the “perfect day” and making sure all of my vendors (my friends) were happy.

Here’s a piece of day-of advice inspired by a real wedding submission that was sent to me. I love it so much and wish I had done it myself! The couple had married on a vineyard. After the ceremony, they went to a private area in the vineyard overlooking the cocktail hour and reception space. It was pre-set up with a small table and chairs, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres for the newlyweds to enjoy together before joining their guests. It was a peaceful moment to soak up and celebrate the essence of the day. It all goes by so quick that consciously making time for a moment like this…just the two of you…is so important!

Wedding Details

You are a creative, entrepreneurial woman with a great sense of style, who loves what she does and whose job is creating beautiful inspiration for us all! What are your top sources of inspiration for weddings, work and life?

KW: Thank you! Blushing… 🙂 How amazing is that?! I feel so incredibly grateful to wake up every morning and put my heart and soul into something that I love.

This may or may not surprise you, but I never look at any other wedding publication or their social channels. I’m rarely on Pinterest other than to create a shared style board for a photo shoot. It helps keep my head clear and focused on what I’ve imagined up to be my own. A creative brain is a powerful force…an eternal burning flame. Sometimes it dims but most of the time it roars like wildfire. My days are a constant battle to stay focused on one idea!

I think it’s so important to surround yourself with other people that inspire you (like you Sofia!). The simple act of having coffee or lunch with a friend most of the time ends with a new editorial idea, workshop, or event. Lunch dates can be very dangerous, haha.

In life, my husband is one of my biggest inspirations. For those moments when I find myself glued to my computer he gets me off and out. Every weekend we are exploring something we haven’t seen or experienced before (a drive up the coast, a new hike, restaurant, or art exhibit). Albeit, I’m known to kick and stomp my feet for the person in my head telling me I have too much to do, but I’m always so grateful for a new sense of energy and inspiration that is restored from our exploration, or creative escapes if you will.

On set for Flutter Issue 13 | Cover 2017 Astrology Edition

Photo Credits:

Kim’s Wedding

For @fluttermag | #fluttermagissue12
Photography: @josevilla
Design: @joyproctor
Ring Boxes: @the_mrs_box
Stationery: @monvoirco
Cake : @jamesrosselle
Venue : @sunstonewinery
Floral Design : @amyosabaevents
Wedding Gown : @madeleinefig
Beauty : @teamhairandmakeup

Flutter Magazine Issue 13

For @fluttermag | #fluttermagissue13
Photography: @elizabethmessina
Balinese Orchid Crown by Alicia Rico @bowsandarrowsflowers
Styling : @joyproctor

Super Bloom

Organic. Natural. Soft. Poetic.

Jewelry inspired by nature and the magic of spring’s first blooms. Candy colored gems and lovely curls dominate this season’s look.

Photo Credits

Photographer: S. Elle Quintana – @selle_quintana ,
Model: Terra Grantham- @terragrantham
Make-up/Hair: Rachel Stephens – @rachelshadesofbeauty
Floral: Amy Nicole Floral – @amynicolefloral ,
Clothing: Solstice Bride – @solstice_bride ,

Clean Slate: Our Interview with master make-up artist Jenny Bowker

The new year has us inspired to simplify our look AND our beauty regimen. For our Clean Slate shoot we wanted to compose a modern look with natural looking make-up that radiates a healthy glow. We worked with make-up artist extra-ordinaire, Jenny Bowker, to achieve this gorgeous look and were so in love with the results, we had to know her subtle secrets to creating the same natural looking camera-ready face for busy boss-ladies like us.

Read on for Jenny’s top tips to creating a beautiful, fresh and natural face.

CleanSlateFace Clean Slate Campaign ~ January 2017

No. 1 : Exfoliate!

Consistent exfoliation is the key to radiant skin. Without it dead skin cells build up and skin looks dry, products can’t absorb and makeup applies unevenly. All skin types benefit from proper exfoliation, and as long as you’re not using a harsh product you can use it 2-3 times a week. My favorite scrub is the Fruit Enzyme Scrub by Mychelle and available at Whole Foods, it smells amazing and gives amazing results while still being gentle. (Tip: leave it on like a mask for a few minutes before rinsing to let the fruit acids break down all the dead skin cells.)

No. 2 : Hydrate & Prime

Don’t skip the very first step in makeup application. Priming smooths the skin and allows makeup to hold longer and blend better. Glossier came out with one of my favorite products ever recently; the Priming Moisturizer. It has a big dose of glycerin which hydrates the skin so well that foundation and concealer glide on like butta, it’s one of my top skin secrets that I use on every client. If you want extra glow without all the work apply a healthy blueberry size amount of Laura Mercier Radiant Primer. It gives a gorgeous lit from within glow and will lock your makeup in place all day. You can also mix these two products for an even speedier application.

No. 3 : Bronze & Highlight

All skin tones benefit from these two magical products, they simply give life and brightness to the face without looking like you tried. After blending your foundation and or concealer, lightly set with powder and then with a large fluffy brush apply your bronzer over the top of the forehead, over the temples and under the cheekbones, down the sides of the nose and then lightly on the chin and just under the jawline. Finally don’t forget to blend bronzer down the neck! Our heads act like little umbrellas for our necks and they are often much lighter than the face and chest, trust me it makes a huge difference in the end result. Highlight goes in all the opposite places, tops of cheekbones, brow bones, inner corner of the eyes, cupid’s bow and lightly down the center of the nose. This combo gives the face dimension, so not only will you glow you will also look slimmer in the face. My favorites for almost any skin tones are NARS Laguna bronzer and MAC Soft & Gentle highlight.

No. 4 : Hint of Tint

Tinted moisturizers have come a long way recently, if you haven’t tried one of the new extra radiant formulas it’s time to join the club! Using a tinted moisturizer gives you a supernatural glow and with the proper concealer to finish up with, you’ll have just as flawless looking skin as if you had used a more full coverage foundation, but it will look effortless and fresh. Jouer Luminous skin tints are my go to on everyone, they are truly stunning. I pair them with NARS Creamy Concealer where needed and the result is gorgeously glowing and flawless.

No. 5 : Color Story

Choose one neutral shade and carry it through eyes, lips and cheeks- this monochromatic look not only takes guesswork out of how to pair shades it gives you an instantly cool and effortless look that plays up the face without distracting from your features. You can even use the same product for eyes and cheeks as long as it’s not too bright, keep the tones earthy. My favorite shades to do this with are rose gold, tawny nude bronze and peachy corals. Keep the look simple and clean, full soft brows and a couple coats of mascara to finish the look.


Thanks for the tips, Jenny!

Photo Credits / Clean Slate Campaign
Photographer: S. Elle Quintana – @selle_quintana ,
Model: Miriam – @1realmiriam at @freedommodelsla
Make-up/Hair: Jenny Bowker –  @sistergolden ,