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INSPIRING WOMAN: Elizabeth Messina

We are so happy to introduce this week’s Inspiring Woman, Elizabeth Messina. Photographer, artist and author, Elizabeth is not only a master of capturing the moment, she’s a true pioneer who has carved out a distinctive niche in the world of wedding photography and risen to the top! Read on to find out what keeps Elizabeth motivated creatively, where she finds her inspiration and how she deals with creative struggles. 

Elizabeth, your work has given rise to a unique genre of artful wedding photography. Can you describe your style and what inspires it?

EM: Thank you. I think my style is intimate and artistic, even moody at times. I am an artist at heart. I adore photographing women and people in love. I am also drawn to capturing beautiful spaces, still moments, longing, sadness, the sky, life…… I’ve had a love affair with natural light and film for sometime now. Arte is air for me. I hope my work evokes an emotional or visceral response from the viewer. I yearn to capture feelings, not just images. Arte provides a bit of grace amongst the mundane demands of day to day life. I put a lot of effort into running my business and being present for my family, but underneath it all, I am always an artist in my heart. Beauty has a place, has meaning in our complicated lives. Arte matters. Weddings are full of such sweetness and joy, it’s an honor to capture people in love.

Did you ever doubt your creative direction? How did you deal with that?

EM: Creativity can often be elusive. This is true not just when I photograph weddings but with all of my work. I am extremely critical of my own images and am very rarely satisfied. I strive to be better and more consistent. Photography is an interactive and constantly changing arte form. I try to remain engaged and thoughtful about light and compassion each time I compose an image.

What sets your photography apart and what about your photography do you take most pride in?

EM: Photography is my passion. I am most proud that I have been able to do it for so long. My first camera was a gift from my mother when I was twelve years old. I was in love instantly with making images. At such a tender age, I did not know photography would be come such an important part of my life. Photography is the language of memories. There is an intangible quality to making photographs that defies language. That is what I love. Each shoot I am in search of a language I do not fully understand, a gesture, something authentic. I hope I can continue to capture memories and make arte for many years to come.

You are constantly around new people in settings where emotions are high. What has being a photographer taught you?

EM: The dance of the unknown. There is great beauty in how a shoot unfolds. Although I feel confident as a photographer, I do not know what or how the day will reveal it self. There is a gentle magic that I want to discover. Sometimes it is how the window light caresses the curve of a cheekbone. Other times, it is the connection between myself and the subject. A shoot for me is a quiet, sacred space. I try to remain present and respond. I strive to create images that honor both my inner voice and each couple’s unique and beautiful wedding day.

Do you have a favorite image you’ve shot, and why is it “the one?”

EM: I could never choose a favorite. There are so many moments and images that are dear to my heart. I’ve chosen a few of those to share with you in this interview. The images that linger with me are ones that capture something I cannot put into words but rather encapsulate a feeling.

Thank you for sharing, Elizabeth!

Elizabeth has been a true inspiration creatively, and we feel very lucky to have had the chance to work with her and experience her magic first hand! (We’ll be posting some of our favorite shots from our past shoot with her on IG this week!) We hope you enjoyed learning about her creative process much as we did. Below you will find ways to keep up with all the beautiful projects Elizabeth Messina has to come!

Website: Elizabeth Messina

Shop: The Arte Department

Instagram: @elizabethmessina


INSPIRING WOMAN: Mary Beth LaRue Aporta

This week we were lucky enough to get a word with the radiant Mary Beth LaRue Aporta, a life-coaching, yoga-teaching, mother and founder of Rock Your Bliss, a movement encouraging self-love, authenticity and community. Read about Mary Beth, how she got to where she is today, how she deals with creative blocks and her thoughts on being a foster mama.

Mary Beth, you are a yoga teacher, life coach, wife, mama and co-founder of a blissful company Rock Your Bliss. How did this lovely journey begin?

MB: I moved to Washington DC after college to work for a magazine. I was at a desk all day long and found myself becoming pretty depressed. I found a yoga class down the street and immediately fell in love with how it felt to be back in my body and breathing deeply. I signed up for a yoga teacher training and after another year at my desk job started teaching and freelance writing, leaving the desk behind. I moved to Los Angeles a couple of years later where I immersed myself in a lot of new teachers and practices and met my BFF Jacki Carr, who I started Rock Your Bliss with, and my husband Matt Aporta, not long after that. He proposed with a ring designed by YOU. 🙂

How important is creativity to you? Do you ever find yourself creatively stuck, and how do you find your way out?

MB: Absolutely important. I’m pretty aware of the things that suck my energy – emails, too much time on social media, overthinking etc – and try to spend an afternoon in the park or coffee shop with just my notebook every week. My yoga mat is also a place where I explore creativity as well as reading and writing.

You remind us about the importance of self-love. What are some of your favorite ways to appreciate and to love yourself?

MB: Time outside in nature, writing, bubble baths, getting a facial and my brows down at Browdown Studio, wearing anything other than yoga clothes to just be out and about (too many years in them I guess!), meditation.

What does it really mean to you to “rock your bliss”?

MB: Living an authentic and vulnerable life that was meant for you. When I was younger I often found myself living someone else’s “shoulds” or values and if I would’ve stayed on that path my life would’ve looked very different. The life I’m living is so where I’m supposed to be.

What has being a new and foster mom taught you about life?

MB: Ahhhhh.. everything. Our little guy came to us at six days old and is now 9.5 months old and we still don’t have any idea if he will be with us forever. But honestly none of us know what is coming tomorrow or in the next hour and the best thing we can do is live boldly, vulnerably and give 100 percent of ourselves in the face of uncertainty. I am so grateful for the gift of unconditional love no matter what conditions are present. We are capable of so much more than we might think or believe.

Thank you for sharing, Mary Beth!

Staying true to your personality, self, and style is the approach we believe in when it comes to designing wedding jewelry as well. Working with Mary Beth and Matt on a ring that reflected her individuality and style was a dream! We hope you enjoyed learning about the good she is doing and are as inspired by her bliss-crafting as we are. Below you will find where to keep up with Mary Beth and her adventures to come!

Website: Rock Your Bliss


Instagram: @marybethlarue

INSPIRING WOMAN: Monica Stephenson

We are so excited to launch a month of Inspiring Women! Each week in October we’ll be sharing the stories of dedicated women who make the world a better place, whether it be through giving back or adding creative value to the world around them, or both!

We’re happy to start our series with Monica Stephenson, founder and president of Anza Gems. Monica has spent 20 plus years working in various aspects of the jewelry industry. Since 2008, she has been writing about jewelry, designers, and trends on her award-winning jewelry blog, Monica first traveled to East Africa with a jewelry documentary film, Sharing the Rough, in January of 2014. She went out of curiosity and a sense of responsibility to truly see where gemstones originate. What she saw there changed her life. Read on to learn how Monica blazes her own glittering, gem-filled trail while she makes a meaningful impact on people’s lives.

You are a leading woman in the gem industry, shedding light on ethical gem mining and giving back to local mine communities. What got you started in jewelry and how did you find yourself starting ANZA Gems?

MS: As I’m sure you can relate, jewelry has been a lifelong love affair. Over the twenty plus years I’ve been in jewelry, I’ve occupied a number of different roles, including sales, buying, helping Amazon launch their jewelry business, and blogging since 2008 at In 2013 I saw a tweet about a jewelry documentary that was going to East Africa to tell the story of a gemstone from the dirt to finished piece, and I was totally hooked!  

I traveled with the film, Sharing the Rough, and ended up so moved by the miners and dealers and communities there that I started ANZA Gems in 2015.  I figured there had to be a way to help the people in the gem trade in Tanzania and Kenya participate more in the global gem market. I buy rough gemstones when I travel there several times a year, and have them faceted in the US by artisanal precision cutters. Many of these gems end up in designer fine jewelry, showcasing the beauty of East African gems, and supporting artisans at every level, from mining to faceting to the finished piece.  Ten percent of the purchase of every gemstone goes back to primary and trade schools in the gemstone communities we source from. We’re also working on other initiatives that support Tanzanian cutters to earn a living by faceting to precision standards. 

What were some challenges you faced when starting ANZA Gems? Are any of those challenges posed due to being a woman in the mining industry?

MS: When I thought of this business idea—a completely vertical supply chain based in developing countries with little to no infrastructure—it occurred to me that it was INSANE. Totally bananas. ANZA means “begin” in Swahili, and I figured that it was so crazy, I just had to start somewhere.  

There are major challenges that range from some political instability in the countries where I travel, to shipping and banking issues, to three steps forward then two steps back with some of our philanthropy we provide. Nothing is easy and you cannot take anything for granted. But I will say that many, many things have gone beautifully and there has been such respect and support everywhere, sometimes when I least expect it!  

When I travel to the mines in Tanzania and Kenya, I’m often one the only Western woman they have ever met! But I always feel welcomed, and will sometimes share a cup of tea or a meal out in the bush. And they definitely remember me the next time I visit! I think the potential challenge lies more in dealing with the traditional gemstone community in the United States. I come from a perspective of transparency and support for everyone in the supply chain, and hope that others share that philosophy. I find myself supporting women where I can in every facet of the business, from the Tanzanian Women Miners Association (TaWoMa) to women gem cutters to designers to photographers and more.  If we build a culture of support for women, we all win!

ANZA Gems gives back to the communities where the gems are sourced from by providing meals and opportunities for growth. What has been the most rewarding part of the entire experience and process?

MS: Um, all of it?!  For all the challenges of this business, there are many moments of joy: visiting the Maasai primary school and going to one of the student’s homes; making true friends and visiting their families with my own family, seeing gems faceted by a newly graduated lapidary student…

It’s also rewarding to see gorgeous jewelry created with these spectacular gemstones and Fairmined or recycled gold and platinum. It is jewelry that does so much good, for everyone involved. That’s some good karma.

You’re quite the globe trotter. Can you tell us a little bit about your wildest “gem hunt?”

MS: I’ve had a couple of very interesting gem adventures, but probably the wildest was one of my first gem buying trips. I had just arrived in Tanzania for the Arusha Gem Fair, and saw a Facebook post by my friend Okeno, who has a grossular garnet mine in Kenya. I commented that I would love to see his new mine sometime, and he responded, “how about tomorrow?”

The plan was to leave midday right after the gem show, drive about 4-5 hours across the border to Voi, Kenya, spend the night, drive 3+ hours to the mine after breakfast, visit the mine, then drive the 7 or so hours back across the TZ border to the Kilimanjaro airport for my flight home. There was no time to spare, we would lucky to make the plane, and there was no margin for error, nothing could go wrong…

Of course, I said “twende” (let’s go)!! And Okeno drove like a rally driver over dirt roads (elephant tracks?), we crossed the border into Kenya despite a power outage at the immigration office, and made it to our hotel. The next morning, we drove through increasingly isolated bush to the mine, visited with the miners (and saw the scorpions they had just killed), and got to see their progress tunneling to find the elusive and glorious tsavorite! Then it was back in the car, fishtailing through the red dirt and acacias, Maasai and baobab trees just a blur as we raced through Tsavo park, back across the border, and pulled up at 7:20pm for me to make my 9pm flight back through Amsterdam and on to Seattle. I was filthy and my hair was in dreadlocks, but it was totally worth it!  

What is your favorite gemstone -and why 😉

Oh, this is like the favorite child question for parents!  It’s so impossible!  But, for you, I will try. I find I’m more in love with garnet every day. The variety that comes out of the ground in East Africa is pretty stunning: kiwi to tsavorite green, apricot, rosé, and raspberry, fanta orange spessartite, the list goes on… Garnet polishes beautifully and is relatively affordable.

But then there is spinel….and those unheated natural sapphires from the Umba Valley region of Tanzania…

Thank you for sharing, Monica! 

We are so happy to share Monica’s incredible story with you all and hope you find her as motivating as we do. Sofia will be featuring her gems in some upcoming designs and we couldn’t be more honored to collaborate with such an inspiring woman! Below you can find where to keep up with Monica as her journey continues!

Website: Anza Gems

Blog: idazzle

Instagram: @anzagems @idazzle

Stack, Stack, Layer, Repeat:
How to Build Your Dream Stack

Stacking rings are a versatile way to a style a statement look that is as unique as you are. Layer your favorite delicate, diamond stackable rings or detailed vintage bands to create a beautiful self-expression. Rings have always served as markers of special events. Why wear one at a time when you can treasure all those precious memories together?

Our newest collection, Oceana Luxe, is all about stacking and layering within the collection as well as mixing and matching with the pieces you already have in your jewel box. Read on to discover our tips on how to build your dream stack!


Your focal point should be the star of the show, the piece that initially catches your eye when you look down. Although a diamond looks great, your focal point can be a pretty gemstone too, and should ultimately be a piece you really love. And who doesn’t like a pop of color? Make it meaningful by adding a loved one’s birthstone or maybe your favorite color. There are no rules here!

Our limited edition collection, Oceana Luxe features Australian Boulder opals in shade of azure blue, sea foam green and splashes of crimson red sunsets to draw you in.


Adding some bling to your stack will give it that certain, ahem, je ne sais quoi, provided by that glittery touch. And don’t be afraid to add more than one sparkly piece! The more, the merrier.


Playing with textures and even mixed metals creates depth and gives your stack some excitement. Have fun mixing some textured matte yellow gold bands with a shiny white gold accent. Or stick with a single shade and vary your shapes- round, squared, bumpy, smooth. The contrast will create undeniable drama – the good kind.

Stacks are a fun and easy way to collect pieces that you love and wear them all at the same time. Click HERE to get your stacking on!

Happy stacking! x

How to Build your Wedding Stack

Recently Bride’s Magazine asked us how to craft the “Ultimate Ring Stack”, and did we have some tips!

Keep reading the full interview to see what Sofia recommends for building not just the perfect wedding stack, but any ring stack!

How many rings should be in a stack?

At least 3, but the more the merrier. We say build a well curated stack until you run out of room. Then pick another stacking style to work on!

Can you mix metals? What about stones?

Yes, and yes. My number one take-away is that there should be one “focal point” or theme to a stack. If a bride chooses yellow gold to be the common thread, then she can definitely mix all textures of yellow gold, along with different stone colors.  Rather, if she likes a mixed metal style, I would stick with one color stone, something neutral like a white or champagne diamonds to pull the look together.

How should a bride go about layering different ring styles?

Again, my advice would be to pick a common theme. Maybe a bride is drawn to different textures or would like a mix or modern and vintage. If she likes textural pieces, I would stick with one color metal and then play with different silhouettes. Part of the fun in creating a bridal stack comes when we see each personal coming up with a different way to express her individuality.

Are there certain silhouettes of rings that brides should look for when building a stack?

You can play with different shapes when creating a stack, but in general my tip would be to stay with a similar profile in all the rings. By profile, I’m referring to the thickness “chunkiness” between the fingers. When you start to vary this dimension the stack tends to look out of balance. Some pieces will protrude farther past others and the set will not look cohesive.

Should you opt for a different engagement ring design if you know you want a stacked set of bands to go with it?

Great question! There are basically three ways to go about this.

1) If you like a big, bling-y look, you can have a raised mounting that sits up above the shank (band) of your ring. This style ring will show off the sparkle, and allow you to have a flush, layered stack.

2) Then there are low mountings that are set partially into the shank. Overall, this gives a lower profile to the ring, and a more subdued look. In order to achieve a flush stack, this will require the additional bands to frame this central area by following the contour of the low setting.

3) Finally, you can go with a low mounting and pair it with bands that do not conform to the shape of the mounting creating a more eclectic, “collected” look. This will result in negative space where the bands don’t touch, which can sometimes look good, when that negative space adds a design element. You just need to be careful with this long term. As the rings will be rubbing against each other over time, they can begin to wear one another down, especially if the metals are mixed and have different hardnesses.

What is a Rose Cut Diamond?

Romantic, subtle, and full of character, the Rose cut is an antique-style gem cut that is making a revival in modern jewelry, and is a favorite diamond cut found in many of my designs. The Rose cut, first developed during the late 16th century, is fashioned with a flat base (no pavilion) and a dome covered with triangular shaped facets. 

Antique Rose cut diamonds were designed to sparkle in candle-lit rooms, scintillating with diamond’s unique fire, like no other gem. I love using Rose cut diamonds today for much the same reason- the understated beauty of the diamond shines through without the high-wattage sparkle of a “full” or brilliant cut diamond. This is due to the physical shape of the Rose cut. Being flat on the bottom, when light enters the top of the stone, there are less opportunities (less depth and facets) for light to bounce around and return to your eye. Much of the light passes through the stone, hence the reduced brilliance. However, the reduced carat weight for the same diameter can be considered a “pro” to this cut. The Rose cut is a perfect choice for someone wanting a a diamond with a larger surface area for a (generally speaking) lower cost than a brilliant cut of the same diameter. 

While modern Rose cuts can often be calibrated, there are countless organic shapes available. These unique, freeform shapes appeal to someone who is drawn toward natural designs with a vintage inspiration, making them the perfect choice for many our designs!

To see what these gems look like in action, check out out my top picks of engagement rings with Rose cut diamonds below.

Click here to see our entire SK collection of Rose cut diamond engagement rings.  Enjoy!

Can We Speak in Flowers

Why Flowers?

“We plant, we nurture, we grow and we give, different flowers for different moments in time, but all for the same purpose: to say that which cannot be said, and to say it with beauty and with grace.”  ~ Vanessa Diffenbaugh

In so many cultures through time, flowers have been central to the human experience.  From east to west, ancient societies to modern, whether we celebrate, love, mourn or pray, we do it with flowers in our hands.

What is the Language of Flowers?

The Language of Flowers is a form of secret communication through the use or arrangement of flowers. Meaning has been given to flowers for thousands of years, and some form floral language has been practiced in traditional cultures throughout Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

The Victorians embraced all things romantic, and the Language of Flowers was no exception. Gifts of blooms, plants, and specific floral arrangements were used to send a coded message to the recipient, allowing the sender to express feelings which could not be spoken aloud in Victorian society.

Flower symbolism could be seen widely in jewelry, which by nature is designed to celebrate all the important moments in life. Victorian jewelers crafted roses, violets and forget-me-nots for courtship jewels. Orange blossoms proliferate in wedding rings. And wreaths of cypress are ever-present in mourning jewelry.

Flowers and their secret meanings are central to the inspiration behind this collection.

 There are five main flowers: the pansy, daisy, rose, dahlia and lily of the valley that we’ve created in gem-set designs,  hinting their unique messages in the form of pendants, earring charms and rings. We then evolved these simple shapes to more elaborate floral cluster designs. We call these gemmy bouquets, Giardinettis, after the original Giardinetti pieces made in the 17th century. Meaning “little gardens” these tokens were not meant to be secretive, but rather a more obvious and friendly expression towards one who is cherished- a mini garden that never fades.

Also dusted throughout the collection are several one of a kind pieces, incorporating original antique components with our signature designs, creating one-of-a-kind pieces filled with history and sentiment.

Our latest additions to the Language of Flowers collection incorporate old world enamel craftsmanship, reimagined in some of our everyday classics, like stackable bands and signet rings for the modern woman with a vintage persuasion at her heart.

Our styled photoshoot was inspired by visions of an Odalisque, a dreamer, a lover.

Florals focused around the rose, perhaps the most classic symbol of love. A lush set designed by Amy Nicole in shades of amber, dusty rose and white created the perfect warmth and richness this vision deserved.

Gowns by Gossamer, one of our favorite spots for ethereal garments in Los Angeles, added the rich details and feminine silhouettes. Soft, natural looking make up and hair provided by our fave stylist Jenny Bowker. The dreamy Katiusha Feofanova was the perfect muse for this romantic campaign. And no shoot is complete without the craft and vision of our very own S. Elle Quintana behind the lens.

photography: Stephanie Elle Quintana @selle_studios

floral : Amy Balsters @amynicolefloral

gowns: Gossamer @shopgossamer

model : Katiusha @katiusha_feofanova

hair & make up : Jenny Bowker @sistergolden

poem : @nayyirah.waheed

Our Favorite Pieces for an Endless Summer

When summer wanes we search for ways to extend the feeling of carefree, unscheduled time and long warm nights. We look to these cool classics to get us through these final dog days and transition into the crispness of fall. Bold and classic, delicately balancing the texture of boho patterns and smooth expanses of pure gold. Shield shapes with a sleek and comfortable fit. Statement making on their own, forever a part of your favorite layered mix. A truly endless summer essential.

The theme of this capsule collection is invulnerability. Everyday we are affronted with countless little experiences that can challenge our patience, our sanity, our best intentions. The idea was to play upon this notion of creating a barrier to the negative forces that surround us and to create a beautiful token to represent this message.

The inspiration: a shield, wielded for protection, whether physical or spiritual. Smooth and solid our modern interpretation plays off this motif and wraps around the finger like a second skin of golden armor. Bohemian patterns of diamonds punctuate velvety matte backgrounds, meant to emulate a burst of light force radiating and projecting positive energy to the world.

Sofia Kaman Shield Rings Shield rings designed to become a treasured and timeless part of your jewelry wardrobe, outlasting trends and seasons.

We love the idea of a classic gold statement piece, one that stands the test of time, and becomes a part of your signature style. Like a talisman too, it goes with you always, clearing a path of golden light on your journey, wherever you should roam.

5 Activities Your Engagement Ring Should Avoid This Summer (And Every Season)

Summer is here and hopefully you’re getting ready to spend some quality time outdoors, adventuring, or doing more of your favorite leisurely activities. We know you love wearing your engagement ring, but we also know how many ring repairs we see after a busy season, so we put together a list of the top 5 activities your engagement ring should NOT participate in this summer (or truthfully, any season). We know some of you will still wear your bling anywhere and everywhere, but keep these suggestions in mind in order to keep your jewels safe and sparkly over a lifetime.

1) SWIMMING: The luxurious St Tropez look of jewels layered effortlessly over your beach apparel is no doubt fantastic. However, we do not recommend your glorious engagement ring visit the beach or pool. If swimming in the ocean, remember the cold water can shrink your fingers just enough to make your rings loose, and slippery enough to say ‘au revoir’, into the deep blue. Often pools and jacuzzis have harsh chemicals that are corrosive and can discolor some metals over repeated soakings. Not to mention you’ll probably be applying sunscreen, which like lotion, is notorious for slipping into and under settings, and dulling your diamonds’ luster like nobody’s business.

2) PLAYING SPORTS: Whether on a court or a gym, your engagement ring is better off skipping your work out. Gripping a tennis racket or a weight can cause damage to delicate settings. Especially in the case of an eternity band (with stones set all the way around), if your ring is bent ‘out of round’ you essentially open up or compress delicate settings which can cause stones to fall out. Even a seemingly innocuous Downward Dog during your favorite yoga class can cause you to put your full weight and force on your ring and can cause damage.

3) PRIMPING: After a long day of sun worshipping, lotions and moisturizers are great for the skin, but clog tiny openings and diminish the brilliance of diamonds when they land on your ring. Perfumes, hairsprays and make-up can also layer and gunk up your fine jewels and reduce sparkle. Take your rings off first, then use these items to your heart’s content, and put your rings back on when you’re done .

4) PREPPING FOR YOUR FOURTH OF JULY FETE: We know that a clean house is a basic requirement to hosting any event, but if you want your jewelry to hold its ground next to the fireworks, we advise against cleaning while wearing  your fine jewelry. Not only do you run the risk of banging up and mis-shaping your ring on hard surfaces like stone countertops, bathtubs and sinks, but harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach can cause permanent damage to certain gems and their settings, such as Grandma’s antique seed pearl ring.

5) COOKING: Master Chef and Pinterest may have you inspired to try some amazing new recipes, but cooking while wearing jewelry presents endless opportunities for getting food into those tiny hard to reach spots around, under and on top of your diamond. Think cookie dough, meatballs, piecrust or anything else you need to dip your fingers into. These foods can leave a film, not to mention germs, on your ring and really affect its luster.

And finally, two more tips if you’re open to the notion of taking your rings off… and you should be open to that notion 😉

  1. Always designate a safe spot (or two) around your house for leaving your jewels. I personally remove ALL my jewelry the minute I set foot in the house. That way I don’t have to think about being so cautious throughout all the activities in my nightly routine. I know that my jewels are ALWAYS in one of two spots and I don’t have to waste time looking for them when I’m rushing out the door later.
  2. If you do get your jewelry gooped up and dulled down, most any gold, platinum and diamond piece can be cleaned like this: Get a soft bristle toothbrush and designate it for your jewels only. Dip your pieces in warm (almost hot) water with a touch of mild soap like Ivory, or even a dish cleaning soap, and let them soak. Scrub under and around your settings if you can. And, whenever possible, visit us! We’ll always be happy to clean your engagement ring while you shop!

Mother’s Day Shopping Event at Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels

Love is in bloom! Mamas grab your minis and come celebrate Mother’s Day with us, a day early!

Join us and our favorite floral designer Amy Nicole on Saturday, May 13th from 2 to 6pm at our Abbot Kinney boutique, in Venice, CA.

Amy will have a DIY flower stand and will guide you in making a beautiful mini bouquet for Mom, free with any jewelry purchase!

Shop our mini flower jewels and enjoy petite treats while sipping on some bubbly at this special Mother’s Day event. We look forward to seeing you!