A Showroom Refresh

We never need an excuse to freshen up a space, and neither does Sofia! This year started with a spark when she envisioned creating a special nook for sitting comfortably with clients in a space that feels luxe and chic, all the while keeping with the airy open feel that is our showroom and HQ… And so the mission  Showroom Refresh began! Keep reading as Sofia shares her process and curated resources, and watch the transformation from gallery white walls to cozy cubby with all the feels…

Sofia : “I love designing. Period. Whether it’s a ring or a room, I relish in the details, the textures and the emotions evoked by a balanced and artful design. Designing spaces has become more and more fun for me over the years – all starting with my home kitchen, then bathroom, then showroom, office, and then reimagining the showroom a second time!

I start with the feelings I want to inspire. For our new space it was calm, warm, inviting, collaborative. Then I refer to the elements of our brand- our unique DNA – what makes a Sofia Kaman piece of jewelry should also be a part of the look and feel of our space. I wanted to infuse the space with textures and materials that are luxe, chic, and understated. There is always an irregular organic or natural element and a nod to old world charm. Finally a dash of whimsy and an artful hand make an appearance.

Our modern showroom was the perfect blank canvas to add the flair. Practically speaking, I started with the color of the walls.

(The truth is, the entire reno was sparkled by a table…but more about that later!)

There are so many incredible mineral paints available now which offer texture, dimension and a painterly effect. I landed on JH Wall paint– color NAINOA 502. It is the perfect shade of beige with the lightest touch of a blush undertone. It creates a warm effect without slanting too western. I also needed the color to compliment and not contrast too dramatically with the true highlight wall of the space, that is our fabulous golden “drip” wall designed by Calico Wallpaper. I selected their SATORI collection back when we opened. Satori features a striking metallic line that is inspired by Kintsugi—the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. The art of Kintsugi shares commonalities with the Japanese philosophy of Wabi-Sabi, which finds value in the flawed or imperfect. According to this thinking, an object’s marks of wear are seen to enhance its value. I instantly fell in love because it because it mimics the shapes and the inspiration of our torn paper collection.  They were wonderful to work with and can customize their wallpapers, which are essentially murals, to suit any drip pattern your like! 

Next up, where to put a cozy area, with a wide open floor plan? This was a challenge. Our space is also very symmetric, so creating a cozy offset area was tricky to do while maintaining balance and not making it look lopsided. An alcove seemed the right mix of dramatic effect and creating balance between the cases on the opposite side. The feeling when inside is not only intimate but reminiscent of an old world niche. Check. Check.

Then, the furnishings. We love love love the way our cases were originally built, but had outgrown the dark brown curvaceous legs. Luckily, I met a fabulous upholsterer to help our jewelry case dreams come true! Meet Juan, owner of Joseph’s Upholstery in LA. Juan and his team artfully rebuilt the case legs from a Queen Anne style to a modern Parson’s leg, instantly updated and modernizing the vibe of the whole space. Add a luxe clay colored leather upholstery and voilá, the perfect cases were reimagined. Juan also custom built our couch in the alcove and reupholstered our stools in a matching ivory boucle to tie together the colors throughout the space. We are in heaven sitting on these lush fabrics!

Now, let’s get to the pièce de resistance, the vintage marble table at the center of the alcove…For me there is always a magic piece that fuels the passion to pursue a project. In the case of our showroom, it was THIS table. One evening while scouring the internet for whatever variety of things one scrolls for in the wee hours, I found myself on South Loop Loft  looking at vintage furniture. When I spotted our table, everything fell into place. It was perfect- pink marble from Portugal from the 70s. And I thought…I love pink, I’m Portuguese and I’m from the 70s! It was meant to be! I called the shop the next day and after speaking with Jon, I was sure it was the perfect table worth shipping across country. When it arrived, the table was better than I hoped for and we built the alcove with precise measurements to fit around it.

Last but never the least, accessory time! I always find this phase an exercise in self-restraint. Once completing a new space, it’s a challenge to balance the desire to fill it with all the beautiful things and at the same time just pull in a careful assortment of objects to let each special feature shine. Perhaps the most exciting new addition to our showroom has been featuring a collection of sculptures by the magical Roxanne Morrison, displayed within our original Deco case. It’s as if the case was just waiting for them all this time! Each one of a kind art piece is available for purchase, though we’re so enjoying having them enrich the space, we’ll have a hard time letting them go! Read more about the lovely Roxanne, her story, inspirations and process in our Artists We Love series.

Finally, here’s a list of some of my favorite finishing touches selected to complete our new showroom. I hope this inspires you to find your own special treasures and create a space where your own blend of comfort and beauty reigns!

With love,

sofia  ~xo

Exterior floral installation by the talented Liz @rawfinery

Vintage olive pot @oliveateliers

Modern chairs @designwithinreach

Curvy wooden chest @cb2

Photography @BernardWolf

Marble table @southlooploft

Custom Upholstery @joseph_upholstery_shop

Golden drip wall paper @calicowallpaper

Sculptures @roxannemorrison.studio