The 4Cs - Clarity

The Clarity Scale

Clarity F-IF
Clarity VVS1=-2
Clarity VS1-2
Clarity SI1-2
Clarity I1
Clarity I2
Clarity i3
Clarity Salt & Pepper
Salt & Pepper

Flawless (F)
No inclusions or blemishes visible under 10x magnification

Internally Flawless (IF)
No inclusions visible under 10x magnification

Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1 and VVS2)
Inclusions so minute they are difficult for a skilled grader to see under 10x magnification

Very Slightly Included (VS1 and VS2)
Inclusions are so small and observed with effort under 10x magnification, but can be characterized as minor, considered "eye clean"

Slightly Included (SI1 and SI2)
Inclusions are noticeable under 10x magnification

Included (I1, I2, and I3)
Inclusions are obvious under 10x magnification which may affect transparency and brilliance

Salt & Pepper
Inclusions are obvious to the eye and create a peppered, speckled look which may affect transparency and brilliance

Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels

The diamond making process is a complex one. As carbon is heated and pressurized, natural organic material can get caught up in the process creating markings visible to the eye called inclusions. In the 4Cs of diamonds, the clarity scale is based off of the visibility of inclusions, and blemishes (which lie on the surface of a stone) under 10x magnification. The scale begins at Flawless (FL), then Internally Flawless (IF), Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS1, VVS2), Slightly Included (SI1, SI2), and Included (I1, I2, I3.) In general, the fewer inclusions a diamond has, the higher the value. Here you can also play with the scale. Looking at stones and the placement of inclusions is very important. A stone may have been graded as an SI2 stone, but depending on the placement of the marking, the inclusions may not be very visible or could be covered with a strategic prong setting.

Again, here are Sofia Kaman we embrace the underdog and love the unique look of a Salt and Pepper diamond (a stone that has many visible inclusions giving it a peppery, speckled look.) No two stones are alike, and we adore their galactic, mesmerizing appearance. Shop our Salt and Pepper Diamonds!

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