The 4Cs - Carat

Sofia Kaman Boho Engagement Ring

Diamond carat is the measurement of how much a diamond weighs. The carat is divided into 100 points for precise measurements or 1.00ct. Again, since older stones like Old Mine Cuts and Old Europeans weren’t being cut to spec like diamonds are today, you can sometimes find them in varying sizes like the 0.80-0.90ct range. This is a great sweet spot to be in because appearance wise you get the look of a 1.00ct size stone, but the price is generally less when it is right under a 1.00ct or 2.00ct mark. If carat size is most important to you, then you’ll most likely want to play with color and clarity to create the perfect stone in your budget.

There you have it! This is the basic breakdown of the 4Cs of diamonds. Pro-tip: To ease your search, establish an overall budget then prioritize which category is the most important to you, (color, clarity, cut or carat) and go from there. For more inquiries or questions, please chat, email or call us, we’d love to help you create your dream engagement ring!

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