Jewelry Care

Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels jewelry care

We wish you countless years of happiness with your new piece of Sofia Kaman jewelry! Here are a few tips to ensure longevity and keep it shining for years to come:

  • We recommend that you store your pieces in the SK box provided with your order or have a designated jewelry station in your home. Proper storage helps to prevent scratching of stones and metal. It is best to keep products away from extreme heat or moisture.

  • We recommend applying perfume or other sprayed substances before putting on your jewelry.

  • Jewelry should be removed prior to sleeping, showering, exercising, swimming, gardening, moving furniture, etc.

  • Most of our jewelry is finished with a matte texture, which tends to polish itself over time. Contact us should you need your piece refinished. Re-matting is available for a small fee.

  • Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish through time and wear. To clean shiny items, use a soft polishing cloth and gently rub jewelry.

  • Alternatively, gold or silver jewelry can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water and a brush (a soft bristle toothbrush will do) to remove any particles of dirt around the prongs or settings.

  • For any of our pieces set with pearls, coral or turquoise, with silk stringing or leather…they are fragile and you should consider them allergic to water!

  • Click here for more care tips!

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