5 Activities Your Engagement Ring Should Avoid This Summer (And Every Season)

Summer is here and hopefully you’re getting ready to spend some quality time outdoors, adventuring, or doing more of your favorite leisurely activities. We know you love wearing your engagement ring, but we also know how many ring repairs we see after a busy season, so we put together a list of the top 5 activities your engagement ring should NOT participate in this summer (or truthfully, any season). We know some of you will still wear your bling anywhere and everywhere, but keep these suggestions in mind in order to keep your jewels safe and sparkly over a lifetime.

1) SWIMMING: The luxurious St Tropez look of jewels layered effortlessly over your beach apparel is no doubt fantastic. However, we do not recommend your glorious engagement ring visit the beach or pool. If swimming in the ocean, remember the cold water can shrink your fingers just enough to make your rings loose, and slippery enough to say ‘au revoir’, into the deep blue. Often pools and jacuzzis have harsh chemicals that are corrosive and can discolor some metals over repeated soakings. Not to mention you’ll probably be applying sunscreen, which like lotion, is notorious for slipping into and under settings, and dulling your diamonds’ luster like nobody’s business.

2) PLAYING SPORTS: Whether on a court or a gym, your engagement ring is better off skipping your work out. Gripping a tennis racket or a weight can cause damage to delicate settings. Especially in the case of an eternity band (with stones set all the way around), if your ring is bent ‘out of round’ you essentially open up or compress delicate settings which can cause stones to fall out. Even a seemingly innocuous Downward Dog during your favorite yoga class can cause you to put your full weight and force on your ring and can cause damage.

3) PRIMPING: After a long day of sun worshipping, lotions and moisturizers are great for the skin, but clog tiny openings and diminish the brilliance of diamonds when they land on your ring. Perfumes, hairsprays and make-up can also layer and gunk up your fine jewels and reduce sparkle. Take your rings off first, then use these items to your heart’s content, and put your rings back on when you’re done .

4) PREPPING FOR YOUR FOURTH OF JULY FETE: We know that a clean house is a basic requirement to hosting any event, but if you want your jewelry to hold its ground next to the fireworks, we advise against cleaning while wearing  your fine jewelry. Not only do you run the risk of banging up and mis-shaping your ring on hard surfaces like stone countertops, bathtubs and sinks, but harsh chemicals like ammonia and bleach can cause permanent damage to certain gems and their settings, such as Grandma’s antique seed pearl ring.

5) COOKING: Master Chef and Pinterest may have you inspired to try some amazing new recipes, but cooking while wearing jewelry presents endless opportunities for getting food into those tiny hard to reach spots around, under and on top of your diamond. Think cookie dough, meatballs, piecrust or anything else you need to dip your fingers into. These foods can leave a film, not to mention germs, on your ring and really affect its luster.

And finally, two more tips if you’re open to the notion of taking your rings off… and you should be open to that notion 😉

  1. Always designate a safe spot (or two) around your house for leaving your jewels. I personally remove ALL my jewelry the minute I set foot in the house. That way I don’t have to think about being so cautious throughout all the activities in my nightly routine. I know that my jewels are ALWAYS in one of two spots and I don’t have to waste time looking for them when I’m rushing out the door later.
  2. If you do get your jewelry gooped up and dulled down, most any gold, platinum and diamond piece can be cleaned like this: Get a soft bristle toothbrush and designate it for your jewels only. Dip your pieces in warm (almost hot) water with a touch of mild soap like Ivory, or even a dish cleaning soap, and let them soak. Scrub under and around your settings if you can. And, whenever possible, visit us! We’ll always be happy to clean your engagement ring while you shop!