What’s the difference: Old Mine Cut vs. Old European Cut

What's the difference: Old Mine Cut vs. Old European Cut

People often ask me, “How did Old Mine Cut get its name and is it the same as an Old European cut?”

While they hold equal esteem in my heart, the answer is no, they are not the same.

The older, cushion shape cut, known as the Old Mine Cut was seen from the early 1700s, when diamonds were mined in Brazil. When diamonds were discovered in South Africa circa 1867, the Brazilian mines, then nearly depleted were known as the “old mines.” Shortly after the African mines were discovered, the diamond bruting wheel was invented, allowing a cutter to create a circular outline. This new cutting style was often associated with the newly mined stones of its day, which though first documented was started in Boston, MA, then became widely cut in Europe, hence the name Old European Cut.
And, there you have it! Which one is your favorite cut?