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Our concept of Wedding Style revolves around you and your own personal sensibility.

Are you a natural beauty or maybe a vintage romantic?

In addition to a wide range of collections and custom designs for your engagement or wedding ring choices, Sofia curates our selection of unforgettable vintage jewels, presenting a world of sparkling possibilities for any discerning bride-to-be.

Explore our Wedding Style guide and discover the perfect pieces to reflect your own point of view, for your special day and all those to follow. Once upon a lifetime begins here!

Browse our Engagment Rings Page to find an engagement ring that fits your style.


The look of Sofia’s Signature Collections is characterized by what she calls, “bohemian elegance.”

Imbued with time worn textures, inspired by vintage styles, and hand crafted in Los Angeles with a truly modern sensibility, Kaman’s designs embody individuality, style and beauty with a soulfulness and artistry that set them apart.

Timeless and collectible jewelry pieces are designed to become a part of your everyday life, to be dressed up or down with effortless sophistication.


We are proud to offer a curated selection of unique, sometimes quirky, and always beautiful vintage, estate and antique pieces, rooted with a deep sentiment. Some of these rare pieces have been re-worked to create a more contemporary wear-ability. Our selection of Curated Vintage dates back to the Georgian and Victorian periods as well as Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Deco, and Retro.

Sofia Kaman has had a lifelong passion for ancient jewels and the idea that every object tells a story. She is always in search of new treasures and is fascinated by the historical meaning behind each antique piece of jewelry she comes across. If you're looking for a vintage engagement ring in Los Angeles, Sofia has curated a beautiful selection to choose from.

“I’m captivated by the allure of historical pieces. I enjoy wondering about their individual stories and how these objects might have touched the lives of others. ”

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