Vintage Art Deco Platinum Orange Blossom Wedding Band curated by Sofia Kaman.  This piece has been sold and is in Vintage Archive.
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Platinum Orange Blossom Stacking Ring
Vintage Art Deco Wedding Band

Platinum Orange Blossom Band

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The orange blossom’s presence in marriages has origins dating back the the time of the Crusaders, who having observed North African brides wearing garlands of orange blossoms in their hair, brought the tradition back to Europe. The pristine white of the orange blossom signified true love’s purity, its uncomplicated blossom hope for a happy future, and its fruit symbolizing the children the union will bring.  This vintage orange blossom band features tiny orange blossom details around the band and adds a unique texture and symbol to a wedding set destined for the vintage Romantic bride.

Size 5.5


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Style No: VC-R130
Categories: Vintage Archive.
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