Vintage Victorian 15K Yellow Gold Ruby Diamond Blue Sapphire Buckle Boho Stacking Buckle Ring curated by Sofia Kaman.  This piece has been sold and is in Vintage Archive.
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Diamond Sapphire Ruby Buckle Ring
Diamond Sapphire Ruby Buckle Ring
Diamond Sapphire Ruby Buckle Ring
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Buckle Ring

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Buckle up! Our hearts race for iconic Victorian pieces, and this 15K buckle ring is a classic example. A symbol of safety, security and protection in Victorian times, the buckle ring was often given and worn as a symbol of binding love. This Victorian ring is even more meaningful with its choice of featured stones- a ruby for love, diamond for purity and blue sapphire for loyalty- a virtuous combination befitting of a sentimentalist’s wedding band. Sleek proportions and dainty details make this piece as cool as it is comfortable to wear. Complete with English hallmarks, dating circa 1890, this buckle ring is bound to our hearts! 

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Style No: VC-R94
Categories: Vintage Archive.
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