Inspiring Woman: Kim Wisely

We’re happy to launch our Inspiring Women series with Kim Wiseley, founder and editor in chief at our favorite Wedding & Lifestyle Magazine, Flutter. Kim tells us how she started her print magazine, shares details on planning her own wedding last year, and spills on what inspires her most about weddings, work and life! Be inspired, very inspired!

Kim Wiseley

We look forward to each and every issue of Flutter, like waiting for a treasure trove of inspirational gems- from the imagery, to the ‘Flutter Papers’ to the recipes. Tell us, how did it all get started?

KW: To have a print magazine was always a distant dream. As a child I would collect all the really cool promotional pieces and magazines that would come in the mail. I also love any coffee table book I can get my hands on. Hence the hybrid you see today in Flutter.

The idea of the magazine started in the Spring of 2013 in Santa Barbara, California. At the time I was a photographer and lifestyle blogger. I saw firsthand the rise of highly visual digital media and the fall of advertisement-cluttered print.

Why did this matter? Beautiful print imagery is a driving factor in what inspired me from a very young age to take up photography and a field in the creative arts. From the imagery to the paper quality, texture, and color, a fine print piece elicits a sense of luxury…a distinguished sophistication.

With the disappearance of the tangible beauty and captivating editorial content, I set out to break the mold; designing a “refashioned magazine” in a first-of-its-kind fine art periodical dedicated to wedding and entertaining…the art of celebrating chic.

Debuting in the Fall of 2013, a talented group of friends in the industry and I brought 108-pages of editorial content to life with stunning imagery, fresh inspiration, and trendsetting style. Thus, Flutter Magazine was born with Inspiration To Make Your Heart Skip A Beat. 🙂

It’s really important to note that Santa Barbara was and continues to be Flutter’s muse. If you’re not familiar with it, the coastal city is one of the wedding meccas of the world! It’s also a city that thrives on a community of independent artists that feed off of each others creativity. I am forever indebted to its coastal chicness, timeless beauty, alfresco charm, florally abundant, whimsical, wine-centric self.

Kim and Tyson’s Wedding, Sunstone Vineyards and Winery

You got married recently. Being  an influencer and expert in your industry, we can only imagine this put you in a stressful spot! Any tips on staying sane throughout the process for anyone planning a wedding?

KW: I’m not sure I’m the best person to ask this question. 🙂 With my job title and knowing the affair would be published, my sanity was long gone out the door. Completely lost…consumed in orchestrating every last detail down to the day after. I made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t, but I absolutely fell victim to stressing over having the “perfect day” and making sure all of my vendors (my friends) were happy.

Here’s a piece of day-of advice inspired by a real wedding submission that was sent to me. I love it so much and wish I had done it myself! The couple had married on a vineyard. After the ceremony, they went to a private area in the vineyard overlooking the cocktail hour and reception space. It was pre-set up with a small table and chairs, champagne, and hors d’oeuvres for the newlyweds to enjoy together before joining their guests. It was a peaceful moment to soak up and celebrate the essence of the day. It all goes by so quick that consciously making time for a moment like this…just the two of you…is so important!

Wedding Details

You are a creative, entrepreneurial woman with a great sense of style, who loves what she does and whose job is creating beautiful inspiration for us all! What are your top sources of inspiration for weddings, work and life?

KW: Thank you! Blushing… 🙂 How amazing is that?! I feel so incredibly grateful to wake up every morning and put my heart and soul into something that I love.

This may or may not surprise you, but I never look at any other wedding publication or their social channels. I’m rarely on Pinterest other than to create a shared style board for a photo shoot. It helps keep my head clear and focused on what I’ve imagined up to be my own. A creative brain is a powerful force…an eternal burning flame. Sometimes it dims but most of the time it roars like wildfire. My days are a constant battle to stay focused on one idea!

I think it’s so important to surround yourself with other people that inspire you (like you Sofia!). The simple act of having coffee or lunch with a friend most of the time ends with a new editorial idea, workshop, or event. Lunch dates can be very dangerous, haha.

In life, my husband is one of my biggest inspirations. For those moments when I find myself glued to my computer he gets me off and out. Every weekend we are exploring something we haven’t seen or experienced before (a drive up the coast, a new hike, restaurant, or art exhibit). Albeit, I’m known to kick and stomp my feet for the person in my head telling me I have too much to do, but I’m always so grateful for a new sense of energy and inspiration that is restored from our exploration, or creative escapes if you will.

On set for Flutter Issue 13 | Cover 2017 Astrology Edition

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Kim’s Wedding

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Flutter Magazine Issue 13

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