Nikki & Nolan’s Love Story

Welcome back SKFJ readers! Sophia here again, the resident Social Media and Marketing Manager <3 We’re back this week with another Love Story – and this one is *cute*. Nikki and Nolan are completely original, and not only is this shown through their words and how they got engaged, but even down to the design of Nikki’s stunning ring. These two are special, and we are beyond thrilled for the two of them – and of their future nuptials!

Read on for the story of Nikki D’Aprix and Nolan Bryan…

Current location: Los Angeles, CA

Meeting date + location: 10/13/21 + Los Angeles, CA

Wedding date + location: Upstate NY in October 2025

Back to the start of all of this – how did you lovebirds meet? 

Nolan: Nikki and I met at our acting class. I remember seeing her for the first time. She had a mask over her face. I went right up to her and said “Hi, I’m Nolan!” She smiled at me with bright eyes and said “Hi I’m Nikki!” Then I saw her act, and I was very impressed by her talent. We would see each other once-a-week at our class, and after we got to know each other more, I asked her on a date! 

The proposal – please tell us the story!

Via Nikki: Nolan had a surprise date planned for us, which wasn’t out of the ordinary – he often tells me what time to be ready, what to wear, etc, and takes me to a new place. This day, December 8th, began like that: we had a nice morning together, got ready, and drove to our first stop, which was a pretty park. After walking around, he drove us to our second stop, The Huntington Gardens, and at this point began acting a little… distracted, to say the least! I knew something was going on with him, but didn’t know what. We walked around the gardens together and he really wanted to find the Japanese Gardens. Once we found the entrance, he said “let’s save it”. Save it for what?! I said. He wanted to save it for sunset, which was still a little ways out. Eventually, we made our way there, and at the perfect spot, he told me to turn around and count to ten. When I turned back and saw him on one knee I screamed – no, SHRIEKED – and he asked me to marry him. The most special moment of my life!

How or when did you know that your significant other was the one?

Nolan: There were a couple moments. The first was when I was in my acting class, and Nikki was working. I got a text from her saying that she had cut her finger on a wine glass and was in the ER. I hadn’t even done my scene yet, but I immediately told my teacher there was an emergency, and had to leave. I rushed to meet her. I knew I couldn’t miss being there for her. I knew I wanted to prioritize her. It felt very pivotal. I remember making her laugh as she was getting stitches. It was a tough day for her, but a very important day in our relationship.

The next was when I was at a funeral in Texas. Nikki stayed in LA, and I had parked my car at her place in Culver City. She called me saying that I had forgotten to display my permit sign on my rearview mirror. I was so stressed. I thought I would rack up ticket after ticket for the week I was in Texas. She told me she’d take care of it. I didn’t know how, but about 30 minutes later, she called me and said it was all taken care of. I was in disbelief! She told me she called AAA, got them to unlock the car, found the permit, and hung it up. She just handled it! From that moment, I realized I had a very strong, dependable, brilliant partner, who truly had my back. 

Nikki: The answer that comes to mind is when I cut myself at work bartending, and had to go the emergency room. This was two months into dating. I texted him that I was in the ER about to get stitches, and he asked where, and immediately left his class and drove over to be with me. He showed up and supported me, and has done so ever since. I knew he was reliable, and showed through his actions how much he loved me. The other answer is, my subconscious knew even before our first date, this one is different from all the others.


What is your favorite thing about your significant other? 

Nikki: I love how goofy and silly Nolan is, while also being so sensitive, loving, and kind. He is the best listener, and always makes me feel seen and appreciated.

Nolan: Oh, this is so hard. I think it’s that she’s very weird. Like, she’s a total weirdo. But in public, she’s very put- together and well-adjusted. But with me, she’ll suddenly break into a dance, she’ll imitate spiders, she’ll make up songs on the fly, the list goes on! It’s such a privilege that she shows me her inner weirdo. She trusts me enough to show me, and know that I’ll still love her. The funny thing is, that’s the part I love most about her! 

Do you have any notable stories that have stood out over the years – hilarious, sentimental, anything

Nolan: ​​ Yeah! Another time I was sleeping over at her place, when I woke up in the morning, and my car’s catalytic converter had been stolen. I was obviously upset. Nikki started comforting me, and I don’t know how we turned it around, but as we waited for the tow truck, I just remember being in a great mood. We were laughing, we were joking, and a very necessary part of my car had just been stolen! I took a selfie of us and the tow-truck driver that day. I have it on my desk now. It reminds me that no matter how tough the times will get, I have a loving partner, and we’re still gonna have fun, in spite of anything. 

What’s your go-to date night idea? 

Nikki: I love going out to a new happy hour, going on a long walk after dinner, telling cute stories, and then cuddling on the couch with a cozy drink to watch a show or play our favorite video game together. I also love surprise dates, where one of us picks a new spot for coffee or drinks and surprises the other. I love when we have our Sunday curry nights – Nolan makes the best curry, and we have a nice home-cooked meal, sipping good wine and spending the night away from our phones and with each other.

Let’s talk jewels – how did you choose this ring?! Who took the reigns on designing or choosing your ring? Give us all the details. 

Nikki: I wanted a ring that could sit next to a wedding band without any gap in-between, which is why I was at first intrigued by the Billie setting! I also loved the Annika setting – the simple solitaire with a gold basket around the center stone. With Sofia’s help, we created a unique setting that is part Billie (on the side facing me, so that my wedding band can be right next to my engagement band), and part Annika (on the side facing out, displaying a gold basket around my stone). I love the result – an engagement ring designed with the final product in mind! The best of both worlds. 

Nolan: I told Nikki to tell me exactly what she wanted, and I would see if I could make it work. Luckily I could! 

How is wedding planning experience? What’s been different about wedding planning than you imagined? 

We haven’t started yet… TBD! 

Will there be a honeymoon involved?  

We definitely will! Most likely in Vienna, Austria!

Alright – so what does the future hold for the two of you?!

We’re excited to start planning our wedding! We have a rough idea of when and where, but no set venue yet.

Finally, if you could add any piece to your SKFJ collection, which one would it be?!

Nikki: I love the emerald ring “Isola” or anything emerald 🙂

Nolan: Wedding bands! And something emerald!