She may have sung about being a heartbreaker, but Pat Benatar happily gave her heart to her guitarist and music partner Neil Giraldo. They are going strong on 33 years now- one of the longest lasting rock n’ roll couples in history. We love a good love story at SKFJ and thought it apropos to […]

Joanne & Paul | A Love Story

We believe Paul Newman to have been one of the most handsome men to ever walk the face of this earth. Add to that his talent, not only as an actor, but an accomplished race car driver, and one of the most altruistic individuals there ever was, you would wonder what kind of woman would […]

Ring for a Queen

The cry of a million hearts breaking was heard around the world when the King of Rock ‘N Roll took on a Queen. The stunningly beautiful Priscilla Beaulieu had done what no Hollywood Starlet, model or beauty had done prior, she had snared the King. There could only be one ring in our collection befitting […]

A ring for the independent + creative bride

When I think of true love, Linda & Paul McCartney come to mind. They had the ‘fever’ for each other and it was evident in their many years of blissful union. I think part of Linda’s attraction to one of the world’s most eligible and sought-after bachelors would have to be her fierce independent streak. […]

A ring for the Jane Birkin girl

Jane Birkin is one of those women that just has ‘it’. Both women and men seem to admire her lithe, effortless beauty and style unequivocally. Even decades later her star’s luster has not seemed to fade. The love story of Serge & Jane is that of legend. Jane has always been thoroughly unique, even making […]

A ring for a bohemian bride

When I think of the ultimate boho bride, it has to be the one and only Kate Moss. She is the picture perfect embodiment of boho chic style (with a little rocker thrown in for good measure, of course!) Delicate and charming, our signature nature-inspired twig ring, with diamond accented dewdrops and daisies, might be […]

Edwardian | Belle Époque 101

Edwardian 1901-1910 Garlands and bows and tassels, oh my! January 1901 marked the start of a new century and of the Edwardian period. With the succession of King Edward VII to the English throne, jewelry trends changed from large and bold, to delicate and ethereal almost overnight. Elegant, lacy, graceful designs created to simulate the […]

A ring for a classic + sophisticated bride

Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy typified the classic and sophisticated bride. Everything about her wedding look was effortlessly chic. A bride as naturally stunning as this only needs the most refined and simple of rings. We think our three row diamond eternity band would be the perfect choice for a classic + sophisticated bride.

A ring fit for a Princess

Grace Kelly is the epitome of regal beauty. It only made sense that she would grow up to become a princess. If we were going to design a ring befitting a princess we think the Bellini ring would be a strong contender for the title. Maybe it’s the pear shaped champagne diamond center or the […]

Sophisticated Rocker Chic Bride

You’d be hard pressed to find a chicer rock ‘n roll bride than Bianca Jagger. Nearly 45 years later and her look could absolutely be pulled off today. We thought we would introduce a series of celeb couples paired with our pick of jewels. If this is your style than you might find something that […]