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The SK Signature Collection is made by hand in Los Angeles, CA. Our pieces are solid, not-plated, and cast in either 14kt or 18kt gold, Platinum or Sterling Silver. All of our pieces are finished with a matte surface finish, unless otherwise noted in the product description.

We only use natural, fine quality gemstones, pearls, and diamonds and make every effort to obtain our diamonds from conflict-free sources. Our colorless, round-cut diamond quality is G-H in color, SI1 clarity, or better.


Custom work is a specialty of ours! Whether it’s revamping a dated piece or creating something entirely new with your style in mind, we love collaborating with our clients to create unique and personalized pieces. Contact us by phone or through our Bespoke page with any questions or to set up an appointment.

Custom work takes approximately 4-6 weeks from start to finish. It begins with an initial consultation with our designer, Sofia. You have the option to meet in-person at the boutique, over the phone, or virtually through a video call. Once the first meeting has concluded and a design plan has been created, we will provide a quote for the project. We require a non-refundable 75% deposit of the quoted price to begin production on your custom design. After the wax or custom 3-D design is rendered, you will have two opportunities to make adjustments. If more adjustments need to be made, there will be an additional design fee added to the price of the piece, starting at $500.

Rush Orders (anything guaranteed under 6 weeks) are FINAL, and the project must be paid in full when the rush order is placed. No refunds or exchanges are allowed on rush orders. Fees for expedited projects may apply, based on requirements. Change requests on orders in production may also incur fees based upon the request.


We wish you many years of enjoyment with your new piece of Sofia Kaman jewelry! Here are a few tips to ensure longevity:

  • We recommend that you store your pieces in the brown SK box provided with your order. Proper storage helps to prevent scratching of stones and metal. It is best to keep products away from extreme heat or moisture.
  • We recommend applying perfume or other sprayed substances before putting on your jewelry.
  • Jewelry should be removed prior to showering, exercising, and swimming.
  • Most of our jewelry is finished with a matte texture, which tends to polish itself over time. Contact us should you need your piece refinished. Re-matting is available for a small fee.
  • Sterling silver jewelry will tarnish through time and wear. To clean shiny items, use a soft polishing cloth and gently rub jewelry.
  • Alternatively, gold or silver jewelry can be cleaned using mild soap and warm water and a brush (a soft bristle toothbrush will do) to remove any particles of dirt around the prongs or settings.
  • For any of our pieces set with pearls, coral or turquoise, with silk stringing or leather…they are fragile and you should consider them allergic to water!

Still have questions? Email us at hello@sofiakaman.com. We will do our best to handle any of your concerns.


Need a quick rundown on vintage jewelry eras? Read our easy guide to discover which styles suit you best!

Georgian 1760-1837

If you love pieces that reflect a bit of history, then Georgian jewelry you will adore. The Georgian era spans from 1714 to 1837, and is one of the earliest eras in which intact pieces of jewelry still remain. Prior to this period jewelry was reserved for the church, royalty or the very rich so finding wearable pieces is extremely rare. Shop our selection of Georgian era or styled pieces for your own time-worn treasures.

Victorian 1837-1901

Victorian Jewelry spans the duration of Queen Victoria’s reign, 1837-1901, and in terms of style also reflects a broad range. Victorians were enamored with nature and so are we- coral, seed pearls, turquoise, diamonds are every bit as stylish today as were in yesteryear. After the death of Victoria’s beloved Albert in 1861, Victorian jewelry entered a darker, more somber phase. Mourning jewelry came greatly into fashion. Dark onyx and deep red garnets set in gold jewels with black enamel tracery are typical examples of this period. Whether in its lighter romantic or darker mood, Victorian jewels are equally cool in our history book!

Edwardian 1901-1910

Garlands and bows and tassles, oh my! January 1901 marked start of a new century and of the Edwardian period. With the succession of King Edward Vll to the English throne, jewelry trends changed from large and bold, to delicate and ethereal almost overnight. Elegant, lacy, graceful designs designed to simulate the fluid lightweight fabrics of the day were de rigueur. What’s not to love? Grab a diamond tiara and join the fashionable elite at the ballet! This is La Belle Epoque!

Art Nouveau 1890-1915

We like to think of Art Nouveau as embodying the original “boho chic” look. The Art Nouveau design movement emerged in 1890s Paris and blossomed till about 1915. Based on a return to craftsmanship vs. mass produced jewelry (see, we knew we were like-minded Bohemians) and an emphasis on design over material, Art Nouveau pieces often used less expensive colored gems like moonstone, opal, amethyst, citrine, peridot and freshwater pearls as well as beautiful enameling techniques. Sinuous, free-flowing lines and as an interest in the natural world were integral design elements. The representation of a female head with long flowing hair is prevalent in Art Nouveau jewelry. At the same time, end-of-the-century uncertainty fostered a sense of mystery and fantasy in design, such as mythical hybrid creatures. Hmm… this is all sounding very Venice, CA circa 2015

Art Deco 1915-1930s

Perhaps the most sought after of all vintage style pieces, Art Deco jewelry continues to exude as much elegance and glamour now as it did in the 1920s and 30s. Moving away from the soft pastels and organic forms of its style predecessors, Art Nouveau and the Edwardian style, Art Deco embraced more abstract motifs and geometrical forms. Inspired by the rapid industrialization of the era, and the embrace of technology Art Deco emerged alongside the Cubist, Modernist, and Futurist art movements of its day. Art Deco styles are often angular and architectural. Forever chic, Art Deco jewelry defines “timeless classic!”

Retro 1940s and 50s

Bold and colorful, many of our favorite statement pieces are Retro! Strongly influenced by the same type and language of geometric shapes as the prior Deco period, Retro jewelry features bolder heavier lines, shapes and stones. Gold returns to the scene, with platinum reserved for war efforts, and makes a splash in multiple colors. The ribbon bow is a popular motif, as are anchors, knots, hearts and other war-time icons reflecting the sentiments of the era. Large scale gemstones like aquamarine, citrine, topaz, cabochon-cut rubies and sapphires (including star stones), golden beryl, peridots and tourmaline will have you dreaming…in Technicolor!

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