Vacation Jewelry: How To Pack Your Travel Jewels

Summer is fast approaching and surely you have a vacation booked, whether jumping on a jet to Turks and Caicos or hopping in the car for a family road trip two hours south. Between getting a petsitter and making sure work is wrapped up before you leave, relieve some chaos with our quick guide on what and how to pack your travel jewelry to maximize style and minimize the stress.

1. Leave your most prized pieces at home.

The point of a vacation is to get away from your everyday routine– which means you’re probably busy trying new things or removing yourself completely to relax, both keeping you from being as careful as you normally are with your precious jewels. A rule of thumb: do not bring any jewelry that you are afraid of losing. Leave the family heirloom brooch and diamond studs you’re planning to pass down one day.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t bring your favorite jewelry, as a vacation is a great excuse to accessorize more than usual and play with your outfits. Instead, stick to packing pieces that are wearable daily, such as one or two necklaces, a few pair of studs, and simple stackable bands – but don’t forget those statement pieces that spice up your looks as well. Here are some great options:

Daisy Gem Necklace

Daisy Gem Necklace – $1,350

Crescent Moon Stud Earrings

Crescent Moon Stud Earrings – $690

Infinity Disc Charm Bracelet

Infinity Disc Charm Bracelet – $370

2. Consider a wedding/engagement ring alternative.

You love your wedding set and of course, you want to bring your beloved engagement ring and wedding band along. But with constant new experiences you’re immersed in while traveling, it’s easy to not give them the proper care that you normally would. Don’t subject your rings to the horrors of being left on the bathroom sink in a restaurant restroom or flashing in the Caribbean sunlight, showing people that you might have a nice jewelry collection back in your hotel room. Swap your special rock for something simple and easy-to-wear, like these travel band alternatives:

Torn Paper Gold Wedding Band With Pave Diamond Patch – 3mm – $1,350

Petite Wavy band II With Diamonds – $2,280

Classic One Diamond Wire Band – $360

Engraved Ivy Infinity Band – $600

Knife Edge Band With Diamonds – $2,280

3. Protect your jewelry!

Avoid sleeping, swimming, working out and high-intensity activity while wearing your gems, especially on vacay.

Always utilize the hotel room safe if possible, not only for jewels but important documents, keys, etc. Keep your jewels safe from harm with a travel case when traveling with your jewelry. There are now a plethora of jewelry travel cases available, made specifically for this use that caters to the needs of each piece so it is stored in the safest way possible. Check out Cuyana’s minimal and adorable travel cases, or go the custom route and monogram your initials on Mark & Graham’s version.

Need a quick fix? Here are some DIY options for safe keeping:

  • Loop your necklaces through straws to keep them from tangling,
  • Use buttons as earring stud holders
  • Sealable snack cups are great for keeping different pieces separate from each other.
  • Poke holes in cardboard to use for your earrings, necklaces and bracelets

Pro-tip: Never check your jewelry when flying! Keep it in your personal carry-on bag. Everyone knows someone (or it’s happened to you!) that has had their luggage delayed or lost for good. Keep it with you to avoid any extra complications when traveling with your jewels. Same goes for those epic overseas proposals: keep the ring in a baggie, pouch or box on your person! It is the safest place for it to be. 

With these tips and tricks you should be good to take off to your first destination of the summer. Make sure to tag us in your adventures on Instagram if you don’t already follow us! xo