Stack, Stack, Layer, Repeat:
How to Build Your Dream Stack

Stacking rings are a versatile way to a style a statement look that is as unique as you are. Layer your favorite delicate, diamond stackable rings or detailed vintage bands to create a beautiful self-expression. Rings have always served as markers of special events. Why wear one at a time when you can treasure all those precious memories together?

Our newest collection, Oceana Luxe, is all about stacking and layering within the collection as well as mixing and matching with the pieces you already have in your jewel box. Read on to discover our tips on how to build your dream stack!


Your focal point should be the star of the show, the piece that initially catches your eye when you look down. Although a diamond looks great, your focal point can be a pretty gemstone too, and should ultimately be a piece you really love. And who doesn’t like a pop of color? Make it meaningful by adding a loved one’s birthstone or maybe your favorite color. There are no rules here!

Our limited edition collection, Oceana Luxe features Australian Boulder opals in shade of azure blue, sea foam green and splashes of crimson red sunsets to draw you in.


Adding some bling to your stack will give it that certain, ahem, je ne sais quoi, provided by that glittery touch. And don’t be afraid to add more than one sparkly piece! The more, the merrier.


Playing with textures and even mixed metals creates depth and gives your stack some excitement. Have fun mixing some textured matte yellow gold bands with a shiny white gold accent. Or stick with a single shade and vary your shapes- round, squared, bumpy, smooth. The contrast will create undeniable drama – the good kind.

Stacks are a fun and easy way to collect pieces that you love and wear them all at the same time. Click HERE to get your stacking on!

Happy stacking! x