5 Tips to Brightening any Space with Plants: Our Interview with Floral Designer Amy Balsters

We recently had the pleasure of working with Amy Balsters of Amy Nicole Floral on our Language of Flowers campaign and quickly discovered her passion and skill for creating a mood with flowers. This month we invited her to our boutique to bring in a bit more green to our space and were amazed at what a difference it made.  As much as we love flowers and plants, creating cohesion in a room is not always as easy as it looks, which is why when hearing Amy’s eye-opening suggestions, we couldn’t wait to share them with you. Read on to learn Amy’s top 5 tips to brighten any space using plants and flowers and transform it from simple to stunning!

5 Tips to Brighten any Space with PlantsAmy Balsters of Amy Nicole Floral

No. 1 : Start with a focus on your containers-they define and unify the space

It’s important to always consider the container before purchasing plants or flowers you are decorating with. Examine the area you are accenting and consider the height, the width, how much the container may hold. etc.


No. 2 Choose your ingredients strategically 

If you have a lot of space to fill, consider choosing tall elements to help bring the ceiling down visually. It can also be helpful to choose plant material that “breaks” the edge of the container meaning something that can hang over the edge so the eye doesn’t get stuck visually at the lip of a container.


No. 3 : Line your container

If you have chosen a vase with drainage for plants, great! Plants love and need drainage but ensure that the pot has a liner inside or a dish to sit in to avoid water rings from condensation damaging your furniture. An inexpensive lining option is to use a heavy plastic or moss.


No. 4 : Frame the area you want to highlight

It helps to set some visual parameters by framing the container or arrangement with the tallest or widest materials and work your way back to the center or lower parts of the design. Ask yourself if the plants or flowers placed in the vase will be big enough to make an impact or too big to overwhelm the space.


No. 5 : After care

Every plant has different watering needs and everyones home has different light, humidity, etc. Succulents need less water than most. Ferns require a lot of water, and cactus require almost none. It is important to look up each plant and care for its individual needs rather than watering at the same time every other week.

5 Tips to Brighten any Space with Plants

And one final bit of advice from Amy, “Lastly, I would love to add  that it’s helpful to buy plants from reputable places and remember that you often get what you pay for! Also, don’t beat yourself up if plants die, it happens to everything and can feel so defeating. Just clean out your container well and try again!”

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Photographer: Lara Lam – laralam.com