Our Favorite Pieces for an Endless Summer

When summer wanes we search for ways to extend the feeling of carefree, unscheduled time and long warm nights. We look to these cool classics to get us through these final dog days and transition into the crispness of fall. Bold and classic, delicately balancing the texture of boho patterns and smooth expanses of pure gold. Shield shapes with a sleek and comfortable fit. Statement making on their own, forever a part of your favorite layered mix. A truly endless summer essential.

The theme of this capsule collection is invulnerability. Everyday we are affronted with countless little experiences that can challenge our patience, our sanity, our best intentions. The idea was to play upon this notion of creating a barrier to the negative forces that surround us and to create a beautiful token to represent this message.

The inspiration: a shield, wielded for protection, whether physical or spiritual. Smooth and solid our modern interpretation plays off this motif and wraps around the finger like a second skin of golden armor. Bohemian patterns of diamonds punctuate velvety matte backgrounds, meant to emulate a burst of light force radiating and projecting positive energy to the world.

Sofia Kaman Shield Rings Shield rings designed to become a treasured and timeless part of your jewelry wardrobe, outlasting trends and seasons.

We love the idea of a classic gold statement piece, one that stands the test of time, and becomes a part of your signature style. Like a talisman too, it goes with you always, clearing a path of golden light on your journey, wherever you should roam.