A ring for the Jane Birkin girl


Jane Birkin is one of those women that just has ‘it’. Both women and men seem to admire her lithe, effortless beauty and style unequivocally. Even decades later her star’s luster has not seemed to fade. The love story of Serge & Jane is that of legend. Jane has always been thoroughly unique, even making the very daring decision not to marry the love of her life and the father to her two children. A thoroughbred pedigree with a free spirit, Jane is a style icon for the ages- an amalgamation of classic, tomboy, rebel, boho and sophisticate.

If Jane’s style is what you aspire to, we think a simple, classic design, with an unexpected twist like our wavy band with asymmetrical splashes of pave diamonds would be the perfect ring to celebrate your love, whether you choose the traditional route or to live and love la vie en rose,  à la Jane!