A ring for the independent + creative bride


When I think of true love, Linda & Paul McCartney come to mind. They had the ‘fever’ for each other and it was evident in their many years of blissful union. I think part of Linda’s attraction to one of the world’s most eligible and sought-after bachelors would have to be her fierce independent streak. Paul McCartney wasted no time in placing an engagement ring on Linda’s finger, a simple sapphire number, vintage, timeless and full of meaning (sapphires have long been the gem choice of royals since they are a symbol of loyalty).

We think the Deco Filigree ring would be the perfect choice for a creative, independent bride-something that won’t get in the way of her adventures, and would be unique enough that no one else would have the exact same ring.  Our Deco Filigree is small but full of detail and beautiful workmanship. This dainty ring is perfect for those with a taste for subtle elegance. Designed in 18K white gold, set with a rose cut diamond center, two surrounding blue sapphire baguettes and additional diamond accents.