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We are honored to feature Lara and Justin this week on #SKLoveStories. A very special couple that not only craves new experiences and adventures by nature, but these two are tying the knot with not one, not two, but three weddings! Read on for this cool couple’s story on how they met and how all these weddings came about…

How it all started…

After years of living abroad, Lara and Justin both found themselves back in the States for some R&R, but it didn’t take them long to both say yes to their next adventure which would take them on much more than a fantastic vacation, but a lifelong journey of love. After both agreeing to a trip to an island off the coast of Honduras with mutual friends, they met and had instant sparks. After staying up all night talking on the first night on the island, they spent the remainder of the trip falling in love. Once back in the States and settled into reality, they decided to flip a coin to see who would visit the other one first. Justin lost (or according to him “won!”) and was on the next flight to Asheville to meet the family. The first year together they spent traveling the world and then sealed the deal with a proposal in Patagonia, whilst hanging out with some penguins, literally.


Lara and Justin’s journey to the ring was a fun one. Lara had sketched her ring out one night on a hotel piece of paper and brought it into the boutique, where Sofia talked them through the process of sketch to finger, and the rest is history. “Sofia’s craftsmanship and knowledge of her craft were immediately recognized and appreciated during that first meeting,” Lara notes. Sofia designed both Lara and Justin’s rings and needless to say, they fit them perfectly, literally and figuratively.

There are HOW MANY weddings?!

In the continuous search for stimulating adventure, this thrill-seeking couple decided to have not one, not two, but three weddings scaling from an eclectic ceremony at Burning Man, an art festival, to a beautiful and traditional wedding in Lara’s home state, North Carolina. Lara has an incredible travel company, Packed Perfectly, so it only makes sense that she put her skills to work for her own weddings.

SK Love Stories

The couple will have their final wedding this June at the Biltmore House in North Carolina, where Lara grew up saying she was going to get married one day after first touring it when she was just 7 years old. Bringing their friends and family together for the perfect wedding at the Biltmore House is “literally is a dream come true,” says Lara.

We are so happy to have been a small part of Lara and Justin’s journey of love. Do you have an inspiring story of your own? Click here and share with us to be featured!