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At Sofia Kaman Fine Jewels we revel in a good love story and we hope you do too! To introduce our new Love Stories series we wanted to have one of our favorite brides, Jenni M. tell us hers. Be prepared to read this with a tissue, because it is so sweet that we had not a dry eye in the studio after reading it.


Jenni  + Stuart

Where do you live:

Los Angeles, CA

Wedding date + location:

June 26, 2014 in Edinburgh, Scotland. We filled gorgeous Prestonfield House with our family and friends for three straight days of total bliss.


How did you meet?

Stuart came to LA in 2009 to perform at the World Magic Awards, where he won best comedy illusionist of the year. I had just moved here and was working at the show. It was a three day job…which I thought was going to be totally lame. I mean, magicians…right?? 😉 But something happened over the course of those days and Stuart and I had this powerful magnetic draw to each other. But nothing happened, just hours of of talking and secret crushes. On the last night when I left, I thought…I just walked away from my soulmate. I cried the whole drive home like a total nut. I had only known him 72 hours and thought I was losing my mind! I kept thinking about him over the next year and half, and turns out he was thinking about me too. In 2011 I suddenly got a friend request on Facebook and that was it. I found out later he actually created the Facebook account just to get back in touch with me. It started with little messages that turned into novel length emails then all night video chats, until we finally got the guts to meet again in person. Stuart offered to fly me to London but I was a chicken so he came here to LA.

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

There’s no one else like him. I knew right away that Stuart is truly one of a kind with a unique perspective on the world. His brain works in such an interesting way and I’m always fascinated by him. He’s also an incredibly grounded, patient, and deeply loving person.


If you could choose any jewel from the Sofia Kaman collection to celebrate your love, which would it be?

Where do I begin?? I dream in Sofia Kaman. If I had to pick just one it would be the “Shoot for the Moon” arrow necklace. There’s something really magical about it and feels special and otherworldly, like the love we share. (I’m a cheeseball, sorry) 😉 Would be a great anniversary gift, wink wink, nudge nudge!




Photographer: Paul Raeburn |instagram: @paulraeburn1

Florist: Linzi Deprez of Jack Fleuriste | instagram: @jackfleuriste 

Dress: Shareen Bridal |instagram: @shareenbridal  

Styling & Accessories: Jenni and her shop The Blushing Bird | instagram: @theblushingbird facebook:

Engagement and Wedding Rings: Sofia Kaman

Do you have an equally engaging story to share of how you met your love? Then stop by here and share! Maybe you will be the next featured Love Story!