SK Love Stories


It’s February and love is in the air… Which means SK Love Stories are back in action – and we have some amazing stories we cannot wait to share! If you are unfamiliar, SK Love Stories is our way of celebrating couples that have given us the honor of allowing our jewels to be a part of their love story. From whirlwind romances to long-distance lovers, we love to celebrate it all and everything in between!

It’s safe to say that a lot of changes have occurred since last February and although the world wasn’t on its regularly scheduled programming, we are pleased to announce we have still been able to be a part of so many love stories, starting with an absolutely darling couple Ashley and Nicole. Please enjoy this sweet story of this aesthetically-on-point pair (and their “disco ball” rings!)

Names: Ashley Brake & Nicole Ayres

Current location: Nashville, TN

Meeting date + location: 10-20-2013 Cincinnati, OH

Wedding date + location: 10-10-2020 Joshua Tree, CA


How did you meet?

We both worked at a video agency in Cincinnati – a workplace romance that caught us both by surprise.

The proposal – please tell us the story!

Nicole knew she wanted to marry Ashley early on. So, instead of rushing the process with a proposal, she told Ashley that if and when she was ready, she should let Nicole know by giving her a ring pop. Fast-forward five years into the relationship, while on a business trip in Santa Cruz, CA, Ashley surprised Nicole with a ring pop and a proposal on the sky gliders at the Santa Cruz boardwalk. They promptly took engagement pictures from their cell phones in a broken photo booth.



When did you know that your significant other was the one?

Neither of us believe in the concept of “the one.” It’s more so someone you could see yourself growing with – and growing old with. 

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

For Ashley, it’s Nicole’s insatiable drive at life – whether it’s building her own company or helping others obtain their dreams. For Nicole, it’s Ashley’s openness and unconditional love for every person she meets.

What has COVID taught you about each other/relationships? Did you learn anything about your SO?

Well, it certainly isn’t ideal to have your first year of being married a Covid year, but we figured if we can make it through a quarantine (we’re in Nashville, so also a tornado and a bomb) – then we can make it through anything.


Do you have any notable stories that have stood out over the years – hilarious, sentimental, anything!

The first time Nicole ever went to Ashley’s apartment, the electricity was out due to a storm. While lighting a candle, Ashley caught her (big) hair on fire. (It was much cuter than it sounds.)

What’s your favorite go-to date night idea? Pre or post quarantine!

Pre-quarantine, we love going to our little non-profit indie movie theatre where Ashley always gets a glass of wine and Nicole gets plain M&Ms.

Let’s talk jewels – how did you choose this ring?!

Ashley had been curating rings on Instagram and sliding them into Nicole’s DMs. When Nicole saw the Leonard Cohen inspired Torn Paper Collection, she knew it was the one because of what it symbolized. Light and the refraction of light has always been a theme for us (as evidenced by the crystals and disco balls perfectly placed throughout our living room casting reflections and rainbows in different places throughout the day.) The ring is like an embodiment of that, because it has inklings of a disco ball and cracks to remind us “that’s where the light gets in.”



You already tied the knot! Do you have any advice for planning a wedding?

We got married on 10/10/2020 (mostly because it’s so fun to say) and our advice is to do your wedding your own way. You will never regret it.

Are you going to honeymoon?

Yes, but TBD on the location and date. We’re waiting for Covid to be over so we can do something really special 🙂



So… If you could add any piece to your SKFJ collection, which one would it be?

Oh don’t worry, Ashley already has been sliding new ideas into Nicole’s DMs for our 1 year, our 5 year, and our 10 year. (The Claudette Emerald Cut Band, The Petite Wavy Band, The Stone Scratched Round Band, to name a few…)

Alright – so what’s next for the two of you?!

Just over here dream makin’. Ashley bought an Airstream to remodel and Nicole’s growing a creative agency called Jumpsuit! 


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