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February is over but SK Love Stories live on! We have an exciting collaboration in the works with Ashley Guyatt and Brennan Cassidy of @ashbegash and @himcollective so what better way to introduce them than by sharing their love story. This sweet couple’s story starts right here in sunny Santa Monica, and we are happy to play a small part in their wedding fun.

Names: Ashley Guyatt & Brennan Cassidy

Current Location: Marina Del Rey, CA

Meeting Date: July 23, 2015

Wedding Date + Location: October 11, 2019 – Santa Barbara Zoo

SK Love Stories

How did you meet?

It was sort of on accident! I went to a Santa Monica pier concert one night with one of my girlfriends.(Brennan had been going weekly since 2012– his favorite summer tradition!) We originally didn’t have plans to meet up with anyone, but realized there was a friend nearby that I went to college with. My girlfriend sent a quick text to find out where she was. Upon arriving to the designated area on the beach, I didn’t see my college friend anywhere. All of a sudden, another girl came running towards us! We quickly realized we had been in contact with someone completely different, but went with it because my girlfriend knew her (just didn’t save last names in her phone)! Minutes after we sat down on our new friend’s blanket, Brennan walked up and introduced himself. Hands down, the best mistake my girlfriend ever made.

SK Love Stories

The proposal – please tell us the story! 

Brennan and I take “staycations” frequently, so when we set up a quick trip to the Malibu Beach Inn in October 2018, I had no suspicions whatsoever. After checking in and exploring the hotel a bit, Brennan suggested we walk to Nobu to get a drink for happy hour. I’d never been to the restaurant, so I excitedly agreed. As we walked onto the beach to set out for our walk, I began to hurry because it was windy and I was in a dress. Brennan quickly told me to wait; he first asked if I wanted to “take a picture on the rock,” but after realizing I was in no mood to hang out on a windy beach he switched gears. He said “I have something to ask you,” and that’s when I realized! After some very sweet words, he got down on one knee and asked if I would marry him. I can’t explain the overwhelming joy that came over me when I yelled “yes!” After some emotional moments on the beach, trying to soak in everything that had just happened, we turned right back around to the Malibu Beach Inn to pop some bubbly and call our families and friends. It was more perfect than I could have ever dreamed!

SK Love Stories

SK Love Stories

When did you know that your significant other was the one?

I will never forget the moment Brennan introduced himself on the beach. My heart whispered that he would be special in some way – I know that’s cliché, but it’s true. I was in a relationship at the time, so when Brennan stuck around and was patient the few months it took for me to be single again, that was my first inclination that he was in fact very special. I could list so many moments that made me think “this guy is the one,” but overall it was just a consistent feeling of being home. Everything was always easy, and he loved me so well. Better than I had ever been loved, truly. He  understood me from day 1, and made every single day feel like it should be celebrated…simply because he was by my side.

SK Love Stories

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

I don’t know how he does it, but Brennan rarely gets upset. I’m SO emotional, so I have the ups and downs covered for both of us, but he is the rock in our relationship. No matter how many feelings I may experience each day, I know that I can go to Brennan for the positive, consistent, steady feelings. It’s very comforting and calms me down. He also has a joy for life and a desire for spontaneity that are both contagious.

SK Love Stories

Do you have a favorite story or funny moment from the last few years that has stood out, made you a stronger couple, etc.?

I’d say that moving in together was something that made our relationship stronger! My parents weren’t encouraging of the decision so I had to rely heavily on Brennan for reassurance that everything would turn out okay, and to this day I think it’s the best thing we ever did. It brought us closer, made us that much more comfortable with each other, gave us the opportunity to make decisions together in a different way, and overall just showed us how much we truly loved and craved each other’s presence. Coming home to your best friend every day is the best feeling ever, and looking back it was the best thing for our relationship!

SK Love Stories

Wedding talk time! What’s been the most fun and the hardest parts of planning your wedding? Do you have any advice for anyone just getting started on the process?

The venue was hands down our biggest challenge. We thought we wanted to get married in Palm Springs, but after shopping around we realized it was just way over our budget, and couldn’t accommodate our guest list. After going back to the drawing board and writing down key details that we wanted included in our special day, we finally narrowed it down. I’d say my biggest piece of advice is to realistically look into venues a year and a half in advance or more (if you know you want to get married somewhere popular) because things book out years in advance! All of our top 5 venues were already booked solid for the following year, which I did not expect. I’d also say not to get discouraged. It will all come together (I hated hearing this before we found our venue haha) but I can now say that it is true! Stick to your non-negotiables, and shop around for the best pricing. Also weigh the options of a DIY venue vs. a venue that provides everything. Sometimes they are similar in cost, but one is much more work than the other. So many things to consider! But those are my top 😉

SK Love Stories

Do you have honeymoon plans?

Right now we’re thinking Thailand! It’s way more adventurous than anywhere we’ve been.

SK Love Stories

Brennan did a great job choosing a crisp, clean Emerald cut diamond solitaire for you. If you could add any piece to complete your set or stack that best reflects your personal style, what would it be? 

I tend to gravitate to a Bohemian style with a modern chic sophistication. I love the playfulness of a nesting band, but don’t want anything to take away from the clean lines of the Emerald cut, so… I think the perfect piece would be your Diamond Priestess Tiara Band; it’s breathtaking!!

SK Love Stories


Venice Canals and Engagement Photos: @hallemarcelphotography

BHLDN Desert Photos: @kayleechelseaphotography

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