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Every love story is unique and that is why we have so much fun sharing these SK Love Stories with you. This week we are featuring a young, full-of-life couple that has a conventional (or non-conventional, depending on the generation you’re asking!) meeting story, a proposal that involved a short minute of panic (when don’t they?!) and clearly a ton of love for each other. Please meet Alex and Chris.

Names: Alexandra Hamb and Chris Frederick

Current location: San Diego, California

Meeting date + location: June 2016, New Orleans

Wedding date + location: Spring 2022, New Orleans

How did you meet?

Chris: Tale as old as time itself, Tinder.

Alex: Also a big thank you to my friend Lauren who was visiting me at the time and had temporary control of my dating apps. Our first date was about a week or so later at a neighborhood bar and the rest is history!

The proposal – please tell us the story!

Alex: I’ll let Chris tell the story since it was a complete surprise to me!

Chris: I bought the ring during early pandemic days and kept it secret in the house for 6 months waiting for the right moment. When we finally had time to take a vacation together we went on a road trip up to Big Sur. I hired a photographer who suggested this off the beaten path cliffside without any cell reception so we had to meet up with ‘what are you wearing’ type of stuff.  I pulled off on the side of the road in this area I thought he had described and saw this guy with sunglasses who gave me a peace sign and knew we were in the right place. I had envisioned Alex turning away from me so I could pull out the ring and get down on my knee without her realizing. I told her “hey let me take a pic of you looking out at the ocean” but she thought that was silly and refused so I kind of panicked and couldn’t figure out a way for her to look away from me for a couple minutes. The photographer later told me he was very confused about what was going on.

Alex: I feel so bad now for being so difficult in not wanting to turn around! I thought you wanted to watch the sunset… Anyway, it was absolutely perfect and it meant a lot to me that Chris had put so much thought into making the moment special.

When did you know that your significant other was the one?

Alex: Chris and I went back to my hometown for one of my best friend’s weddings. Since I was in the bridal party I was pretty busy with pre-wedding and wedding day festivities which meant Chris was hanging out with my family for most of the trip. Everyone loved him and they got along great; he’s so easy-going and likable I wouldn’t have expected anything less but seeing him fit in with my family so effortlessly helped me see a future together.

Chris: One of our first trips together was a weekend trip to an overnight trek on the Appalachian trail. We drove about 10 hours to get there, and when we finally arrive it’s misty and rainy and we can’t find the freaking trailhead. We wandered in circles for at least an hour looking for where to start. That whole first day of trekking was just miserable weather and lots of uncertainty about where we were going. Not exactly what we had envisioned for our vacation, but Alex was so cool about the whole thing. Like not fazed at all and still laughing, joking, and having a good time. I already thought Alex was one of the coolest girls I’d ever met, but that trip convinced me that she was the one.

What is your favorite thing about your significant other?

Alex: Many things! His goofiness, willingness to try new things. Can always make me laugh and immediately brighten my day. Great travel partner and always down to play ’20 Questions’ on long trips.

Chris: Too difficult to name just one. Incredible cook. Makes me laugh every day. Starts impromptu dance parties and tolerates my very questionable moves.

What has COVID taught you about each other/relationships? Did you learn anything about your SO?

Alex: I realized what a great partner Chris is. He was my safe haven in all the uncertainty. It actually gave us more time to spend together just the two of us and brought us closer together.

Chris: It taught me how important she was to me. The first month of quarantine I was working from home, that’s when I started looking at rings and really started thinking about what was important in life.

Do you have any notable stories that have stood out over the years – hilarious, sentimental, anything!

Alex: Early on, we went camping together and Chris forgot his sleeping bag and pillow after making quite a big deal about me having mine. It was freezing and we had to share this tiny pillow and a sleeping bag, zero rest – it was terrible in the moment but now we can laugh about it. One of my favorite memories is from my graduation. I really wanted to have an all-night celebration and while most people called it quits around 2AM, we stayed up all night going to dive bars and then ended it at the Mississippi River levee watching the sunrise.

What’s your favorite go-to date night idea? Pre or post quarantine!

Alex: Chris actually got me this very cool projector screen for my birthday a few years ago so probably movie night at home plus our favorite neighborhood Thai takeout and some wine.

Chris: Picnics at our local park or watching the sunset from our street corner that has incredible views of downtown San Diego.

Let’s talk jewels – how did you choose this ring?!

Alex: So, I guess that I should preface this with the fact that we never looked at engagement rings together much less talked about them. One of my good friends was actually ring shopping at the time with her then-boyfriend (they got engaged the same week as we did!) so I was helping her look around for styles and I came across Sofia Kaman on Instagram and fell immediately in love. I remember saving the exact ring setting Chris ended up choosing for future conversations knowing that it was my absolute dream ring.

Chris: I don’t know the first thing about rings; didn’t know engagement and wedding rings were different things. With some help from Alex’s sister and friend, I spent forever looking at rings and saw the Sofia Kaman one and knew it was the one. The setting was elegant and beautiful. I bought the stone from a friend’s family and then had it set at Sofia Kaman.

What are you most excited about for your wedding? 

Chris: We’re getting married in New Orleans, my favorite city in the world. It’s where most of my family is from, where I went to college and medical school, and where I met Alex. Most of my college and med school friends are scattered around the country, and especially with COVID I haven’t seen my family in forever so I cannot wait for the wedding to just be one huge reunion party.

Are you going to honeymoon?

Alex: Yes, definitely! Traveling is one of our favorite things to do together. We probably won’t take a trip right after the wedding but hopefully sometime soon after.

Alright – so what’s next for the two of you?!

Alex: We just adopted a cat, his name is Snarf, and we are trying to be the best new cat owners we can.

Finally, if you could add any piece to your SKFJ collection, which one would it be?

Alex: I am thrilled that my engagement ring is my first piece of Sofia Kaman jewelry and I would love to get my wedding band from SKFJ as well. I also think the ‘Spear’ earrings are stunning.

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